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Calm Down, Everybody: ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Has Not Been Cancelled

Calm Down, Everybody: 'Orange Is The New Black' Has Not Been Cancelled

Many folks were rightfully freaking right out yesterday when Empire News — a satirical website –started getting rumors started: 

In a bizarre turn of events, and just months after renewing the series for a third season, Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings has announced that the critcally-acclaimed series Orange is the New Black has been cancelled.

The article also said that Netflix would delete all past episodes, and worse gave this insane explanation: 

“A woman’s place is in the home, in the kitchen, taking care of children.” [Netflix CEO Reed] Hastings told San Jose Mercury News reporter Noah Houpt as he was leaving Netflix headquarters Monday afternoon. “A woman in jail? How does anyone even watch this show in the first place? It’s like we took everything bad about OZ, and make this show with the leftovers.”

Now, we should have all been smart enough to know Netflix wouldn’t shoot itself in the face like that (or smart enough to simply realize this isn’t a real news website), but it’s now official so you can all stop freaking out on Facebook and Twitter (or calling Netflix and threatening to cancel your subscriptions, which reportedly people were doing nonstop).

“Don’t worry, dandelions! @OITNB is not cancelled,” Netflix tweeted. “Whoever started this rumor will be spending some time in the SHU.”

Or whoever believed it, rather…

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Season 2 was way too heavy on the smut. It was like watching bad soft core porn. Seems the producers got the wrong idea as to why people were tuning it. We wanted to see more Piper shenanigans. The whole sex thing was never the driver. It was always 3rd or 4th fiddle.


ahh. bummer!


I watched a few episodes and couldn't get into it. It's certainly no House of Cards.


Lorraine Toussiant play her role to the hilt. I was never so happy her character got "it" in the last episode.


Um, there's a show by this name? Never heard of it…

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