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CBS Has Moved the Broadcast Time Slot for Halle Berry’s ‘Extant’

CBS Has Moved the Broadcast Time Slot for Halle Berry's 'Extant'

For fans of the new CBS series “Extant,” you should be aware that the network is moving its air time up an hour, from its current 9pm time slot, to 10pm on Wednesday nights.

Why? Well, after a strong 9.4 million total viewers debut, audience draw has gradually slipped since then, to around 6.5 million viewers – a quite significant drop-off, after just 3 episodes of what is expected to be a 13-episode season. So CBS is hoping that the later time-slot, which will give the series a lead-in from “Criminal Minds” repeats, will help raise ratings (“Big Brother” is the show’s current lead-in). And maybe more importantly, it also means that it won’t compete with Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance,” and NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” which also air on Wednesday nights at 9pm. 

There’s less competition during the 10pm hour on that day. 

The move to the later hour is effective immediately, starting with this week’s episode on Wednesday, July 30.

Despite its 9.424 million viewer debut , expectations were apparently for a higher figure, as analyst compared it to ratings for CBS’ last big summer series debut, “Under The Dome.” “Dome” drew 13.14 million viewers a summer ago.

Then again, one could argue that, even in just a single year, our TV viewing habits have changed (and continue to change), affecting how much live TV watching we all do (you can thank binge-watching for some of that shift; it’s certainly had an effect on me). 

Still, 9.424 million viewers is nothing to sneeze at. 

I’ve watched all the episodes thus far, and, as I said after episode 1, I’m sadly still not hooked. I’m certainly not turned off either, but it’s just not the kind of must-see-TV I expected it to be – at least, not for me. But I’m sure it’s working for a lot of you.

However, I’ve stuck with it for 3 episodes, and will continue to do so for a few more.

In “Extant,” Halle Berry plays a female astronaut trying to reconnect with her family, when she returns home after a year on a solo mission in space; her arrival back on earth comes with the realization that she’s carrying what is likely an alien baby (or something). 

Sergio Harford, Goran Visnjic, Louis Gossett Jr., Grace Gummer, Camryn Manheim and Michael O’Neill all co-star.

The script was penned by Mickey Fisher, who is executive producing alongside Spielberg, Greg Walker, Brooklyn Weaver, Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank. 

Early critical reviews were decidely mixed.

Are you still watching? If so, will the move to 10pm influence your decision to continue watching, for one reason or another?

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judy poole

I watch because i know Halle berry will find a way to amp it up!


I really like this show but wwn i first saw it i thought it was going to be phoney but it turns out to be real good.. i hope it continue to come on n it will be another season


The script on this show is so weak it's laughable. On episode 12 Berry's character is in the kitchen preparing some fruits while discussing with her husband that "the alien lifeforce may not be a cold blooded killer". This is all done with the usual casualness of most of the other ridiculous dialogue (or at least the way the actors are delivering the lines). This show has been steadily heading for a "Under The Dum" (not a spelling error, that's what I call it) syndrome. What a waste of money and talent, and our time too. I'm giving it until the end of the season because I'm a sucker for B stuff (this is bordering on C).


This show is really boring so far, it's like everyone stands around aimlessly whispering. I watch it and keep finding myself not paying attention to it and having to rewind to see stuff I missed, but then when I do I didn't miss anything good and my attention falls off again.


LOVE THE SHOW! Great actors, great storyline…I hate for each episode to end. It gets better & better!


Wish it was more than one night a week!!!! love it!!


I don't normally watch sitcoms or tv shows…everyone in my family is surprised that I watch this. I can't get enough of it.


LOVED IT!!!! It is one of the best shows on television right now. Those who hate it can continue watching housewives of Atlanta or some other shit like that. I can't wait to see what happens next.


I hope it gets renewed. If HBO can stick with that boring and pretentious The Leftovers, this show certainly deserves a second season.


I meant to say "Sunday" not "Saturday" .Its Sunday the old episodes were on and Sunday that the next episode was advertised to be on. …I searched both Sat& Sun when I couldn't find it where it was promised.


The time & day change really sucks! Channel 10 advertised on the last episode that the next episode would be Sunday 8:30pm. So I've looked forward to that all week. Now on Friday night I try to set my recorder for it ( so I don't miss it should visitors drop in), but I couldn't find it. I've wasted an hour searching & re-searching the guide at Sat & Sun time slot, then rechecking my lasts Sat recording which definitely says next episode SATURDAY 8:30pm.
I get really angry when I miss shows I like because of FALSE advertising.
And as for Wed night at .9.10pm, I assume the change is deliberately to anger and get RID of viewers. Once you miss an episode it really stuffs the series, it's the same as missing a book chapter. We'd night is a weeknight, I have work and kids to get to school the early the next morning, it's a terrible move! Why change it to replace an intelligent NEW Sci Fi show people are looking forward to, with a brain dead multi- repeated run of the low IQ show The Little Fockers?
No wonder we complain there's nothing worth watching on tv, they remove anything good!
And too too many adverts pinged me off too!
I'm soooo angry!


This show suffers from bad writing, weak and bland dialogue, a lack of characters development and seamless continuity in from scenes setup to following scenes.
Also, the actors have not been able to settle into their characters comfortably, and the premise is weak and underdeveloped.

In a Shonda Rhimes universe, we would have in early dialogue the characters personalities and strengths, then we would have this feeling of intimacy with the characters where we would be invested, in Extant we are not vested in the characters and barely so in the show.


No I'm a big Halle Berry fan so I'll watch her no matter what time she comes on


Unfortunately, the time change means I won't be watching the rest of the series. It isn't good enough to miss sleep over.


Like you, I'm not really hooked to this tv show either. I keep watching thinking it will get better. Since the time slot was moved to 10 I'll probably be less likely to watch it now.


Perhaps I'm biased but I always root for Halle. I think the show is good, it's intelligent, well-written, well-made and I will watch at 9pm or 10pm.


Love and Respect to Halle Berry, but this show has a lot working against it. As an Oscar winner, Halle Berry deserves better writing. This show has too much going on, and nothing much going on at the same time.

Sci-fi fans will recognize conceits of the show's premise(s)–an astronaut who returns home after a space mission supernaturally changed, a boy who is really an android, and the question of how much humanity can an android have–as tropes that have been expressed in other sci-fi works.

That's not to say these themes can't/shouldn't be explored simply because they have been done before, but in this show, it feels like a mashup of old ideas done in the least inventive way.

Much Respect and Admiration for Steven Spielberg. I can't think of another single individual who has had more impact and influence in the film industry, and inspired more hearts, minds, and imaginations than he has.

As a master filmmaker, it's completely understandable why any actor would want to be associated with a project with his name on it, particularly movies. But his forays into broadcast series television, have not been as stellar–witness High Incident, Terra Nova, and Smash, among others.

And the title? Extant. Can you imagine going to a co-worker and asking, "Hey, did you watch Extant last night?" Without any knowledge that Halle Berry is the series lead, and that Steven Spielberg is somehow involved, would that title alone be enough to draw your interest?

If you can't judge a book by its cover, I would argue that you can say the same about a network TV show. But still, titles are important. They are a promise, and they create the first impression. And I don't know to think, or feel, or sense what the show is about, with a title like Extant.

In an era where broadcast TV shows aren't allowed the luxury of time to grow an audience, and the quality of writing in cable series, easily surpasses that of movies, you have to come stronger than that. You have to grab the viewer by the lapels and make them feel like they missed something if missed your show. It's the middle of the summer, and nobody wants to spend their time watching a dour, depressing TV show.

–As a sci-fi fan, and a Steven Spielberg fan, and a Halle Berry fan, what I would most like to see Halle Berry do next, should she continue to consider TV projects, is play a relatable character in a relatable situation, with a little bit of smart humor. No high concept necessary.


I watched the first episode and knew it wasn't going to do well. Halle is miscast as an astronaut. A role like that should have gone to Viola Davis, Angela Bassett, Taraji P. Henson or even Sanaa Lathan because they would have bring more than what's written in the script. Halle just does what is on the page and nothing more.

This series is slow paced but if the lead actor brings more to the role, it wouldn't be so boring. Also, Halle's character needs stronger supporting actors around her. Halle's role in this series reminds me of her roles in Gothika and Perfect Stranger!


@ Sergio: Thank you for that. Yes, I missed it. So just to clarify, the father created an android kid for them to have because they were infertile (I did hear Molly's boss) say something to that effect when they were talking about how she was impregnated in space. … Of course, when you tell me that the father created an android that only brings up other questions for me, such as. How the hell does one explain to one's family and friends that their child is not adopted or born of natural birth, but rather a scientific creation? … Was that explained in the first episode too?

If not then I know this show isn't for me. That's just too much of a hole in the continuity of the story, which Ethan seems integral to.


I actually welcome the new time slot. I usually dvr network tv so the new time is no problem. It seems by the comments that there is a love hate relationship with this series. If SLEEPY HOLLOW can be successful I see no reason EXTANT can't also. Both programs have excellent black leads with extraordinary acting chops.


I have to agree with what others have said. There's something lacking in this show. It's sterile and involving Not Halle's fault. No actress could have improved the material with what they're working with on the show. Missed last week's episode and I'm not in any hurry to catch it. (but hey it ain't Catwoman bad)

Compare Extant with HBO's True Detective which i just finished binge watching over the weekend and it's without question one of the best things I've seen in years on TV or film. It's has a languid pace but it's never for one single second boring or plodding. Great complex, engrossing and compelling story, truly interesting multi-dimensional characters and superior acting all across the board.


I'm not a Sci-Fi fan and have sampled two episodes, but the pace is challenging. Too plodding and slow. The connection that's really lost on me is between Berry and her son. It's not at all maternal. The kid is always with the dad and when he's with her, it's as if they're strangers. And he comports himself as if he were an adult, which I wonder if the director is directing him to be robotic-like, because some of the early trailers seemed to indicate that he's not human.

If I had been in space for a year, away from my baby, I would stick with him like gum on a shoe upon my return to earth … which means lot of touching, hugging … in short affection. And I don't get the sense that "Molly" has any real affection for "Ethan."

Extant Fan

Love this show. One of the best shows on Television.


Timeslot isn't the issue for me. It's the pace. A shot of adrenaline is called for here. The show began as a kind of throwback to Kubrick's 2001, but once Molly was on earth, it was time to punch up the action. Instead it was like being caught up in an extended dream sequence and I could imagine the key demographic leaving the room. I'm sticking with this but I hate to see so much talent being ill-served.


to all those that don't like it or find it "boring".. then go back to watching that reality tv shit….
its a good show…


I'm watching on Amazon Instant.

Miles Ellison

This looks like it's on it's way to cancellation.


There's no sexual chemistry between Ms Berry and the actor playing her husband and if I have to hear her dead ex say "it's ok" one more time!!!!!!! The third episode did ramp up some excitement but overall it's kinda a dull show; even the wardrobe and art direction is boring beige.


I actually love the show. What keeps me watching is the sci-fi/mystery part and it seems like it should be in the theaters versus being on TV. I enjoy the “what could we be using right now” technology that they use on this show. It’s like whatever they are using I want to use it in my home right now. I think one of the reason for the change is because I didn’t make it home in time to catch the other two episodes like the one last night. I had to DVR all future episodes. Also I think people were a little confuse as to what time it actually came on and Sunday nights are not Sunday nights anymore. Wednesday is perfect and the time is great. I home.


The first couple episodes were kinda flow but still engaging, I really got hooked with the third episode. hopefully the new time slot will raise the viewership.

Erik W.

So basically the show is boring?


I checked in again last week via On Demand. Missed the 2nd ep, but don't really feel a need to see it. Viewer drop-off may be because it feels bloodless. It's too sterile, missing a sense of movement and real personality for the characters. I don't feel invested in the story, but do want to get some sense of where it's going.

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