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Chaz And Roger Ebert to Be Honored Opening Night of the 20th Annual Black Harvest Film Festival in Chicago

Chaz And Roger Ebert to Be Honored Opening Night of the 20th Annual Black Harvest Film Festival in Chicago

The Black Harvest Film Festival in Chicago, which is celebrating
its 20th anniversary this year, will honor both Chaz Ebert and (posthumously) her late husband, film critic Robert
Ebert, on the opening night of the festival, set for Friday August 1st
They will be awarded with the annual Deloris Jordan Award
for Excellence in Community Leadership, which
is a fitting tribute for them for the 20th anniversary of the festival.

Both Roger and Chaz were enthusiastic supporters of the film festival, and continue to be, as well as long-established supporters of and
advocates for black filmmakers.

Previous recipients of the award have been actor/rapper
Common, and, last year, the internationally renowned installation and performance
artist, and public urban developer and theorist, Theaster Gates.

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Dang, looks like I went to the wrong festival. I want to hear that screenwriting talk….Put it on here Sergio!


Chaz and Rodger Ebert! I remember when I first met them in person. It was a chilly evening in the Colorado Mountains. That be the Telluride Film Festival.

When I first saw them I thought… well… to be honest… I thought she was his chick on the side and they were rendezvousing at a hideaway hotel. Well, let me explain. I am reading the book "Passing Strange". It's about a white man who secretly marries a black woman in the late 20th century. Because of his status around the world there's no way in hell he wants that secret out to the public. So check out a passage from the book:

"Like secret lovers in any large city, they [Ada & Clarence] might paradoxically find the most privacy in the busiest of public spaces. There they could feign ignorance of each other or disappear into the crowd if they spied a familiar face. "

So upon seeing Rodger and Chaz together (pre-Obama years) i'm thinking that black woman must be his brown sugar on the side and he the cream in her coffee, late night, in the dark, on the side, of course. But NO-NO, he put a ring on that black woman's finger and proudly presented her as his wife. And she's most definitely a black woman — no pint size a$$ on her.

Anyway, later in the week I again met up with Rodger at a film's opening. In fact, we sat right next to each other. But here's the rub, at the end of the film I asked his thoughts on the movie. He looked at me like I had snot running from my nose, and said "I can't tell you that". Damn, I wanted to tell him "just because you're ten toes up and ten toes down, 2 naked booties going round n round with a black woman, does not mean you can talk to me like I have a tail" but I didn't say that. I respected the fact that the man got paid for his opinions and I wasn't about to give him some of my buttered popcorn, let alone some money.

Anyway, having said all the above, Rodger Ebert was my #1 all time favorite film critic. I miss him and it's great that he and his wife Chaz are being honored at the 20th annual Black Harvest Film Festival.

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