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“Don’t Watch The Show” For Big Reveal About Mystery Rapture In ‘The Leftovers’ Says Damon Lindelof

“Don’t Watch The Show” For Big Reveal About Mystery Rapture In 'The Leftovers' Says Damon Lindelof

Damon Lindelof and author Tom Perrotta (whose book serves as the source material) are behind this supernatural drama, one in which a mysterious, Rapture-like event has made 2% of the world’s population disappear. And the show’s central question isn’t necessarily what happened, but as we’ve noted in our recaps, how it affects the characters three years on. And Lindelof has some advice to those perhaps waiting for the big answer.

“If that’s why you’re watching the show, don’t watch the show,” he told Vulture. Fair enough. And Lindelof and Perrotta certainly had to do a little bit of battling to see their show get greenlit, with HBO rejecting their first draft of the pilot.

“It wasn’t propulsive,” said HBO president of programming Michael Lombardo. “It retained too much of its meditative quality.” So to that end, the lead character played Justin Theroux, who as Perrotta notes was “maybe a little too nice, a little bit too marginal,” got beefed up to something a bit more complicated.

The network mentioned “the word anti-hero, which Tom and I resiste,” Lindelof recalls. “They said, ‘The anti-hero is the new hero. He has to be flawed.’ ” And frankly, HBO was right. Kevin Garvey is infinitely more interesting as a character who might be able to handle everything around him, and it helps zero in on the tone of loss and grief the show explores.

But what do you think? Do you need a big reveal about The Sudden Departure, or is Lindelof and Co. correct to keep the focus on the characters? Let us know below.

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think its great to focus on characters but dont tell a story like this if u can’t explain it loved episode 8 btw


POS show!! yes we need to know why they departed!! if the show dont tell us.Then its a seriouse let down. We see the pracher get signs from god,the chiefs car stalls dead when he uses jesus name in vein.So we EXPECT ANSWERS. the crappy lives and reading tablets is so boring,i could watch the pigeons fight over bread for 10minutes and get more entertainment than a whole hour of leftovers.We dont care about the letovers,we wanna know who why how and what caused it. a govt conspiracy would cool,a religous rapture would be cool,anything.just DONT LEAVE US HANGING OR I WILL NEVER WATCH ANYTHING PRODUCED WRITTEN OR DIRECTED BY ANY OF THE ONES INVOLVED IN THIS SHOW.


This show is awful. Nothing has happened, and to pass that off as some sort of artistic vision is simply lazy. There is no highbrow deeper meaning to bad story telling. Sure the jury is still out i suppose, as some amazing reveal could take place that makes the hours of your life lost watching this boring, depressing drama unfold worthwhile, but it's very doubtful given the comments above by the "creators". I'm done with it and HBO should be to. Your instincts were correct from the go HBO. Not "propulsive" enough? Call it like it is….. BORING!!!!!!! And the cigarettes…don't get me started.


They should have made the story about how 10% of the people lost their jobs and another 10% lost their homes and how these people were struggling to find shopping carts and plastic garbage bags while asking themselves what happenned.

Now thats a plot with mystery and suspense to which a lot of us could relate. Please contact me HBO, Im sure i could do better than the clowns who wrote this shit and im sure i would be willing to expect less compensation.


Love HBO.. But this is a dog… When I have to keep rewinding
because I'm falling asleep, only to rewind and find that I've missed
nothing… I feel like I'm being served leftovers and somehow missed
the main course….


I watched the first two episodes, but it's just so unbelievable that I can't even wrap my head arround it. (spoiler) Why would a mother abandon her family and hot husband to smoke cigarettes and wear an unflattering track suit? Will that ever be discussed or are we just supposed to accept it with no answers, the way we are supposed to accept that the rapture happened, with no answers as to why? Develop a story. Develop a character. Put in some effort and please don't bore me to death (those were BORING episodes. Good lord).


If Lindelof wants to keep making shows about the characters and not the mysteries he should learn to write shows where the mystery isn't 100 x more interesting than any of the cardboard cartoon characters


Thanks for the heads up — I'm enjoying NOT watching this particular show. If the writers can't be assed to do their job, I can't be assed to tune in.
Thankfully HBO has GOT and True Det., so I'm still a subscriber.
Fingers X'd this one gets the boot.


I would never expect any big reveals from these people. They floundered around with Lost for years, promising reveals and it never made sense, even after the final episode and myriad explanations by bloggers.

These guys aren't about the "reveal." They think if they make the characters interesting enough, people will watch, they aren't about plot. I watched the first episode and was bored stiff. Some good actors, some not, but no one was engaging enough for me. I'm skipping this and the last season of True Blood, which turned into a joke long ago. HBO better have something else in the wings, cause Leftovers sucks.


It's not that I need answers, it's the I want something compelling. The family we follow aren't even affected by the actual "Rapture".
And 2% almost feels like nothing.


you have waisted enough of my time, Lindelof.


i already don't. guess i'll continue not watching, suits me fine.


no. oif the answers arent interesting, dont bother.


Keep it interesting I'd stick around…life doesn't always provide answers either and I'm okay with this…just keep it interesting. Good example of this: TWIN PEAKS.


I need God damn answers, Lindelof.

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