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Exclusive: First 5 Minutes Of Food Documentary ‘GMO OMG’

Exclusive: First 5 Minutes Of Food Documentary 'GMO OMG'

Is food that has been genetically modified to withstand adverse weather conditions and insects, or to yield a greater crop, healthy for consumption? Or does this modification alter what we’re putting into our bodies so fundamentally that we may not know the full extent of the consequences? Those are some of the central questions in the ongoing debate about genetically modified ingredients, and one father does his own research into the subject in the documentary “GMO OMG.”

Directed by Jeremy Seifert, the film is spurred by the director’s six year old, who collects seeds, leading the filmmaker down the path of learning about seed supply, who owns them and how they’re being used. It all starts with a single seed, and in this exclusive look at the first five minutes of the film, the most surprising thing is how little information and discussion about this is in the public sphere. And Seifert opens his film by highlighting how little the average citizen knows about GMOs, which they are likely consuming each day, and details how he got interested in the subject.

“GMO OMG” hits Blu-ray and DVD on July 22nd. Watch below.

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Thad Cline

I like it I look forward to the whole film But I think the larger picture is weather we want mono culture crops GMO May or May not be safe but if we keep growing the same thing we lose diversity and screw up the soil . GMO maybe safe or give Vitamin A to those who need it for there eyes but we need to study it more before we let this stuff out on the public .

Interstellar Behind the scenes

seems like it.

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