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Harmony Korine Is Writing A Gangster Movie For Robert Pattinson

Harmony Korine Is Writing A Gangster Movie For Robert Pattinson

You may have missed it in the feverish “Maps To The Stars“/”The Rover“/Cannes buzz, but in early May, Robert Pattinson revealed that he might make a movie with Harmony Korine. There weren’t many details at the time, but a few more nuggets have been revealed, and evidence suggests the sort of unlikely project Korine has made his name on.

In a recent profile in Esquire UK, Korine mentioned writing a Miami-set gangster movie for Pattinson. Could this be the Southern Gothic crime family picture Korine announced in early 2013?  It’s very likely they are one and the same. Credit Pattinson for making this happen, as he reportedly called Korine out of the blue, and the next thing you know they were working together. Should any such project come to pass, it would seem indicative of the actor’s emerging modus operandi. 

“I never went to acting school, so this is just me trying to get better,” he said of his diverse choices, adding: “I’ve literally only done jobs which interest me. There have been two which I auditioned for and didn’t get, but other than that…” And Pattinson says he’s reluctant to get involved with big franchise films. 

“A couple of offers, but with those things, if you express any interest, you have to do a screen test or whatever, and they make you sign a six-picture deal before you even know what the part is. It’s crazy. And I didn’t grow up reading comic books and stuff, so…” he explained.

Pattinson has more projects in development, including the previously announced “Childhood Of A Leader.” The film is helmed by writer/director/actor Brady Corbet, although production has been delayed. “It’s about the youth of a future dictator in the Thirties,” Pattinson said. “Like an amalgamation of Hitler, Mussolini and some others. I don’t want to jinx it, but Brady is like a savant of film. I’ve known him for like eight years, and he’s only 25 now.”

Pattinson is only 28, and if he keeps making choices like these, he’ll be putting together one of the most fascinating filmographies of anyone his age.

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The Esquire interview was one of his best, congrats to the reporter. Pattinson has been making some very good films and working with the best directors, it shows he has good taste and I look forward to Life and Maps to the Stars, having just watched the latest trailer for that.

It says a lot about Pattinson's intelligence and character that he's not signing on to another cheesy franchise or just taking anything he's offered. His patience and hard work are paying off. The good reviews for The Rover and Cosmopolis will stand him in good stead in his quest to work with top directors.


Wish the esquire post had been done separately ,and not as link,so much of it I want to explain,no point trying to give an opinion on the gossip sites, concern this article has caused so much negative gossip, should be promoting him
Its not out until September, same as kristens Elle article,
Again promotion will be drowned out with gossip, and Rob v Kristen ,


point that he doesnt look nervous around screaming girls ?
lot now go to the same things and there are older people,
not ok with the screaming, he constantly saying he doesnt understand it, goes against him, only seen as a heart throb and not seriously,
interviewer keeps going on about is he nervous or not? he had addmited to him about taking the zanex years ago, he got a lot of articles suggesting a drug problem
because he makes an effort with fans hes a liar well if they had both ignored them there would have been no fans


what fight reported on TMZ ?


went to the library to print off the article, but its blocked? so I might not be remembering the wording properly
reffernce to TMZ fight suggested recently but I cant find what he is refering to, seems he has added a lot to the article , his opinions but not what he has discussed with Rob
the only fight which wasnt a fight I know of is when he was out with his uk friends the papz were so tight against them pushing he pushed back but the wrong guy, who was really nice and let it go ,
could someone tell me what the interviewer is reff to please or the article title please, I couldnt find anything on TMZ, thanks


When I read things like this I wish he had a PR, he probably wont bother reading this, left the interview thinking he was a really nice guy and it went well
Why I hope he doesn’t, hes refered to him as RPATZ , knowing Rob is not ok with this, only sites and commenters don’t like him use this, disrespectful enough to do this, hes not going to write an honest respectful article
Entire interview needs to be treated NOT WITH A PINCH OF SALT BUT A BUCKET, but Kristen fans are very excited about this, supporting her, also making him look bad
If he had a PR these things wouldn’t happen, the article would be checked before release, reflects what was said


I agree with the guy at TB: Korine is the writer/director who brought us “Spring Breakers,” so it’s a bit of an odd pairing but, nevertheless, everything Pattinson touches seems to turn to gold and I’m sure this project will be no different.

Pattinson has an excellent track record with directors, they all say he nails an audition and is a joy to work with. Both Cronenberg and Michod have said that they take time to get to know an actor before casting them because they have to spend so much time on set with them, and they don't want to be around an actor who is a jerk for a couple of months. Rob's easy going personality and talent are a winning combination.


Harmony needs to work again with James Franco and not this idiot!


so great actors in Hollywood, i hope Harmony changes idea!


Edward Cullen?? zzzzzz


Love Pattinson's choices. Cronenberg, Michod, Herzog, Corbijn, Assayas, Corine, Corbet, Gray…. all esteemed directors. He is making smart yet risky career choices, controlling his own destiny. It's nice to see him focus on quality work & directors. Reviews of his performance in 'The Rover' were stellar. 'Water for Elephants' was the first movie I saw him in. That movie followed by 'Cosmopolis' brought me in as a fan. Performances like in ''The Rover' and 'Maps to the Stars' keep me as one. Looking forward to following his career for many years.




A Southern Gothic crime family picture sounds intriguing, glad that's in the works. I'm really looking forward to Childhood of a Leader, too, it sounds controversial, like Maps to the Stars.

Pattinson seems fearless in his choice of projects and directors. He doesn't shy away from projects that could be dangerous, or people who have a colorful past, and he's clearly in charge of his career. The industry needs more actors like him.


Hate it when the female "readers" only flock to these articles…


Robert does not need to do a "gangster" film. He would do much better actually studying film and film history.


This must be one of the directors he has admitted to cold calling for parts. Begging works.


The Esquire article about Rob Pattinson is really great. It's authentic and honest, picturing Rob in a way his fans know him for years.

"But grilling’s manly, that’s what they say (reporter).
“I know, but my ideal of manliness is to be incapable of doing anything,” he grins. "

Typical Rob lol. Before Jennifer Lawrence came into the spotlights, he was the breeze of fresh air in Hollywood with his wit, lack of mouthfilter and honesty.
Looking forward to his next projects.


I don't think that Korine is writing a movie for Rob,it's just interview and I know from experience with his previous interviews that reporters make up stuff and misqouote him.The same was with the script of a movie about The Band.That movie never happend.Pitty,but all that interview is more about twilight drama and his ex slutty girlfriend.


Love how Rob keeps making such wonderful film choices and working with excellent directors. So excited for his career plus he's a great guy. As for the negative crew that invades any article about him, you claim to not care about him yet here you are…like clockwork…


I think Pattinson is making really interesting choices. I'm looking forward to a few of his upcoming projects.


who cares?



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