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Harold Perrineau’s Daughter, Aurora Perrineau, Joins Cast of Sci-Fi Romance ‘Equals’

Harold Perrineau's Daughter, Aurora Perrineau, Joins Cast of Sci-Fi Romance 'Equals'

We missed the uproar earlier this year, over her casting as Shana in the upcoming “Jem and the Holograms” live-action movie adaptation – the animated TV series that ran from 1985 to 1988, which centered on a music company owner, her singer alter-ego Jem, her band the Holograms, and their adventures.

I’m not at all familiar with the animated series, but, from what I gathered, in short, the character she was cast to play (Shana) is supposed to be much darker than she is (the usual Hollywood #Colorism casting matter).

Filming on “Jem and the Holograms” is done (it’s in post-production currently), under the direction of Jon M. Chu (“G.I. Joe: Retaliation,” “Step Up 2: The Streets”), with a 2016 release date eyed.

And now Aurora Perrineau (daughter of actor Harold Perrineau, who I’m sure you all know very well), has booked a role in another feature film, this time a sci-fi drama titled “Equals.”

The 20-year-old actress has joins the cast of the futuristic love story that stars Nicholas Hoult as a character named Silas who lives in a near-utopian future society free of greed, poverty, violence, and emotion, called The Collective, whose inhabitants are a new breed of humans called Equals. The peaceful world is disrupted when a new sickness called SOS (or Switched On Syndrome), which activates in its victims everything they thought they had escaped (depression, sensitivity, fear & love), starts infecting the people. Once a person is overtaken with SOS they are sent away to The Den and never seen again. Naturally Silas becomes infected, is shunned, and then meets Nia (played by Kristen Stewart) a fellow Equal, who apparently possesses emotion, but seems to be able to suppress her feelings. They of course fall in love, feeling intimacy for the first time in their lives, but… #Danger

You can come up with your own guesses on what happens afterward. But, really, I feel like I’ve seen this story unfold on screen in a number of other films. I assumed this was based on another YA novel (it sounds similar to other recent YA novel adaptations), but it looks like it’s actually an original script, written by Nathan Parker.

Drake Doremus (“Like Crazy”) is directing.

Aurora Perrineau will play a character named Iris, who’s described as a new mother whose baby is born crying, which is a sign the kid can feel those dreaded emotions that are anathema to the Equals.

Filming is set to start next month in Singapore and Japan. 

Relatively new to acting, Aurora’s resume includes an appearance on the TV series “Pretty Little Liars,” as well as a role in the 2013 indie horror movie “A House Is Not a Home.”

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Jmac hush up! You are somehow connected to her


I knew some self righteous spokesperson from the "Blacker Than Thou" crew would show up in this post and bitch and moan about this biracial kid winning this part. Make up some manufactured outrage about something..ANYTHING.

Damn colored folk are getting predictable. THE FUTURE will have biracial people in it, deal or die.

Just Wondering


In 2008, Grace Gibson, the bi-racial daughter of actress Lynn Whitfield, wrote an open letter to CNN's Anderson Cooper. In it, she explains to him that she is not black but bi-racial and to suggest otherwise would be an insult to her white father. She wrote this letter with the blessing of her proud mother who referred to her daughter as "blended" rather than black.

Brooklyn Sudano, the bi-racial actress daughter of the late Donna Summer and former cast member of My Wife and Kids, has made it clear in more than one interview, that she views herself as bi-racial and not black.

The truth is that black women are no more likely to teach racial pride to their bi-racial children than black men are and I have come across many whitewashed black women who view having lightskinned children with "good hair" as something to be extremely proud of.


@THE FUTURE- I get the impression that some black women would not be upset if Aurora Perrineau's mother was black and father was white. I got the same impression when I read some of the complaints about Zendaya Coleman playing Aalilyah. If I'm right, these women really need to shut up.

just wondering


Do you feel the same way about the large number of black women in show business who mate with white men? Are they trying to have children who look nothing like their fathers? Or are black women somehow immune to the disease of self-hatred?

Truly Outrageous

Out of the hundreds of actresses cast for Shana, you mean to tell me not one brown skinned actress was talented enough? Not taking anything from her talent but that is a cop out.


I wonder if the person who wrote this article knows anything about Drake Doremus, I think not because even the plot seems familiar the style of this director is anything but YA adaptations besides as you said already is an original script . so please try to inform yourself Tambay A. Obenson more before giving biased opinions on subjects you obviously not know enough, I don´t think guy pierce would be in a cast of an YA movie


I'm expecting something awesome and original from this director and this cast and the film's location of Japan and Singapore.


I was mad as heck when she was cast as Shana Elmsford. Surprised this blog is just now mentioning it. To me Shana had more of a Whitney Houston vibe and look to her. Who knows who's playing Raya (Mexican) or maybe they just cut her out completely. Even the Asian character is slightly white-washed. When did we become so afraid of skin color and ethnicity? The 80s were more progressive on this issue than we are now. So sad.


It sounds more like 1984 to me than anything I've read in any YA novel. Also, it's actually starring Nicholas Holt, Kristen Stewart and Guy Pearce. Pretty impressive cast, if you ask me.

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