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Indiewire Podcast: Anne Thompson and Eric Kohn Discuss Woody Allen, Zach Braff and the Fall Season

Indiewire Podcast: Anne Thompson and Eric Kohn Discuss Woody Allen, Zach Braff and the Fall Season

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In this week’s episode, Indiewire’s chief film Eric Kohn talks with Thompson on Hollywood’s Anne Thompson about recent shakeups at the Los Angeles Film Festival (which Anne wrote about here) and the New York Film Festival’s opening night film, David Fincher’s “Gone Girl,” which is one of several fall season movies right around the corner.

Outlining several other fall movies on the horizon, the pair wonder what will happen to the buzz surrounding great movies in release now. Kohn offers his take on Woody Allen’s “Magic in the Moonlight” and Zach Braff’s Kickstarter-financed “Wish I Was Here,” which leads to a discussion about the merits of crowdfunded productions. Thompson sums up Rupert Murdoch’s attempts to take over Time Warner, and they both touch on their favorite new releases: Kohn’s a fan of Ari Folman’s “The Congress,” now on VOD,” and Thompson recommends “I Origins,” in theaters today.

The episode concludes with another installment of “Nikki Watch,” an ongoing assessment of Nikki Finke’s return to the media arena.

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I hope you guys will weigh in more on Venice and Toronto once they're announced and provide some guesses on Telluride's program this year.

here's hoping for a better future of film

I know that you don't have influence over this, but are there any women directors to talk about? I understand that you can only discuss what's available, but its heartbreaking to hear constant praise of work by men knowing that women are blocked from the same kind of cinematic achievement (perhaps due to financing etc.).

I'm doing my best not to become despondent. So much of what is celebrated in the film world is so male-centered. Are women's point's of view really that worthless…

Otherwise nice podcast. Glad I found it.

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