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Joaquin Phoenix Considered For Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’

Joaquin Phoenix Considered For Marvel's 'Doctor Strange'

With the long-rumored Benedict Cumberbatch taking himself out of the running to lead Marvel‘s “Doctor Strange” yesterday at Comic-Con, it was likely only a matter of time until another name popped onto the radar. And we have to admit, we really didn’t see this one coming.

According to The Wrap, Joaquin Phoenix is now “mentioned most often” for the part, and is in consideration/discussions for the role. And while it might seem a bit odd given that thus far, the actor has resisted the lure of the tentpole world, he was at one point courted to play Lex Luthor in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice.” So maybe he’s just waiting for the right role to come along.

And it would appear he’s doing his research. There are accounts floating that he’s been seen buying Doctor Strange comics. Does that mean he’s already signed on? Or maybe he’s just figuring out if he digs the character? Justin Theroux has also been rumored for the role too and he could be the studios B plan. With Marvel yet to unveil their full slate of surprises at Comic-Con, we could know more very soon….

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Emperor Zerg Rush

He has to have the worst luck in Hollywood for any actor still alive. He was so confident that he'd get the Oscar for his work in Walk the Line and sat back with a smile while Reese Witherspoon took home one that year and he got passed over.

He let Casey Affleck put him in a position where everyone thought he was a complete fool and was still smiling afterward.

He got passed over for his work in both The Master and Her and now, with this rumor, it just seems as though he's had enough of the continuous shit storm raining down on him and could be considering a role that will just allow him to cash a nice check or two.

The man deserves better, he's definitely earned it.

That Kid

It won't happen, but theoretically if it did it would just be another Zod situation. (e.i. A talented actor wasted on a poorly written role).


Can't imagine anything worse for Joaquin Phoneix's string of awesome work in great movies than being stuck with a Marvel contract to appear in X amount of films. You know he'd miss out on the next complex leading role from an amazing director because he'd have to appear in Doctor Strange: The Revenge of Some Stupid Comic Book Baddie.

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