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Listen: Eric Kohn and Anne Thompson On Mel Gibson’s Career Prospects, ‘Boyhood,’ and Why Andy Serkis Won’t Get an Oscar For ‘Apes’

Listen: Eric Kohn and Anne Thompson On Mel Gibson's Career Prospects, 'Boyhood,' and Why Andy Serkis Won't Get an Oscar For 'Apes'

In the latest edition of Screen Talk, Indiewire’s weekly podcast, chief film critic and senior editor Eric Kohn speaks with Thompson on Hollywood’s Anne Thompson, who’s currently attending the Karlovy Vary Film Festival in the Czech Republic. Anne shares some details from her recent interview with Mel Gibson, who received a lifetime achievement award at the festival, and explores why he has such a hard time making movies today. The pair also touch on Christopher Nolan’s recent op ed in the Wall Street Journal about the future of theatrical distribution and contrast the challenges faced by the U.S. marketplace with those overseas. 
From there, they turn to new releases: They’re both surprised to find that they really like “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” particularly Andy Serkis’ performance as head monkey Caesar, and explore why it’s unlikely that he’ll land an Oscar nomination for the role. They also delve into the notoriously secretive marketplace for video-on-demand releases and conclude with Eric’s plea that people go see “Boyhood,” although Anne is certain most listeners were going to do that, anyway.

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Before you talk about Andy Serkis' Oscar prospects, you should really look into what animators are saying about Serkis taking all the credit for his motion-capture performances. It seems he's been on a quest to discredit the SFX animators, to the point of calling their work mere "digital makeup," and be recognized as a serious actor. I think he doesn't seem to know a thing about animation, but too bad he's being seen as a mo-cap movie star now–and now he's set to direct a mo-cap film!

Go read what Cartoon Brew wrote about him and what LORD OF THE RINGS animator Randall William Cook has to say about his claims. One of the things Cook has mentioned was that Serkis' captured performances were sometimes re-animated or not even used! (Unfortunately this website doesn't let me post URLs.)


For those of us not in the iTunes universe would it be possible to get an RSS feed link of the podcast. For us android users?



I thought that it could be interesting if the following issues could be discussed in upcoming editions of screentalk:

1. Susanne bier's protracted post production process for her upcoming movie, "serena", and both whether it's likely to be completed and screened at an upcoming 2014 film festival (ie: Venice or Toronto) and whether it could yield Jennifer Lawrence a fourth Oscar nomination before the age of 25 (based on the subject matter and what her character goes through seems quite possible).

2. The recent news that Megan ellison's Annapurna could step in to financially back Leonardo Dicaprio's next film, 'The revenant', and how it's director wants to shoot the movie in sequence which could add another $7 million dollars to the budget.

Thank you!

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