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Listen: Eric Kohn & Anne Thompson on Roger Ebert, Paul Mazursky & the Failings of ‘Tammy’ on ‘Screen Talk’

Listen: Eric Kohn & Anne Thompson on Roger Ebert, Paul Mazursky & the Failings of 'Tammy' on 'Screen Talk'

For a special Independence Day edition of Screen Talk, Indiewire’s podcast, chief film critic Eric Kohn and Thompson on Hollywood’s Anne Thompson delve into the failings of Melissa McCarthy’s "Tammy," wondering if the actress might be better off using her success to make indies instead of big studio comedies. They then turn to another movie opening this weekend, Steve James’ "Life Itself," which chronicles the last days of film critic Roger Ebert. Additionally, Thompson shares some personal anecdotes about the late filmmaker Paul Mazursky, who passed away earlier this week.

Screen Talk has been submitted to iTunes and should be available there in the near future; in the meantime, you can listen to the latest episode below, and browse earlier editions here.

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Kirk Carter

Please let Roger Ebert rest in peace, Tammy was a piece of garbage, and it's none of your business what Mel Gibson is currently doing, the man is crazy, but he's one of the few geniuses we have that can produce his own stuff without going to the studios. He has his own resources!
Kirk Carter/ Burbank, Ca.

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