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‘Maleficent’ Crosses $700 Million Worldwide, Shining Jewel in Lackluster Summer

'Maleficent' Crosses $700 Million Worldwide, Shining Jewel in Lackluster Summer

Disney had the sense to back its Sleeping Beauty spin-off starring Angelina Jolie, “Maleficent,” knowing that the Disney brand could sell the film worldwide. After all, the studio has done well with fairy tale princesses for its entire history, from “Snow White” to “Frozen.” Now “Maleficent,” which opened May 30, has topped $700 million worldwide, marking Jolie’s highest-grossing live action film of all time domestically, internationally and globally, as well as the highest grossing original film of 2014 worldwide.

“Maleficent” is a shining jewel in a dull summer box office that has dipped 20 % so far. The year to date is down by 6 %. The other Hollywood studios are paying the price for sticking to lookalike formulas, chasing sequels and the fickle male demo. Many of the disappointing films aimed at men didn’t pull enough women, and several films aimed at women have done well even with mixed reviews, from spring hit “The Other Woman” ($193 million worldwide) to summer’s “The Fault in Our Stars” ($248 million worldwide)  and low-budget “Tammy” ($78 million worldwide). What if there were more of them?

“Maleficent” is the 15th release ever to reach the $700 million worldwide threshold. The film grossed $228.8 million through July 21, which means that the lion’s share of its box office is international: $471.8 million through July 21, bolstered by China ($47.4 million), Mexico ($45.7 million), Russia ($37.5 million) and Brazil ($32.3 million), and Japan ($32.7 million) where the film opened July 5, holding the #1 spot for three weekends running.

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Oz lost money on box office alone (it turned a great profit due to ancillary revenue) while Maleficent will make about 100 million for the studio on box office alone (and become a huge profit thanks to ancillary). Snow White & The Huntsman (Not Disney, but also a joe roth film) also lost money on box office alone as did Mirror Mirror (completely unrelated but starring Julia Roberts + a fairy tale). Apart from Alice that benefited from 80% 3D Sales and interest due to 3D since it was the 2nd live action 3D movie after Avatar, all the other fairy tale adaptations have all lost money at the box office alone (they made their profit on ancillary). Maleficent is the only success without an asterisk. Not to mention Maleficent's posters all featured solely Angelina Jolie's name…..


LOL, such a biased and opinionated article. Disney have no flops?? This is Maleficent , a movie that is centered and focus on the villain character, it's different from all those fairy tales that focus on the princess. And if only the Disney brand matters and can sells anything, why the before the film was on screen, the critics was extremely harsh on the film, many predicted a flop and even a write down??? LOL Now Maleficent is a hit, the media claimed because it's Disney that's why the box office is good. LOH

Matter of fact, if the movie was a flop like the media and critics have predicted, you people will put the blame on Angelina Jolie, claimed she can't carried the movie and blah blah blah….. Now the movie is a hit, yet refuse to gave her some well-deserved credits??

It's Disney + Angelina Jolie that leads to the success of this movie. Media claimed Disney and it's marketing, yet the fact the marketing is centered and focus on the star Angelina Jolie!!The producer have stated ,will not have made the movie if she did not accept the role. Disney is smart and know the big risk for this project, they only greenlit it as they have a star who is born to play maleficent.

The critics and media have been biased and opinionated from the very beginning. Nevermind about that! The producer and Disney knows reality.

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