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Marvel Will Announce All-New “Thundering Title” on ‘The View” Live Today. Might it Be Storm?

Marvel Will Announce All-New "Thundering Title" on 'The View" Live Today. Might it Be Storm?

UPDATE: Here’s the news that was announced, shared on Twitter. Nothing to do with Storm… obviously:

  • RT @theviewtv: .@Marvel announces that Thor is no longer worthy of Mjolnir, and now a woman will be wielding the mighty Uru Hammer! #TheView

Below is my original post…

I actually received the press release on this yesterday, but only just got around to reading it this morning. So some of you may have already heard the news.

In short, Marvel is set to make an exclusive announcement live on ABC’s “The View,” today, July 15, when the talkshow airs from 11am to 12 noon, when host Whoopi Goldberg, co-hosts Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy and guest co-host Ana Belaval reveal what the press release describes as “an all-new thundering title.”

In case you aren’t aware, ABC is owned by Disney, which also owns Marvel. So there’s your connection.

Although, I still had to wonder why “The View” was chosen to make this announcement. Looking at the obvious clues – to start, the fact that the audience for “The View” comprises primarily of women – I can only assume that it will be a woman superhero from Marvel’s pantheon of superheroes. And the use of the word “thundering” in the press release description of what the new title will be, suggests a superhero who has might have some connection to the weather. I’m certainly not a comic book geek, nor am I intimately familiar with the Marvel universe, so I can only go with the most obvious choice here, and say that it just might be an announcement about Storm!

Although it could also be a character connected to Thor’s universe – Thor being the God of Thunder.

Whether it’s just a comic book announcement, an animated or live-action series, or a feature film, there isn’t enough data to make an educated guess with.

But really, what an odd decision to make the announcement on “The View.” Unless I’m just uninformed, “The View” doesn’t seem like a haven for comic book superhero enthusiasts.

I’ll hand the mic over to those of you in-the-know to chime in with your thoughts.

I’ll certainly be tuning in (probably the first time I’ll ever have watched “The View” aside from YouTube clips from the show shared online). And if it is Storm, you can bet that I’ll be updating this post with the news.

Till then…

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I have all of you beaten to the punch. Marvel is turning THOR into a woman. And this is even BIGGER. Captain America will be taken over by the Falcon! What that means is that Steve Rogers who is the original Captain America gets hurt and can no longer perform his duties as Captain America. So he gives his shield to his friend Sam Wilson Falcon and he takes over for Captain America. Marvel has said that Black Captain America will be a very different Captain America from Steve Rogers Captain America.


Kinda of off topic. I would love to see Lupita Nyong'o play Vixen (DC comics) on the big screen.


It's not Storm…(although she has been one of the few deemed worthy)

Thor is now unworthy of wielding Mjolnir (his hammer) and a woman has been deemed worthy of wielding the hammer now. Which means that you have a woman with the power of Thor. Which means usually (like in the case of Beta Ray Bill and Eric Masterson/Thunderstrike) that she will be a Thorlike superheroine.


The view doesn't seem like the comic book fans platform…but its certains womens' platform, and even if a new movie, tv show (whatever conduit) its still edifying women, so it kinda makes sense.


Like the other comments below have already said that it's unlikely to be about Storm as that character (along with all of the X-Men characters/franchise) is owned by Fox. Well, the movie rights are in any case. Although I doubt they'd want to make a big and hyped 'announcement' about anything if it weren't movie-related.

'Thundering' tells me that they might just be confirming Thor 3 which we all accept is in the line-up for Phase 3 even if it hasn't been officially confirmed yet.

But that would be a decidedly odd announcement for The View.

My theory is that Marvel is kickstarting a campaign of #GirlPower by beating DC's Wonder Woman to the punch and setting the wheels in motion for what will hopefully be the first-ever, well made female superhero film. I'm thinking it might be Black Widow's standalone film (yay!) or, fingers crossed, a Captain/Miss Marvel debut. Either one would make me very happy.

Or it could be about nothing of consequence at all and I've psyched myself up for no good reason. Lol.


It's prob ms. Marvel.


hmmmm, you should probably do your research, disney doesn't own the rights to Storm Fox does :/


A Storm series, written by Greg Pak, was already announced a while back.


Well, Storm is in the X-Men, owned by 20th Century Fox, so…
I agree that it would be nice if it is a female superhero.

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