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On-Set Photos From Don Cheadle’s ‘Miles Ahead’ (Now Filming in Cincinnati After Successful Crowdfunding Campaign)

On-Set Photos From Don Cheadle's 'Miles Ahead' (Now Filming in Cincinnati After Successful Crowdfunding Campaign)

Almost 2 weeks after surpassing the $325,000 goal he set for his now-ended Miles Davis project Indiegogo campaign, raising over $343,000 in the end, principal photography is underway on “Miles Ahead” in Cincinnati, OH, as I type this. And I must say, being able to write those words puts a smile on my face, because this is a project we’ve been tracking for years now, and I’m just glad that it’s finally getting made, after a lengthy financing struggle.

From the set, here are a hand full of photos of the production team in actor – specifically, shots of Don Cheadle (the star and director) both in front of and behind the camera, and Ewan McGregor, filming scenes of the “Miles Ahead” movie – Cheadle, dressed as jazz icon Miles Davis, and McGregor, playing a long-haired Rolling Stone reporter, hopping out of a Jaguar, in front of the Cincinnati Bell building at 209 W. Seventh St., which, in the film, will represent CBS headquarters in New York in 1979.

“Don has a wig, but Ewan has his own long hair. He grew it out for the part,” explained Dan Wagner, a producer of the film.

Cheadle makes his directorial debut with “Miles Ahead,” which is set in 1979 New York, when Davis was ending his 5-year “quiet period” out of the public eye. In the script, co-written by Cheadle, Davis recruits reporter Dave Brill (McGregor) to retrieve a recording stolen from the musician’s home.

The “Miles Ahead” cast includes Emayatzy Corinealdi as Davis’ former wife Frances Taylor; Keith Lee Stanfield, Austin Lyon and Morgan Wolk.

Most of the movie is set in 1979, when Davis and journalist Brill track down the stolen recording, with flashbacks to Davis’s affair with Frances from 1956 to 1966.

“Miles Ahead” will be filmed in about 25 Cincinnati locations through August for at least 6 weeks.

Photos from the set embedded within this article…

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dev covington

I worked as an extra in this movie it was so exciting and Mr.Cheadle was very fun to work with.

greg carger

You got the trumpet correct, but Miles played a Heim mouthpiece, not a Monette.


I was driving home from work and right around the corner from my house is an old church. There were all kinds of trucks and equipment parked out front. I pulled up and asked one of the guys standing around and he said they were filming the movie there! WOW! A movie being filmed right around the corner from me! I may have to 'walk the dog' and stroll by to see if I can see a movie star in person. :-)

Eddie Goines

Can't wait to see this. Miles was the muthaph*#@n man!

Walter Harris Gavin

What's wrong with these pictures? While we may celebrate "black" film as far as those in front of the camera are concerned, the story lines and subject matter, more importantly is where are all the "black" below-the-line folks, the grips, the DP's, assistants, etc. You'll notice that in the above photos all the folks save for Don Cheadle are "white." That may or may not be representative of the entire working crew on this shoot, but what good does it do to have "black" folks at the helm of a film enterprise, if opportunities for "black" folks to work throughout the process doesn't also accrue? Look at the credits at the back end of any Hollywood motion picture and count how many of the folks seem to be related. Hollywood is nothing if it isn't nepotistic. But it's not just in Hollywood that "black" folks don't go out of their way to hire other "black" folks when they have the opportunity to do so.


Upon seeing the first photo (above) I was immediately reminded of Jamie Fox's Ray Charles. Heck, although I haven't seen nor heard Cheadle's rendition of Miles Davis, he most certainly has captured his look, which leads me to say I have very high hopes for this film.

But as a side note, I wonder why Don Cheadle chose Cincinnatti?

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