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Rotten Tomatoes Wiki, The ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Wars, and When Anti-Fanboys Become the New Fanboys

Rotten Tomatoes Wiki, The 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Wars, and When Anti-Fanboys Become the New Fanboys

Internet film forum discussions are largely dominated by comic book movie fanboys, many of whom don’t seem to have much of a sense of humor about liking stories in which men dress up in big rubber or spandex suits and punch people (see: death threats following pans of “The Dark Knight Rises” in 2012). Rotten Tomatoes has had so much trouble on this front that a handful of forum uses have banded together to form a group called the Trollfighters, who try to keep the forums in check, lest the boards for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” devolve into an endless stream of cursing and empty threats.

The history of the Trollfighters is chronicled on the RottenTomatoes Wiki, and it points to a year’s worth of squabbles between the regulating users and the site’s actual admins stemming back to the deletion of forums that have culminated in The “Guardians of the Galaxy” Wars, where head administrator Ryan Fujitani banned a number of Trollfighters from posting, leading to admin-spamming and mass bannings across the website, with any attempts to quell the disputes mucked up by trolling by another party. Here’s a sample:

In one final act of defiance and rage, the admins shut down all commenting capabilities for users on the forums. Chris Conley was then banned, and all his posts deleted. With the forums shut down, the Trollfighters were forced to wander the website of Rotten Tomatoes, without purpose or hope. However, Treet Johnson just so happened to find a settlement known as the General Discussion forums (or GDs), a colony of users that had thus far been unknown to the Trollfighters. Here, thousands of neckbeards dwelled, and the King in the Forums was Quite-Gone Genie, an admin who was far easier to get along with than Fujitani. The Trollfighters made their debut on these forums immediately, and took them by storm. They had lost the battle. But they had not lost the war.

Part of this is another case of comic book and tentpole movie fans and internet trolls acting up again, which is hard to bat an eye at anymore. But throughout the debates on RottenTomatoes and the records kept by the Trollfighters, there’s a smug tone that suggests that every online forum has to be a battle between drooling fanboys (a lazy characterization even if the worst cases are irritating) and the “serious movie lovers” that the group wants to represent themselves as. Never mind that it’s hard to take a group seriously when they refer to themselves as “The Trollfighters,” start a Wiki page lionizing themselves as internet heroes, and refer to the head administrator alternatively as “The Great Satan” or “Fuckitani.”

It’s also a case of anti-fanboyism going to the kind of absurd degrees associated with fanboyism in the first place. There’s the same “us vs. them” mentality, the same feeling of victimization over the most trivial of matters (a damn internet forum), the same devotion to attacking anyone who might disagree with them. The number of times on the Wiki page speaking of wars against either trolls or administrators makes it seem like it’s little more than another group of bullying internet commenters with a really bizarre sense of power. 

What’s most irritating about the decidedly minor brouhaha is that it turns a site that’s ostensibly made for movie lovers into little more than another arena for needless bickering. RottenTomatoes might have inherent flaws — most notably in the Tomatoscore, in which any negative reviews for highly-anticipated projects are taken like declarations of war — but at the very least it aggregates reviews from critics and publications of wildly varying taste, which for more curious users could lead to a broadened sense of criticism rather than a myopic one. Turning a bunch of stupid arguments into a faux-epic internet war doesn’t just do a disservice to movies, it does a disservice to movie lovers. Don’t feed the trolls, as they say, and don’t pretend seeking them out isn’t being one.

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Shockwave the Logical

Because a group that names itself "The Trollfighters" is obviously setting out to be taken seriously.

Duder NME

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Alex Maverick

Lol what dipshit actually read this article and said, "Yeah, this is good enough to publish on our website"?


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Chris Conley

Soon, I will rule Rotten Tomatoes forums and I will destroy the Trollfighters legacy.

Bazooka Jew

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Matthew Preston

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Brendan Sullivan

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Nerds Are Gene-Stoppers

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Mike Kessler

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Little Caesars

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Diego Tutweiller

Wow. Beautiful. Just finished reading this spectacular piece of reporting. I'd like to thank Max O'Connell for the free publicity, and the General Discussion users for their irrational flame comments. Good show, everyone!

Diego Tutweiller

The more I read of this, the more I love it. People are taking this so seriously!

Diego Tutweiller

This… is…. so… awesome.


They're the goddamn scum of the Earth and are being banned from GD of RT pretty goddamn quickly. This article pretty much sums up what's wrong with them, but this gaggle of lame man children who recently acquired Netflix accounts and know what's allegedly good and what's allegedly bad doesn't deserve any notoriety what-so-ever, they're better suited to being kings of Youtube commenters.

You Bowl

'What's most irritating about the decidedly minor brouhaha is that it turns a site that's ostensibly made for movie lovers into little more than another arena for needless bickering. '
–> Are you talking about RT or Criticwire?

Loki, Son of Odin

I feel strangely proud of this entirely meaningless achievement.

James D.

If they are only talking about childrens' films, who cares?


Max…I appreciate your kind words and sentiments. You have done a great service by bringing to light our epic group. However, you did make one critical error in the area of logic…

You called us trolls (which we aren't, but whatever). Then you said "don't feed the trolls". Then you wrote an article about us (who you call trolls). See the fallacy here?

But, we really aren't trolls at all. We are a group who love watching and talking movies, while at the same time extinguishing the REAL trolls in an effort to bring more praise to good movies and wrath upon lousy movies. But, as stated below, we don't really take ourselves very seriously and just enjoy having a good time.



*Bobby Con-

Ah, forget it.

Caleb Paasche

You're taking this far too seriously. We just have a good time making people mad and talking amongst ourselves, separate from other users.


Welly welly well! It seems the ol' Trollfighters have been awarded some publicity! Horrorshow!

We never took ourselves seriously, dude. The whole idea of The Trollfighters was always meant to be a humorous inside joke amongst a select group of users. If you paid any attention to the verbage at ALL in the RT Wiki, you would find subtle movie references and goofy descriptions of past happenings on the website. We obviously never took ourselves seriously.

"Don't feed the trolls, as they say, and don't pretend seeking them out isn't being one."

…does anyone else see the hilarious irony in that statement?

Bobby C.

Indiewire users, please, I beg you PLEASE don't deface our Wiki, which can be edited by anyone. Please don't do it.

The Tall Man

LOL….this guy is priceless. He thinks we actually take this stuff seriously.

But hey, they say any publicity is good publicity!

James Tan, the Bane of Idiocy

More pretentious inaccuracy in online journalism? What else is new?

And yes, you really should do a little more research before writing a whole article and acting like you know what's up with our group.

John Tyler

I appreciate your successful attempt at making us famous…but the inaccuracies in this article are, to put it lightly, baffling. Nice try.


Also, no mention of our movies, Running Commentaries on films, our YouTube channels, and Jed Groff? Tsk…tsk… I expected more. Read up on your history, bro.


This is one of the most inaccurate articles I've read. If you're going to make an article on us, be sure to read more up on it. Trollfighters are disbanded and have united to form C.U.N.T. And we don't even take ourselves seriously. You make it out like we do this for a living. In fact, most of us don't even trollfight anymore. We go to a secret location and just chill there. Only like 5 people still trollfight, and they don't even attack everyone, just the flamers who need to leave (someone on the site continues to defend Transformers 4's plot/characters/etc.), and we just joke around.


Also, we don't have pointless bickering all the time. We like to talk a lot about films….just it sometimes turns into a bloodbath.

Jay Cutler


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