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Rumor: Doomsday May Appear In ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice’

Rumor: Doomsday May Appear In 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice'

For as long as “Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice” has been a thing, villain Doomsday has been rumored to appear in the upcoming movie. As early as last December, word first surfaced about Doomsday showing up in the “Man Of Steel” sequel, and not long after, one of the roles Jason Momoa was potentially linked to (along with Martian Manhunter), was that of Superman’s arch nemesis (the actor eventually signed on to play Aquaman). And now, word about Doomsday is cropping up again.

Bleeding Cool are reporting that according to their source, the character has appeared in designs for the film, and that’s about it. And that would add yet another character the already kinda stuffed movie that features Lex Luthor, and according to recent reports will toss in Victor Szasz, Morgan Edge, David Cain and Amanda Waller in various capacities as well. How many more people do you need in this? Although, maybe Doomsday will stop by as cameo and instead tease a more central role in “Justice League.” He’s the kind of baddie we could see requiring a whole team of people to bring him down (after all, he did kill the invincible Superman in the comics). Hell, we’re just throwing ideas in the wind where so who knows. 

Thoughts? Do you want to see Doomsday in this? Just keep speculating amongst yourselves and don’t expect any answers at this year’s Comic-Con, because Warner Bros. has no plans to bring ‘Batman v. Superman’ to San Diego.

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If sender wants to mess Upp dc universe and have all movies fail sure put doomsday in barman vs superman movie. Sorry darkseud be villain of justice league. End of man of steel 2 or 3. Doomsday shouldn't be appearing so soon.


So what if all these supposed cameos in the movie are all just part of say a Cadmus investigation while Superman and Batman are busy going against each other. Would that work the cast in without stepping all over themselves? Just saying they can make it work and number of ways, let's wait and see what they do before we criticize.


So what if all these supposed cameos in the movie are all just part of say a Cadmus investigation while Superman and Batman are busy going against each other. Would that work the cast in without stepping all over themselves? Just saying they can make it work and number of ways, let's wait and see what they do before we criticize.


The JL does not need to defeat Doomsday. Superman did all by himself and he didn't die from the fight. He went into a coma and slowly recovered. I do not want the JL movie villain to be Doomsday ( a mindless killing machine….sounds boring), Darkseid would be a better choice, better character, better overall story…


Ya'll do know know everything from Doomsday from those 3 villains comes from a fake script, right? Like everything we've heard so far has been bullshit.

Ray Thomas

It is just an idea, but I think that Queen Latifa would be a great choice for Amanda Waller! Think of her in an MIB type black suit in the whole movie? She is kind of tough looking and an all around great actress. Waller is a character who is subtly questioning in her own mind, every move that Luthor tells her to make!


Doomsday is likely to only be a cameo and tie in into JL

John Smith

May they would introduce Doomsday as an origins story, but certainly not fully developed and ready to take on Bat & Sup in the same movie. For the first Justice League, they should fight both Lex and Joker OR Doomsday. For the second movie, they should fight Anti-Monitor OR the Crime Syndicate of America OR Brainiac. For the third movie, there should only be one opponent…Darkseid. Anyway the movies should connect somehow to the following villain, and right now they need to seriously start connecting the movies together, otherwise it will seem disjointed and thrown together. Movie history has shown that DC fans pay more money for movies and dvds, so if they do this well, they will be rewarded; and if not, they will be rejected.


Just Let All you Marvel Fans Know This Movie Only Has To Make Enough Money Which WB/DC Knows What Their Doing Putting Superman & Batman In The Same Movie Means Their Going To Make Tons Of Cash No Matter Who's Playing Batman & Ben Affleck Has Changed & Im Sick of all the Hate on Ledger Joker it Wasn't That They Were Sorry No Ledger Nailed The Dark Knight Wouldn't of been Successful Without Nolan & Ledger Its Your Opinion But I'm Just Saying Its About The Money & Not The Critics Look At Transformers Age Of Extinction So And This Movies Not Crowded Marvel Maybe Beating WB/DC Right Now But When This Movie Comes Out I Think WB/DC Will Continue To Get Better At Understanding Their Heroes Honestly I Hate Marvel Besides Spiderman & Captain America & What Happens If This Movie Does Well I Know What I'm Going To Be Doing Laughing My Butt Off At Everyone Saying Its Just Going To Fail Because Affleck Can't Be Batman Synder Shouldn't Be Directing Well Will See

michael thompson

at this point they should stop writing stories about which DC characters will be in the movie and start writing stories about the ones that won't…also Zack Snyder should read up on Spiderman 3 because this movie is about to suffer the same fate…too many characters/ too many storylines combined into one movie

jon m'shulla

Oh, Doomsday. How tedious and boring.


No. I do not want to see Doomsday in M.O.S. I understand that Zack is a risk taker.. I feel like he his definitely rushing a few of the pieces that should remain solely within the Justice League story. So much of what is already going on in this new Superman film (including the title) is seemingly "taking away the shine" from Superman himself. Don't get me wrong, I think doomsday is rad and could definitely be worked into Justice League.. But man, Please can we keep the M.O.S. Story a Superman story.

clintin s

is this a man of steel sequel, batman vs superman movie or justice league movie, seams like their throwing in a lot of characters. Doesn't seam like a Batman VS Superman movie to me.

David B

A Justice League movie would HAVE to have a villain worthy of the whole team. Doomsday could definitely fit that role. I was deeply saddened by the portrayal of Doomsday in "Smallville", and would love to see some redemption on the screen. But, there is also over 60 years of villainy to pick from for superman and his fellow team mates to battle against. Im wure Ill be happy with whatever comes this way as long as its not ALWAYS Lex Luthor.

Alex Saraceno

Too soon ! Don't do it WB ! Hint at the coming of Doomsday at the end of Justice League and a little more in 2018's (hopefully) Man of Steel 2, the, Bam ! he's arrived in Justice league 2. Take your time WB.


Rumor 1: This movie will last for over 17 1/2 hours due to all the characters they are shoving in it.

Rumor 2: This movie will be 5 minutes of plot and then several hours of quick cameos and nods to comic fans.


Until WB or Znyder confirm any of this I will not hold my breath. Even still, they could have 100 superhero/villians added and it will be fine. As long as the story plays out for these 100 characters to be there then I am all aboard. The original XMEN, XMEN 1st Class and XMEN DOFP, all good movies and all movies had a slew of characters, but Marvel made it work because the story was designed on the characters, and the reasoning for all of them to be in the movie. DC can do the same. Not to mention that over the past 15-20 years DCCU in the animated world has out shinned and as been better than any cr*ap Marvel has put out. DC's animated universe and storytelling has been by far the best and DCCU needs to have their story telling on the same level as their cartoons. Avangers was an Ok movie but remedial compared to the likes of Nolan's Trilogy. Even Cap 2 was ok. I have said this before and will continue to say this, BVS is and will be the most anticipated comic book/superhero movie to date. Not GOTG, not Avengers 2, certainly not AntMan, and certainly not Cap 3. And after BVS is released, the next most anticipated comic book/superhero movie will be Justice League.


This movie is nothing but rumor, speculation and horrible casting. What a train wreck this is going to be. But to be honest at this point I no longer care. Everyday there is another piece of "NEWS" that is just someone's opinion with no facts to back it up. Come on people it isn't out until 2016 WB/DC dropped the ball by announcing it before they had any idea what they wanted to do while trying to play catch up to Marvel. Well DC is no marvel when it comes to live action films, out of the last 10 years I can think of 2 that I actually enjoyed and not it wasn't any of the POS Dark Knight trilogy. My opinion is not skewed by the tragedy of Ledgers death, I can actually separate the two and give an honest opinion that it really wasn't that good of a performance but everyone had to play nice when it happened and hyped up the Joker to the point I was sick of hearing about him.


I believe they will introduce Doomsday the same way Marvel did with Thanos – After credit scene. Not that it'll be a rip off but just a proper way to end the movie with a major cliff hanger.

I disagree with too many villains. Christopher Nolan's movies usually had 3 villains and more in each more. These villains aren't necessarily "super", but more modern like politicians and henchmen etc. I wouldn't consider this over crowding, just helping fill some story plot holes if anything.

Excited to see more of a role of Vic Szasz, I wonder how crazy they will make him in this movie. Glad it isn't a more popular villain from the Batman series.


everyone know what will be a geat movie sinster six lets see a movie all about are faviorete bad guys that would be awsomse.
give the bad guys love we all know in real life they would win anyways


dc univerise is trying to ckeck up with marvel thats fine the only problem is the only thing dc has is superman and batman the rest of the heros are side storys dc will never be as great as marvel
and for the record all of us comic nerd that argue about who would win hulk or superman hulk would beat superman way worse then doomsday did then bitch slap doomsday for thinking he was a tough guy

John N.

Why do so many of you think that this film will be overcrowded?
If you take into consideration the screen time each of the supporting characters will have, you might find that your worries of overcrowding is for nothing.

Hugh Janus

Why not, let's just toss 50 characters into this cluster-fcuk and call it a movie. This sounds like it will be one of the biggest messes in comic book movie history!

Star Carlton

Rumor has it – Jesus is also going to be in this movie.


RUMOR: Mavel Superheroes, Jonny Depp, Mickey Mouse, and Bill Clinton to make surprise cameo appearances in the new Superman v Batman movie.
Well ……. this rumor has the same quality and reliability for Truthfulness of every OTHER rumor you've published – so why not this one? Your rumors are really just space-wasters because you don't have enough stories. Right.


I hope they follow the Death of Superman arc loosely. Those were the comics that drew me into Supes at age 11.


Is there anyone in the DC Universe that won't be appearing in the movie? Since Warner Brothers own Harry Potter as well, maybe Harry or Voldemort (Oops, sorry about he name.) can have a cameo?


Why not just add the whole DC universe? Granted most of the heroes already in the story are in the actual comic Batman vs Stuporman, but adding more to an already crowded storyline that already has a strange smell to it…..btw what is that smell anyways? Hmm smells like failure to me. Outside of the Batman movies, when was the last time a DC movie was successful? Green Lantern was awesome even though audiences did not think so. All of the Stuporman movies since Superman II were colossal mistakes. DC should just stick with what it is doing right at this time, Batman movies and tv shows.


My guess is that it would be a great teaser at the end. Like having Luthor somehow having one of his tech firms partner with an off book government agency to clone Supes as a means of having a counter measure in case they foresaw the need of having someone under their control who could potentially defeat him if he went rogue (not unlike what was seen in the animated series when Darkseid manipulated him). Having a end of movie teaser appearance that leads to the need for a Justice League would be just the reason for a whole team up; especially if all of a sudden you've got Superman coming to earth, Aquaman coming up from the sea and Martian Manhunter also showing up.

Dr. Doctor

"How many more people do you need in this?"

Come on now. Those other so-called villains are not really stuffing the movie. They're obviously supporting cast. If we start counting guys like those as villains, then we should reconsider how stuffed Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy actually was.

Lex and Doomsday could easily be the main villains and everybody else will just be there to fill some smaller role. Like those "villains" Earle, Falcone, Maroni and even Two-Face in Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. They only played a small role in some part of the movies. They didn't stuff it because they we'rent main villains. Only supporting ones.

How can anybody seriously think that the likes of Amanda Waller and Morgan Edge are gonna equal Lex Luthor or Doomsday?


Maybe they'll add Mister Mxyzptlk next!




Sweet! Might as well go all the way and add in Superboy, Steel, Cyborg and Eradicator. Why not right?

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