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Rumor: Marvel’s Hulk Movie Plans Won’t See Him Fighting Alone

Rumor: Marvel's Hulk Movie Plans Won't See Him Fighting Alone

“I don’t think [‘Planet Hulk‘] is the way to go yet,” Mark Ruffalo recently told MTV. “I think you need more Banner. The whole thing is just him as Hulk, on a planet, fighting other gladiators.” And at first, this seemed like an about face from the actor who not that long said Marvel was considering a Hulk standalone movie, with “Planet Hulk” long rumored to be the source material. But if you close one rumor window, another one opens, so strap in. And by the way, there will be big spoilers ahead.

Over at HitFix, Drew McWeeney dives into the latest round of rumors by starting with the ending of “The Avengers: Age Of Ultron” (told you, there will be spoilers), which finds Bruce Banner on a Quinjet, and blasted to some pre-programmed co-ordinates in outer space. And from there, McWeeney posits not quite so unbelievably that we’ll see a Phase Three film that will team up Hulk and the “Guardians Of The Galaxy” for a new adventure.

And the idea makes sense. As we’ve long said, Hulk is the kind of character that works better in concentrated doses, while the folks of Guardians are still somewhat new to the mainstream public at large, even if spinoffs are being considered. We’d reckon before any of the latter happens, Marvel would prefer to build their universe, and give more facetime to the entire ensemble, before making “Groot: The Movie.”

Thoughts? The idea is an intriguing one, but we would presume it all rests on the numbers for ‘Guardians,’ though even from this far out, the buzz is building so much that it’s almost guaranteed to be a hit on its August 1st opening weekend. But it’ll be interesting to see what kind of legs it has afterward.

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I'm not a fan of the idea, I'd want to see Hulk vs his rogues gallery. What would be the point of Hulk in. GotG? It sounds like something Fox would do, not Marvel.

I guess at a push the film could be a watered down version of planet hulk… With the Gaudians slotted in and half the film with banner replacing hulk… But that again sounds terrible. For me planet Hulk should be more John Carter then Star Wars…

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