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Shonda Rhimes, Kerry Washington, Ellen Pompeo Welcome Viola Davis to Shondaland (Video)

Shonda Rhimes, Kerry Washington, Ellen Pompeo Welcome Viola Davis to Shondaland (Video)

In the video clip below, showrunner Shonda Rhimes joins current Shondaland residents, Kerry Washington (“Scandal”) and Ellen Pompeo (“Grey’s Anatomy”) in welcoming new Shondaland tenant, Viola Davis, who stars in Rhimes’ latest creation, the drama series “How to Get Away with Murder,” which will be 1/3 of ABC’s Shonda Rhimes Thursday night lineup.

The new project is described as a sexy, suspense legal thriller that follows a brilliant criminal defense attorney (played by Davis) and her ambitious law school students who become entangled in a murder mystery that could have major ramifications on their entire university as well as change the course of their lives.

Davis plays the lead character named Annalise DeWitt, the brilliant law professor and accomplished criminal defense attorney, who is further described as an excellent manipulator of people, particularly the law students who work at her law firm. And even juicier, she’s married to a psychology professor, while also having an affair, and calls her law class “How to Get Away With Murder.”

Rounding out the cast are Aja Naomi King, Matt McGorry, Alfred Enoch, Karla Souza, Jack Falahee and Charlie Weber.

Peter Nowalk (“Grey’s Anatomy”) is scripting and executive producing the ABC drama, alongside Shondaland’s Rhimes and Beers. 

Michael Offer directed the pilot, which was shot in Philadelphia.

Thursday nights will be Shonda nights on ABC: “Grey’s Anatomy” (8-9 pm); “Scandal” (9-10 pm) and “How to Get Away With Murder” (10-11pm).

Watch the welcoming party below:

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you people on here that want to go on and on and on about interracial marriage for whatever reason.. GET A LIFE… ALREADY
if your against it… who cares.. and if your for it who cares…
you love who you love…. and for the ignorant ass that wants to go on about who's so called promoting interracial marriage.. who the hell cares.. people get married or live together or date.. frankly know one gives a sh@t what you think.. either way…. its not like its gonna stop people from loving one another.. go jump back into your holes and fu@k off
and that is as nice as I could have put that…



Suits is on the USA network. If it was on one of major networks, I don't believe they would pair her with a black man.


If you want to see a black couple on a drama on TV right now watch "Suits." Gina Torres, who had a black husband who died of cancer, a few seasons back, is currently involved with D.B. Woodside. It's been a great story arc with conflict about power and relationships inside and out of the workplace.


I love how Shonda makes the "Blacker Than Thou" troupe hyperventilate! Like throwing pebbles at a battle ship.

Black on black love is not exactly setting the world on fire right now either but hey, let's keep up the selective outrage.

Interracial is here, deal or die.



Let's agree to disagree because whenever I hear someone promoting interracial marriage, nine times out of ten it's a black person. The dominant system of white privilege is dependent on the creation of more white people, not bi-racial people. And the people who benefit most from that system will to ANYTHING to ensure it continued existence.


Oh what a wonderful world we live in, we have the freedom to insinuate, humiliate, assume, discredit, hate, love, disrespect and demean anyone or anything we don't like. Joyful times!


Our brainwashing is complete. You will never hear white people talk about wanting to see more interracial couples. They want to see MORE white couples.


Viola Davis' casted husband doesn't bother me. I'm just happy that she finally has a role where she can show off her sexuality and beauty. Also Shonda has found a winning formula with casting white lovers for the black female characters. Her audience eats it up and the show doesn't get labeled as a "black" show.
I don't think she has a "fetish", she just knows what drives ratings.


It's really sad that Tyker Perry is far more likely to show a strong black couple than Shonda is?


I'm imagining the outrage if a "white" film site had posts complaining about "their" white men romancing black women on TV. Racism is pathetic so is wasting time hating on Ms. Rhimes; she don't give a shite about what "color trolls" have to say.

Kid chaos

After looking at Shonda rhimes a white man would have to be blind to date that fat pig

Kid chaos

On prime time tv you don't see black couples


if any of you don't like the interracial thing on tv…. get lost…
as a black woman married to a white man.. I like seeing mixed couples on tv and hope they have more… seems to me its all of you that have the problem.. its not like we're going anywhere… you poor and very ignorant people…..



get over the black on black thing… if you don't like or want to see interracial couples on tv or in a movie then go hide under your bed…. people like you really get get on my nerves….frankly I hope they have more mixed race couples on tv and in movies

Amari Sali

It seems a lot of great film actresses are heading to TV to escape limited role, just to find themselves within new limits. But hey, at least the work is more steady and constant.



How can it be considered progress for black women actors when the ONLY way they are allowed to star in a network television series is to have a white lover?



I have to agree with you. She seems to be exploring her own interracial fantasies through her black women characters. I remember the very first episode of Private Practice had a scene where Audra McDonald was fantasizing about a young white boy who worked in her office. Rhimes obsession with white men is disturbing.

Phred G.

Rooting for Viola even though her show seems like it'll be HOUSE-in-a-courtroom. ijs. Oh yeah, and THE PAPER CHASE.


Two black women starring in network dramas. One has a white husband. The other has TWO white lovers. Both shows are Shonda Rhimes creations. Interesting.


I'm only looking forward to seeing Viola because she draws you into her role. I hope the white man who plays Viola's husband in the TV series meets his maker within the first 30 seconds of the show allowing Viola's character to become married to a black man.


So excited for Viola! I really hope 'Murder' is a hit.


"Thank God it's Thursday!" Indeed.

The Queen


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