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Shonda Rhimes Says ‘Scandal’ Won’t Last 8 Seasons

Shonda Rhimes Says 'Scandal' Won't Last 8 Seasons

It may come as a shock to fans of the series that “Scandal” will eventually end its run at some point. At least, I gather many of you would love for it to continue on for as long as possible.

But it won’t. And Shonda Rhimes knows that very well. 

In a November interview with NPR, she shared that she she already knew exactly how “Scandal” would end, and when it’ll end, although, she didn’t give any specifics to the interviewer back then.

But in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter (published 2 days ago), the showrunner got a bit more specific with regards to how long the drama series would run.

Here’s the relevant quote from the interview:

  • “I think there’s only so much ‘Scandal’ you can tell satisfactorily,” Rhimes said. “The Fitz-Liv thing can only be told so long and in such a way. It’s not a 10-season or eight-season show. I’ve already decided how long that is and what that’s going to be.”

Ok – so, at least, we now know that “Scandal” will not run for as many as 8 seasons. So maybe 7 seasons, then? 6 perhaps? 

We do know that it’ll be going into its 4th season this fall; so we can assume that, after the upcoming season, fans shouldn’t expect more than another 3 – if that many.

Given how popular “Scandal” is, and the ratings its drawn since its premiere 3 seasons ago, I can’t see ABC or Shonda wanting to bring the series to a close anytime soon – like after the 4th season. I’d say it probably has 2 more after season 4, and then that’ll be it.

But it might not be entirely up to the network. Shonda already knows how and when she wants to end the series, so I could envision a scenario in which she decides that it’s over, even if ABC might want to continue with it. End on a high note, I say. Don’t drag it out through needless seasons, if there just isn’t much else there, in terms of story, to run with. 

What do you think – if you’re a fan of the series? Do you see more than 7 seasons in “Scandal’s” future? Obviously, the storylines would have to evolve over time. I’m sure even die-hard fans of the series will eventually tire of the ongoing relationship between Olivia Pope and the president (which is really at the heart of the series), after a few seasons, and will long for much more. Although I could be certainly wrong about that. 

But if you were to predict “Scandal’s” future, what would it look like to you – in terms of when it’ll end, as well as how it will end? Shonda says she knows how exactly it’ll end, and when. Put yourself in her head and paint a portrait of what you see. Also, how would you LIKE to see it end? What would you like to see happen to the individual characters and stories over time, if say the series continued on for another 2 or 3 seasons?

One thing we do know for sure is that Harrison (the character played by Columbus Short) is dead.

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David McCarthy

I think there is still plenty to be done, mellie wants to be president, jake and olivia need to be together, and huck needs to be with his family there is still plenty to be done in my opinion, it is such a successful show and I think it should go on for a good bit longer.


Scandal is pure garbage and shouldn't have gotten past season one! Shonda Rhimes needs to focus on good writing instead of depending heavily on interracial $ex scenes to pull an audience!


I'm not at all surprised, actually. With the OTT manner of the story lines, I don't see that being sustainable for a decade. Also, it's the nature of TV series these days. LOST lasted less than 8 years and it was pretty popular at its height. It just seems that most show runners are looking at 7 years for their series runs and then moving on to new ideas.


There's more to scandal than Fitz and liv, David need to win cases, Hollis needs revenge on on Cyrus, b6-13 need to for there job. stop making the white house a whore house.


Yes, end it on a high note with the audience wanting more. Don't sting it out when the story lines are naturally dead. On many series to give "new life", the family adopts a child or has a child or goes to Hawaii or etc. to string it along. Don't do that or similar just for the ratings and money that comes with that.


nooooooooooooo I didn't need hear that….and I sure as hell didn't want to know it……


Viola Davis is no Kerry Washington but they ate both great actresses. Viola will have to drawn ppl in with her acting because ppl are use to her playing a sweet nice quiet character. I think she will do well. On another note I think Scandal should go at least 6 seasons. Honda can get everything out by then and closure with everything.


Great news. As someone who grew up watching British tv I was always puzzled by the American shows that just refused to die. 6 seasons max and done should be the motto. Take note Mara Brock Akil (love her but her sole fault is that she doesn't know when to pull the plug), Dick Simon et al.

Reader 1

I see it ending after Season 5–although, that seems a bit too long for this series.

Unless, Shonda and the writers make some more outlandish changes. They should end it on 5. And then she can gear up on another show, while How To Get Away With Murder tries to pickup on the now available Scandal crowd. Because something is telling me HTGAWM is going to have trouble holding/capturing the ratings like Scandal.

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