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Survey into Independent Filmmaking, Social Networking, Distribution and Marketing

Survey into Independent Filmmaking, Social Networking, Distribution and Marketing

Filmmaker Jill Daniels (“The Border Crossing“) is carrying out a survey into several crucial aspects of the film industry today such as social networking, distribution (digital, traditional) and marketing.

Here she explains in more detail what her project entails:

“To Film Practitioners and film festival researchers,

 I am carrying out research in the wide area of Independent (and Radical) film distribution and marketing. If you have ever made a film I would

be grateful if you would take a small amount of your time (no more than 5 minutes) to complete my survey. Its aim is to find out the experiences 

of independent filmmakers and practitioners in reaching an audience for their films through social media; distributors; galleries, film festivals,
conferences etc.

It will form part of a research paper to which aims to see whether there is potential to reach audiences more effectively. I need as many responses as
possible to get a full picture of the situation on the ground. All responses to this survey are anonymised and all data fully secured. If you have any questions about

the reporting or dissemination of these results, the protection of the data from the survey or the manner in which the research is being conducted please feel free to contact me.”

(The survey encompasses practitioners in the EU and US for the moment)

Here is the link for the survey:

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Jason Rosette

It’s worth taking this survey, I think; it may not change the industry, but is a notable point of departure / All the Best, Jason Rosette, ‘10,000 MIles to Go: An American Filmmaking Odyssey’ / ‘BookWars’ / ‘Lost in New Mexico’


I took this survey. And I was invited to take this survey. I am, as Ms. Daniel's letter is addressed to, a film practitioner. I am an independent filmmaker. For those of you who do not agree, it is because the contemporary definition of "independent filmmaker" is fundamentally flawed. To be an independent filmmaker doesn't mean that you work with a production company outside of Hollywood, or that your usual audience can be easily accessed through Tribeca or Sundance. It just means making films on your own. Look up the definitions of the words "independent" and "filmmaker". When taking this survey, the mental block of the present definition of "independent filmmaker" is just shoved down your throat. I make short films and distribute them on social media sites. I do not stand to gain anything from making these short films except to learn about the art form. I can't help but feel as if the aforementioned mental block is fundamentally flawed and detrimental. The democratization of filmmaking is going so well, and I see this kind of closed minded thinking.

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