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The Best Reactions to the 2014 Emmy Nominations

The Best Reactions to the 2014 Emmy Nominations

We all deal with disappointment in our own ways, and the 2014 Primetime Emmy nominations are no exception. The list of omissions is, as always, endless, but there are some especially perplexing ones this year: No Best Drama nod for “The Good Wife,” which arguably had the best season of any network show? Nothing for “Orphan Black‘s” Tatiana Maslany? Industry observers will be breaking down the nods and snubs for weeks to come, but here’s how they reacted as the news — good and bad — broke.

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Regardless of the fact that Orphan Black isn’t as good of a show as it used to be, Tatiana Maslany still deserves an Emmy for playing 9+ different clones and leading the audience to believe they’re all different people. And yes Broad City is the best comedy on TV and needs some damn recognition.


Awards are popularity contests helped out by a healthy dose of ass kissing. Many shows and actors, producers etc snubbed yearly. Doesn't mean these nominations are the best.


Forget The Good Wife and Orphan Black. Hannibal's snubs are unforgivable.


For the record, Orphan Black sucks now. It went the way of Heroes, where just because anything CAN happen doesn't mean anything SHOULD happen.

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