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‘The Expendables 3’ Leaks Online 3 Weeks Ahead Of Release

'The Expendables 3' Leaks Online 3 Weeks Ahead Of Release

Get ready for the debate over piracy to once again rear its head. Back in 2009, a work print (that turned out to be not all that different than the released version) of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” leaked online almost a month ahead of its release, and whether or not it damaged the box office is still up for debate. Despite Fox claiming the pirated copy was viewed 4.5 million times (which doesn’t necessarily mean those people would’ve bought a ticket instead), the movie still opened to a massive $85 million at the box office and did pretty well overall considering how badly it was reviewed. Did it help, hurt or make no difference? Well get ready to see how this next bit of news is spun.

A high quality version of “The Expendables 3,” apparently ripped from a DVD screener, is now making the rounds of torrent sites, three weeks before the film is slated to hit theatres. And the damage from the movie being out there could be substantial. “The Expendables 2” earned over $300 million worldwide, and this sequel brings an even bigger cast, with bigger stars. Will it affect the box office? Does the average moviegoer care enough (or even know how) to torrent a movie like this?

Those questions that will surely be answered once the results come in on opening day, but be warned if you’re feeling curious about downloading the rip: Nu Image sued 23,000 BitTorrent users in 2011 for downloading “The Expendables,” and the authorities eventually caught up with the guy who uploaded ‘Wolverine’ too, so you might be better off paying for the movie at the multiplex instead of trying to save a few bucks.

“The Expendables 3” opens on August 15th. Check out the garish Comic-Con posters for the film below. [Variety]

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Mel is the man

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The movie is crap…thank God i didnt waste my money


I never, ever go to a cinema to watch any movie. Why would I pay the exorbitant, ridiculous price to sit in a room full of obnoxious, loud, disrespectful, assholes where I can't smoke, eat what I want, drink what I want, and hit pause when I want.


Expendable 3 Awesome Movie !!
A Must Watch Movie . . .

Every One Have played their role legendary . . .



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Why People not giving Mel a Break, been this long and doing damage by release the screener, I think everyone did something wrong in the pass, nobody is perfect, and he should deserve a break.


wanna go to piratebay? aye aye captn


Mel Gibson speaks out against Jews, all his movies go direct to DVD. Mel stars in a new major motion picture and it gets "leaked" online.

Things that make you go hmmmm.


I'll still watch it in the theatre…the big screen and big sound still brings an adrenaline rush no big-screen TV or computer can replicate…at least not yet…


Yeah but it's Expendables 3! Doesn't really matter. [It's an expendable movie]. ; )

Djasper Django

The best part is — Lions Gate uploaded the movie to the web to create a buzz!


Manipulation at it's finest! They realize the lions share of box office will be overseas, it looks excellent..but it's in English. Creating just enough buzz to generate big openings in non-english theaters. Remember, most of these guys are retired American action movie heroes. Where are they still big? Mark my words, it does over $350,000,000 hopefully then people realize sometimes mistakes, aren't mistakes.


It was not going to make as much as the original two because it is trying to cram all these nobodies into the series. That and the fact that what people liked about the previous ones was the over the top blood and violence. Choosing to make Expendables 3 PG13 will hurt the franchise much more than a leaked screen. I have no interest in watching a wasted down Expendables movie. Even if it were free.


Yes nu image sued 23000 ppl but they didnt win the suit the judge voted it wasnt realiable because they could not trace the users

denise munson

whats a torrent movie and how do i get one?


glad I watched it, I didn't like it.

and "put a lid on things"?
So.. what do you expect to do besides get some of the streaming links shut down? then get reuploaded a few hours later?
You cannot take torrents down.


Great movie. Wayyyy better than expendables one. I loved the mel gibson part…fits him lmfao. Not saying i watched it..just a prediction (;


All you have to do is watch it on any of the streaming sites. No download required.

Emperor Zerg Rush

Some of the absolute worst poster design decisions on display ever with these. It's like someone vomited up the contents of a glowstick on most of them after partying too hard at a rave.


today only i download EXPENDABLES 3 movie ,,,i saw holl movie …TOTALY AWESOME ..better than 2 part2 EXPECTING will reach 325 million ,,ACTION HOPE TIME……..


well, my kids will get some weird-looking 50-year-old men toys this christmas…

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