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Third ‘Best Man’ Movie Gets a Title, an Official 2016 Release Date & A Most Unexpected Wedding

Third 'Best Man' Movie Gets a Title, an Official 2016 Release Date & A Most Unexpected Wedding

Hot off the presses, straight from my email inbox…

Universal Pictures’ THE BEST MAN WEDDING will be released on Friday, April 15, 2016


The cast of THE BEST MAN series returns to celebrate the group’s most unexpected wedding to date.  Malcolm D. Lee again writes and directs the third film in his signature hit series, and Sean Daniel (“The Best Man Holiday”) returns to produce THE BEST MAN WEDDING alongside Lee. 

The Universal Pictures release date announcement didn’t come with any specific casting info, but we can assume that those who made it to the end of the last film, will return for this third and final one (at least I assume it’ll be the last one, completing a trilogy).

After a $30.1 million opening weekend, the 2nd film in the franchise, “The Best Man Holiday,” released last fall, went on to gross over $70 million in domestic box office, making for a profitable film for the studio, given that it cost only $17 million to make. So it really shouldn’t be much of a surprise that a 3rd film is of interest to the studio.

Malcolm D. Lee admitted that he already had a 3rd film brewing on paper, before the 2nd film even opened.

As for what audiences can expect from it, in the Vibe video interview that follows, director Lee, while on the red carpet last month for the ABFF premiere of his cousin Spike Lee’s “Da Sweet Blood of Jesus,” teases us with a few plot points, intercut with star Morris Chestnut (also at the ABFF), who we can assume will be back for number 3, doing the same:

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Jerald Cooper

I don’t care how many he make as long as there good. I can’t believe someone called Malcolm lazy. It takes time making movies.

Anita Buchanan

I can hardly wait.
I bought the second one because I could relate to it so dearly . I had just lost the love of my life to cancer after 35 yrs of love and devotion. Miss you Les


If its good what dose it matter how many sequels there are. No one complained about all the Rocky or the juristic park movies. You all just spent your money to see them.


He evidently is creative enough to gross 30 million dollars in opening weekend for the second installment so a trilogy is not a bad idea. The story lines are still very interesting and relevant! Always someone with something negative to say….I’m so not surprised


Hi EP, is making a new film also your advice for George Lucas, Steven Speiburg, and/or Prter Jackson?


I love all the movies and the cast please keep on doing just what you are doing it’s amazing and wonderful to see something other than violence with today’s world being in the shape that it’s in so thank you for all the laughs and the crys of all your films be blessed.


Wow, isnt this interesting when we have had how many fast n furious, bring it on as many as you want to do Mr. Lee


Can’t Wait


Did anyone ever ask question the making of Mission Impossible, 007 or those stupid Nightmare on Elm Street series. The characters remain some of the most talented and sought after Black actors and actress in Hollywood so instead of questioning it support it . Live life and laugh it’s not that serious! Go Malcom !


I enjoyed the first two and the surprise wedding wouldn’t be Shelby I think it would be Jordan. I would love to see a 4th as the final one.


I look forward to this movie, I’m excited and intrigued to see what happens next minus Monica Calhouns character. I’m going to miss Mia.


I can’t wait! Keep them coming!


I love the characters and would like to see them grow old. :)


Stop hatin and knocking the film before it even drops! Personally I can’t WAIT to see part 3.


I agree MSRD. No one is complaining about the five X-Men movies or the seven Star Wars movies.

Dorothy Collins

Love these films. Wish I could be in one! Lol Keep doing what you are doing. Later for the haters!


EP, I don’t hear anyone saying that to George Lucas……. It’s interesting how we can always find something negative to say. The Best Man films are great. Now, do I see it going to a fourth, fifth, and sixth, no, but I’m most definitely looking forward to the 3rd one.


I think its great. It shows how in life we have our ups and downs in life,friendships,health,finances,children and even careers. But at the end of the day we stick together. The world could learn alot from his films if they werent so busy judging them instead of enjoying them. I hope he could possibly bring this type of cast to television one day. We sure could use some positivity on tv.


I think it’s great! Why do people always have to knock others. Try uplifting comments. I hope he does as many as possible as long as story is good. I would also love to see other movies as well. Keep up the good work!


love this franchise, positive images of college turned professional friends sticking together through life’s challenges…what wonderful imagery..Keep up the great work


Maybe you will decide to make it a series in the nearer future.


I can’t wait to see the new movie


I love the remakes! The original movie was great & for those of us that saw it ‘way back when’ it was beautiful to see how their ‘lives’ played out. New movie plots don’t necessarily mean a better movie…it’s more than possible to continue to develop a movie timeline in sequels, if you have an audience base to support it & trust me…he does. #ComeOnBestManWedding #SupportBlackFilm #WhereYoMovieAtTho #NeverEnoughMorrisChestnutOrTayeDiggs #SupportBlackActors #SupportBlackDirectors

Dennis Leonard

Try a little thing called Google or, here’s an idea, go to a movie where you just might see the trailer for the new Barbershop film directed by…wait for it…Malcolm D. Lee! You’re welcome. SMH


We love "The Best Man" franchise, and like our lives, there is a limitless number of directions the story can take us – give the people what they want…

Kevin Wilson

Roll Bounce, Soul Men, Undercover Brother, The New Barbershop film coming this year, Scary Movie V, are all directed by Malcolm D. Lee. So yes, he does make other films.


Enough!! The last one was emotionally exhaustive.

leah richmond

How is Mia gonna be in the third one and she died in the second one


this for me is very brilliant concept. I like the story line its awesome this is really TRUE life of a compelling telenovela. is very close to a life of black people I love the performance the delivering of details perfect, cast they way. of style perfect perform acting perfect I love this piece 10 out of 10…..


I love the Best Man and The Best Man Holiday. But I hate the fact that Monica Calhoun won’t be in it. Can she reappear as a memory or ghost. Please!!!!


I can’t wait for a BM3! White folks do it all the time. I happen to like seeing my people! Stop hating!


I love all the movies as long as you keep the good actress Im it people will keep watching don’t put boring people in it

Miles Ellison

I think Anfra needs to see a lot more movies.


Anfra – You haven’t seen that many movies have you? I taking a guess maybe 3 in your lifetime?


The Best Man franchise is one of the best if not the best movie in decades.


Part 3 was being written as Part 2 made its way to the theaters. Never give the full story, always keep them wanting more!
~ Keep writing, creating and conquering new heights!


I’m pretty sure Troublemaker was being sarcastic.


Keep doing what you do Malcolm!!!


That’s awesome. Keep making the good movies that we want to see.


Why not go that far? "4,5,6, 7… We support movies about fast cars (e.g. Furious 7). Characters are people… life doesn’t stop being interesting. Keep em coming…


Can’t wait to see. Fell In love with this wonderful cast…thanks Malcolm


Excited to see part 3 but Im thinking anything after this will be a reunion. Dont get me wrong I’d go see parts 4,5 and beyond. The. Movie is endearing, funny, it keeps the viewers attention, great cast members and its an all around great movie.


keep them coming. I truly enjoyed them all. You have to keep the same cast though or it won’t work. If they continue the kids will grow up and start their lives. Ummm???

Tairika Freeman

I am actually interested in the beSt man wedding but after that there is nothing else to really film about


I wish that they would surprise us by keeping Mia (Monica Calhoun’s) role -not in the angelic way but alive. Maybe they could start Best Man 3 just before Christmas as they did with Best Man 2 and have everyone coming in for Quentin’s(Terrance Howard) surprise wedding. However, when they arrive, Mia has been in a tragic accident and is in a coma. They could fix it where Best Man 2 was actually told from Mia’s perspective or in medias res. Terrance refuses to get married unless Mia opens her eyes. In the midst of all the turmoil, Robin (Sanaa Lathan) goes into labor. Much of what happened in Mia’s dream could actually be a prophesy of some sort to what will happen after she comes out of the coma. The only difference could be that while she was unconscious, her mother passes of having cancer. They writers can just call me. We can figure the rest out. Keep Mia, please!


looks like new faces, is this based on the movie or was it a tv series? im truly missing something here!


I love that movie


If Harry Potter can keep going with J.K. Rowling then so can The Best Man With Malcolm Lee.


I think this will be the last one.. the 1st one introduced the characters 2 explain what happened to them all and the 3rd is based on the ending of 2 the most unexpected character is going to get married


When a black movie makes as much money as Star Wars spawns 10 tv shows, 7 movies, spin off films, tons of merchandise and spawn more comics books & novels more than every black comic book and novel put together-you can make as many as you want from that one movie.


@scooby-if Sergio did what you said-you would be the main one not going to see it. It is not Sergio’s job to make movies, it is his job to COMMENT on them and the industry that seem to continue to have issue with black films in general.


I am escatic!!! Love the movie from day one! Lee is a very creative and talented writer and producer/director. Kudos to the whole cast!!! I’ll be in the place on the opening day!


Ykw EP and Sergio, you guys are soo right!!! Sooooooo how about you two getting together to make a movie. Don’t worry, we’ll wait ��������


It did say unless none of you can read, third. And final


I am very pleased to see a black movie that shows us as something other than gang members, drug dealers etc….It’s about time movie are made that show us doing well legally in life. I say make as many as you want! Look at the Fast & the Furious….My sisters and I love your work……


this last film should be enough


They can go as far Malcolm lee can direct, funeral, love, babies. divorce, I would love to see Q with a kid of his own, Lol

Brandon Daye

I’m so excited to see this! I think it should be another one at least 4


I am patiently waiting. I love this franchise!


Malcolm Lee just finished up Barbershop 3 and has many credits to his name so you may want to check IMDB before you speak out of school.

Doc Samson

"Stop being lazy?" You wouldn’t say that about those "Star Wars’ movies. Was George Lucas being "lazy?"


EP obviously didn’t see the second movie if s/he thinks creativity is lacking. Why even comment?


Much to do and scream over nothing. I have seen all of them and really loved them and would see more of them in a theater, on Netfilx, Amazon, what ever. But understand this I still have not seen Avengers will not see ANT MAN so that tells you something right there!


Im excited to see 3… I’m guessing it’s Q that’s getting married so that alone should make this worth seeing! Not sure I’d follow it much after a thirds installment, but who knows!


I just do not understand the negative comments. …with all the ratchet…over-sexed….fighting and ridiculous movies and reality shows/movies…what’s wrong with films about love….long lasting friendships….I bet if it was Love and Hip Hop 3. 4. 5 …..people would be jumping for joy


This should definitely be it, but I love The Best Man movies.


It has to be a part 3


Now, see, I didn’t consider him being lazy at all. I LOVE these characters and welcome the 3rd portion of this trilogy to see where life is taking them. I don’t know if there’s enough material or character development to warrant additional film or even a television series, but I have thoroughly enjoyed watching events unfold. YES for the third installment!


Personally, I can’t wait, love the first two


It’s funny, no one ever told the director of Fast and Furious to stop being lazy and create something else, have several seats please

Lee W

I’m glad to see this franchise is still a big hit! I’m done for a Best Man 3,4,5,6 hell even 7! If Transformers, Iron Man and all the others can continue to have a 3,4,5; why can’t this one? Continue to be great, you produce nothing but good, quality work!

Nicole Hicks

Great! If you can make 15 Jason’s or 10 Freddy Kruger there’s nothing wrong with an African American trilogy! Great job Mr lee. Do your thang!


@ep no one said anything about the fast and the furious series heck there were about two movies that sucked real bad and now we have a fast 7 chill out and relax and sit back and shut your mouth if you don’t like the movie simply don’t watch it period point blank and simple


I would like to see Robin get over her insecurity when it comes to Jordan. The first two have been about Harper and Lance and about Shelby, Candi and Jullian, let us see the Jordan story evolve more. And let us into the life of Quentin who about to get married. Let Mia’s character come back in flashbacks to some issue concerning Lance but just to keep her in the group with the other Best Man franchise actors.


Third one is needed. As far as 4,5,6 "Best Man." That largely depends on the storyline and characters. In order for the franchise to continue there has to be growth in the story.


I think if Malcolm D Lee do a 3rd and 4th it will do g good. He will have to come up with an amazing closing of the story/movie. Show WHEN Harper Stewart and Robin have a wedding or Terrence Howard marry someone and go from the and read of something from the deceased character from the other movie holiday and go from there. Name the next movie of the best men The best men reunited or the best men two or united or just go off a store with a little more drama etc. If yo uh watch the best men and the best men holiday I’m pretty sure anyone can come up with a fantastic story movie


Why should he make another film? If this is his passion and he is doing great with it, letbhis story be as creative as he can be. Tell them Marvel people to stop trying to remake a comic and do something else. There are nkt many great black movies and he is doing a good job in what he is writing. When the time is right, he will write something else.


I LOVE THESE MOVIES! Came in late in the game and only saw Best Man after Best Mans Holiday . But the cast and charecters are enough to definatly do another. I would be disapointed if they didn’t! To come up with the sequel will take creativity ! But that statement probably came from someone unemployed! I’m a country white girl from Alabama and I can’t wait for Best Man Wedding! Thanks Guys for a movie filled with real issue, but also great laughs and touching . Nice to see a movie that doesn’t denounce God for once in a long time! Will see this one at the theater !






Stop being so negative. I bet all of you watch at least one sitcom faithfully yet you complain about a trilogy… hyocritic is that. I would love to see a Best Man Three.


Becky, these are not "contract players/actors" who, like in the old Hollywood years, would be available whenever needed. Consequently, scheduling conflicts (actors, director, tech crew, etc.) could be an issue.


Why is he waiting so long to do another best man, I think it should come out this year 2015,why we gotta wait two years for another movie if he already started on it before the second one came out


Please encourage another film there is a story to tell and i see it will be a hit if the director make another one i see a hit cause i finish movies when there not finish to see my own ideas my 3&4 is great hope to see the directors




Please encourage another film there is a store to tell and i see it i will twll u if the director make another one i see a hit cause i finish movies when there not finish to see my own ideas my 3&4 is great hope to see the directors


This is one of the best franchises ever! The acting and directing are superior and deserves to be expanded beyond The Best Man.


looking forward to this movie loved the other ones!!!


PLEASE!!!!! do another one with same people just no death

Tomica Bragg

Wow. Lazy.. I think’s that’s pretty harsh, but your opinion. I think that stopping at 3 would be perfect. I also believe he can and will move on to do even greater movies. Both movies were brilliant to me and if it aint broke, dont fix it. I can’t wait for 3!!!!

Never mind

Your faces are not shown. However, your responses speak to ethnicity. Are the negative comments because he’s made millions off an 90% black cast. People suck


I love the best man they can continue to make more in more I would go see all of them for those who dont care to see 4,5 or how ever many more they do so who cares what you think or feel about let them


I would love to see a best man wedding with Terrence being the main star… I think it would be great . remember when best man holiday ended he said "I am getting married"…so come on with it…


Stop being Lazy and be Creative, Make a new film.


TROUBLEMAKER I would not go that far with "The Best Man 4, 5, 6, 7." I think if Malcolm D. Lee does a fourth film that would be enough. Right? The question is how long can the franchise go and still keep the characters interesting?


Isn't Malcolm Lee interested in directing anything else?


I bet if Best Man 3 does well, we will see a Best Man 4, 5, 6 …!

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