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Thoughts on BET’s Original Movie ‘Gun Hill’ (Starring Larenz Tate, Emayatzy Corinealdi) After Last Night’s Debut?

Thoughts on BET's Original Movie 'Gun Hill' (Starring Larenz Tate, Emayatzy Corinealdi) After Last Night's Debut?

Last night, Wednesday, July 2, at 9pm ET/PT, BET Networks premiered the original movie, “Gun Hill,” staring Larenz Tate, and directed by Reggie “Rock” Bythewood (“Biker Boyz”).

In the film, Tate portrayed twin brothers, Trane and Bird, on opposite sides of the law: Trane, a cop, and Bird, a con. On one fateful night in New York City, Trane is killed. Bird assumes his identity and begins his own search for redemption. 

The film also featured Emayatzy Corinealdi, Michael Aronov, Phyllis Yvonne Stickney, Tawny Cypress and Aisha Hinds.

Consider it a backdoor pilot, as “Being Mary Jane” was for the network; Essentially, an audience “test’ to determine whether to order it to series. So one can assume that if last night’s ratings are strong (we haven’t seen the numbers yet), and BET brass is convinced there’s sufficiently enough interest in it as a series, then, like “Being Mary Jane,” it’ll become a series. This would explain the film’s abrupt ending last night, leaving some wondering whether there would be a part 2. It was likely meant to be a cliffhanger, leaving you anticipating  what might be to come, in the form of a series.

Jai reviewed the film for S&A last fall, after its premiere at the Urbanworld Film Festival last year. In short, she dug it. Read her thoughts here, and then return to share yours in the comment section below.

Here’s a preview of what you missed if you didn’t watch it (I assume BET will air it again in the near future):

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Angela Wesley

So are we to stay in suspence…where is it going. Thoroughly enjoyed it

    Patricia Granger

    Part 2 Please. Love the movie.

Daniel Waller

You guy’s really need to finish this movie. Would love too see Gun Hill become a series.

Richard Reed

Loved the movie, gotta be a sequel

Vincent. Crawley

5 stars Larenz. 5. Looking for part 2. Loved it.


So when is part 2 going to be released?

Diana Smith

What are you all waiting for? Gun Hill will be a hit. I SEEN THE MOVIE in 2014 we are about to enter 2016 I am still waiting for this to become a series. How much longer do we have to wait.

Goldie Locs

Still no Part 2?! :-(


Just watched it on Netflick and I also seen it when it first premiered. Loved it then and now, Wish you guys could make a series out of this.


Dang it got me so hyped it should really be a series or at least a part 2

Barbara King

I am so hooked on this movie, I have watched it 10 times, I can’t wait until the series. I would watch Gunhill over Mary Jane.

Liz Simpson

An excellent movie with a riveting plot, and carried well by Lorenz Tate. I was anxious to see where this was going and actually felt disappointed at the end because it left me wanting to see more. I saw the film on Netflix so I immedately started searching for when it would continue on BET with no luck. Gun Hill was a well thought out and executed story- kudos to Larenz Tate and the way he navigated thru the storyline!


Love the movie can’t wait for part 2

Michele Paszkowski


Sandy H.

This was a good movie need to see part 2! Please hurry with its release!

Brown Sugar

Loved this movie, searched all over looking for the possibility of part 2 . Please be kind and bring on part 3, not Doung so will upset a lot of fans



Dominque barr

Where is part two? Omg. How could you end it like that? I give this movie five stars!!!


Please make this a series. I did not move from the recliner until it was over.

Duane brown

How long you going to make us wait for part two I want to know who after him


I really loved it. Can’t wait to see the rest.

Patrick Lacy

Watched it MULTIPLE times. I would LOVE for it to be a weekly series. Most of the BET Night Time line up is directed for females. This is something for the males to really dig.


Would love to see this as a series!!!! Larenz Tate always plays great parts!!! Great actor!!!! BET. make it happen!!!! 2thumbs up for Gun Hill!!!! We’ll watch fo’ sho’!!!!

Patricia Johnson

so if this was made in 2012, it is now 2015. so where is part 2? how can you leave us in the lurch like that. I would really like to see part 2.

Telly T

So late… April 2015 just seeing it. But I stayed up all night to see the end. I loved it! Thoroughly enjoyed Tate! "Which brother do you think I am?" Please continue; thanks in advance.

Mattie Duskin yow

This was a grrrrrreat movie where can I get park 2 I’ve been look…


Bring it back or finish it please i would love to know why trane was killed and bird”s life continued.


Great movie. Great content. Great story line. Literally flipping the script on one’s life. Praying for a sequel or better yet a gun hill series. Loving Lorenz Tate in this movie. He’s a bad mother. . . Shut your mouth in this film.


really enjoyed it, can’t wait to see for. part two


IT’S ALIVE, IT’S ALIVE, 400 comments and 7 months later, Gun Hill’s hype shop is STILL ALIVE!


Please please make this a series love love LarenzevTate it’s one of those stories where you want the bad guy going good to win and he’s helping shut down drug dealers


Gun Hill was awesome, I would love to see what happens. It just left me hanging.


Ummmm Hello I would really like to know what happens next. I was on the edge until that crazy ending. Please make part two already.


Loooooved it! Hope it’s a series. If not, when does part 2 go on?


Ok where’s part two

Tawana Stewart

Where’s part two


I just watched Gun Hill on Netflix, and was disappointed when I found there was no Part 2. What’s the deal BET?

miss B

Hey waiting for gun hill what’s up?

Maggie Dotson

This is a good movie,Larenz Tate does it again,like in Man apart.


Every time this movie comes on I love watching it I can’t wait to see more it’s been two years but going on three if not going to make a series at least to a closure.


The show was very good, it most definitely needs to be a series. The way it ended was like a cliff hanger. The context of the story line was intriguing and moving. The end left the people wanting more.


Yes it needs to become a series


I would this to become a series…and YES Larenz Tate still got it!!!


Need a part 2, or a series. This was a great movie!


Off da chain…..I need to get caught up, just watched the first episide. When does it aire?


Hey, just finished watching. Loved it!!!! Yes, hope it becomes a mini series

Tina henderson

When will Dunhill 2 gonna be out…


I love this movie and has be a part two or better than that a series.


I loved the movie!!! Either as a movie or tv series I just have to know what happen…


Great movie when will part 2 come out


Good movie but why would u end a movie like that with no ending or part 2?

Autwan Roland

Awesome movie can’t wait to see part two!!!!

odell robertson

Loved gun hill one of the best primer I have seen what’s taken so lone to come back


Saw it over the holiday break…LOVED IT!! Where is part 2?? BET needs to make it a series or allow another network to pick it up…this will be addictive like The Wire was!


Movie was good it shold be made a series or make the 2 part of it left everyone wondering???


Great movie!! Waiting for part 2

Cachet Boyd

I loved it and want to see the continuation of the movie I am anticipating on seeing part 2 Larenz Tate is very very very talented I give this movie a 5 star rating on Netflix


This great movie i would love to see a sequel,and would love to see more of the art 52 blocks.

Ava Raymore

saw it on Netflix and want to continue to watch the series.

Gregory Jones

Left hanging, Looking forward to seeing more


Left me wanting more. There has to be a part 2. Can’t leave me out here like that, lol.

Steven Brown

This was excellent. Tate was great. I hope he is in the series. The ending was unexpected, great work. Just don’t put iI on Wednesday it bible study ��

Tammy Zeeeeee, Brockton Ma

So i just now finally watched Gun Hill on Netflix! Unbelievable i hope we see a series i loved it


I want to see more more more.

Terry Jackson

Where’s the series or at least a sequel?


Wheres part 2 omg I loved this movie


Loved it!!!! Can’t wait to see part 2 and if it becomes a series I will be glued to the tv #lorenzetatefan

Anthony Tisdell

This was a very good film, I appreciated the story and the realness of the ex-con character he portrays with the real jail house style of boxing,that shows he has actually did some time, it was very convincing. I believe the film would make a very good series, if that is the whole point of the movies abrupt ending. The end kind of leaves you with him now needing to find out who they were really trying to kill, and also if his brother might actually be found, it just leaves so many directions for the story to go in; very good film.


I loved it


I watch this on BET and on Netflix, I LOVED IT! I don’t understand why it hasn’t been made into a series yet??? This is the kind of layered, dramatic, Black male characters I am talking about. Please BET make "Gun Hill" a regular series!!!

dresk I

Loved it please make it a series




Must make into a series with Mr. Tate!

Robin Hart

I can’t wait! It was great


Love to see it become a series


SUGGESTION: re new format,injunction against *cough*ReggieGunHill*cough*Rock’s sweatshop, aka plants,pom-pom room. Stop it, bad look for all involved!


Would love to see it in a series


Love the movie yet I’m still waiting for part 2…

Carmella Cobbs

When will BET make part 2 of Gun hill?

Kamil Morrow

OMGGG I’m going crazy looking for par two of this movie it’s been on my mind ever since I watched it two days ago it deff should become a show I need to see more!


i love this movie really want to see what is up with the snake guys

Desiree Hernandez

Love it!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!! Please make it to a series!!!


Do anyone know when part two is coming out?


Love the movie cant wait for the series to start.

Patrick Throckmorton

Just watched it on netflix and loved it. I definitely hope they make a part 2 and make a series out of it as long as the original cast is in the series as well !!!

Leticia Crosby

I loved it wish it was a part two or made into a series. I would watch it faithfully

S Baldwin

Great suspense…really enjoyed the plot

part 2 or nah?

really enjoyed gun hill..searched for part to and was denied. glad to see something other than this dumb reality fake television…BET hurry up cant wait to see part two or hell just make it a series we really need some good tv


Loved the movie but where is part 2 can't end like that 😩😩😩 and he was lolling do good in this movie I need part 2


Loved this movie! It was quite refreshing. hardly any nudity or profanity. Excellent cast. I will be waiting patiently for episodes. I want to know what twin did he want? I see a lot of potential story lines here. It's been a long time since I've seen something that had me so captivaded and wanting more.


My husband and I just watched the movie on netflix, it was so good we just new they had a part 2, and we was like searching part 2 and didn't find it so we googled it to find out that they don't have a PART 2? What??, this was too good not to have a Part 2 within the year. But if they did come out with it, whenever they decide it's a good series, I would definitely remember the movie as the grreeat movie that didn't have a part 2@#@!$# lol…


That was a well put together movie. Its ashame that it's been put on the shelf this long. Are the actors asking for too much money to continue? What are the politics behind this decision? A series would nice even a PT2.


This movie was great! I've always loved Larenz Tate! I've from Chicago, so I can appreciate a good Chicago actor. And he is FIIIIINE as hell. Larenz Tate never ages.


WTF???? What about part 2. How do you end a good movie with "To Be Continued" and dont have a part two. Seen it on Netflix and I can't recommend this movie because it is not finished and haven't heard anything about part 2.

Carmen Wood

Well I hope they don't keep me hanging, I dug the film it left me wanting to see more. I hope there is a part II.


This movie was really good and suspenseful. I am very eager to see part to or a series made from the show!


Where is Gun Hill 2? Just watched Gun Hill, loved the twisted ending. I need closure, how do you "to be continued" a movie? Love it and looking forward to 2!!!


Just watched on netflix & immediantly searched for part 2 also. Loved loved loved this!! Would love to see this made into a series..I really need to see the ending so please put a rush on this. Thank you..:-)


OMGoodness! Just saw it on Netflix and went to the internet looking for part 2!! Great movie, storyline and cast! Where in the "ham sandwich" is part 2???? Uhhhh the agony… Please I need to see more.


Saw it on netflix and I'm passed it ended…lol. loved it…bring on part two asap.


Just watched it on netflix! Great movie. Awaiting the continuence.


Absolutely adore Lorenz Tate!! He has always been a favorite. Just caught the movie on Netflix and it left me wanting to see more. #Great movie #Lorenz still got it #Please turn Gun Hill into a series!!


I really enjoyed this movie. Lorenz Tate still got it! I am anxious for the second part or the series! Bring it on!


Really need to make a series or at least give us the second half. This was an amazing movie, I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Larenz really did his thing and I am looking forward to seeing more of this.


I loved it. I loved the cliff hanger at the end. I also loved the fact that there was little cursing and nudity. I liked the plot of Mary Jane but its over the top for me with all the sex. Can't wait to see 2nd part of Gun Hill. I was excited to see it on Netflix.


Great Movie! Watched it on Netflix. I would have rated it a 5 but the ending leaves you hanging for more, and I have a love/hate disposition with conclusions that need to be continue. Like many others; I instantly got on-line looking for part 2. It is gratifying to see a movie that is not cluttered with profanity and nudity. Good acting does not require it. All of these actors and actress did their thing. Congrats! Now bring on part 2.


Loved the first one can't wait to see the 2nd one


Yes I'm waiting on this I really liked it Plz bring the rest with lest commercials


Loved it! Have been searching to find out when the sequel is coming out ready to find out who those killers are and if anyone besides their mom will notice he's the twin!


Wow This is A great MOVIE!!!! and it had hardly any cursing in it . Where is part 2!!!???


Enjoyed it better than Being Mary Jane , I love watching L.T


Just finished watching gun hill on netflix. Great movie, very intriguing. I found myself instantly on google right afterwards looking for the part 2. I can't wait to find out who the guys with the neck tattoos are.


I actual stumble on this movie on Netflix, man.. I am so mad that I could not find it anywhere. I look all over the internet, seires , movie it doesn't matter do it already! It's the best I've seen in a long time and my man Laurenz Tate is starring come on with it!!!!!!!


Best movie I've seen in a long time! The Ending had me go searching for Part 2 Right away! Sadly I guess something's are best left to the imagination. Most sequels I've seen didn't live up to the original movie, yet Gun Hill left me wishing there was a Part 2 or that it might become a series.
*Make the Sequel already, will ya?!!* :)

Tawanna Age

We are all LT fans in my family !!! We were told to watch this by a friend named Allen. He was going to get beat up by LT and was happy about that :)… I watched this with my husband we loved it. We were unaware of LT being a twin in this movie. We have 12 year old identical twin boys after watching it, I could not wait for our boys to watch it. I wanted to see the reaction of my twins when LT tied the sewer top to his bro. My boys loved it, but they were both questioning one another by the time the sewer top scene was near. U got a wide eye opener from the two of them. We love U LT give us more, more…. Oh yes, and which dude was Allen was he the guy LT beat up on the fence in the white T ?


Well defined plot and climax. Unlike everyone else I hope u guys do that turn this into a series full of commercial interruptions……. gives us a part 2 and 3 as a full length feature film. Nice work. And I will be sure to put this on a few of my blog sites as well as eblast it out to my companies email listserv. Netflix movie selection is redundant. …. This was a nice surprise….. keep up the great work…. nothing but love and support my way. I've been down with larenz since I can remember……. give us movies not a series………

Jay B

I just saw this movie and I really like it there is nothing out there like this when will part 2 be out good work on this keep them coming.


I just stumbled upon this great movie on netflix but was very upset that there isn't a part 2 yet goodness gracious do it already I can't wait to see it


Great movie not a lot of this type are written and well directed two thumbs up apart two a must good job Reggie Rock

valencia Lewis

I loved this movie!!! It was very interesting. It had me craving more at the end. I would really like to see this become a tv series very soon!


I really enjoyed this movie. Larenz Tate did a great job! However he doesn't get all the credit because the writer/writers and other actors/actress' did a great job too. I truly hope the show is picked up or there is at least a sequel. I would definitely be tuned in every week!


Ran across this movie on Netflix with the hubster and we both really really loved the movie. Lorenz Tate was phenomenal as were all the actors/actresses. I really appreciate the fact that the actors and actresses are not the same recycled ones that play in everything, it's nice to see new talent! Great casting, great story line, fantastic movie. Please give us a series!!!!! When the series does come out, please market it because I never heard of this movie, I just stumbled on it. Great job BET! Keep it coming.

marchelia hallmon

Just finished watching Gun Hill on Netflix, and I really enjoyed it. Larenz Tate was excellent in his dual roles. Hope to see more soon. Thank you!

ms ross

The movie was excellent , LT was excellent and if BET does nothing else it must make a part two to this

Jonathan Lamboy

Seen this movie on Netflix weeks ago and enjoyed it very much and ever since then ive been trying to find out when there will be more.. glad to see LT back on screen very good actor… can't wait for series or pt 2

Jonquil Griffin

I liked it!!! And yes the anticipation for part 2 is there. Can I get a part or a series or something. Y'all are wrong for ending it that way… Grrrrr


Gun Hill, Continue this,part II, or series' it was well written, Larenz Tate
Was great, good plot, it needs to be continued!! Don't leave the fans hanging :-)

Yoyo the yoyoman

Give us a part two, Larenz Tate could even carry a series of it


Part 2 Please


This movies to good for there to not be a part two. They need to make a part 2 ASAP lol


When does part 2 come out? This movie came out in 2011.. So part 2 IS LONG OVER•DUE! Like seriously.


awesome movie!! unexpected plot. larenz tate is a great actor!!!


I enjoyed the movie, decent plot. I really wanted to understand who Trane and Bird were as individuals prior to the infamous meeting. Seeing the to be continued at the end made me wonder if I had missed part 2. I immediately went online to see when part aired or if I could find part 2 online. If this is indeed an effort at a test pilot, the fact that we're blogging or commenting about it says a great deal. Hope to see at least a part 2 even if it's not slated to area as a series.

Samuel Knoght

Loved it!!!


Great movie. …I really liked it….will watch it over and over. ….Dr it and I loved it..


Great movie…. Felt like a piece of O-Dog was resurrected. Great seeing LT on the screen again!
It would make a great series…. Or at least a part II… It did say TO BE CONTINUED


I watched on Netflix a couple of dats ago and I am hooked. Great plot and well rounded actors. Much blessings. Hope that BET picks it uo for a series.

Faeza Mathews

Pleasssssse make a SEQUEL!!!!! I need to know the ending!!!!

Vanessa Farr

Thought it was a wonderful movie with Larenz Tate being his usual awesome self. It was two-fold for me. I got to see the gangsters that he does so well but tempered with the kindness of the good brother. The appropriate brother showed up at the appropriate time. Well done from the script to the direction and last but certainly NOT least, the acting on all parts. I would love to see a movie where all two brothers make it to the end.


Bad ass movie! There must be a sequel regardless if they make it a series or not. Don't leave the fans hanging!


This was a GREAT show & it had me wanting more.So come on with the series.


I just seen it on Netflix and it is a good show. Yes BET need to make series or do the second half of the show. I will be waiting.


Loved it…


Just watch this on Netflix!! I thought it was great!!! I want to see what happens next!!!! Please please bring the sequel or make it into a series!!! I also miss seeing Larenz Tate on screen so thanks for starring him. Definitely a great screening!!! And I hope everyone checks out Hidden Colors 3($30 on video on Amazon) and Dear White People (in theaters October 2014). I'm out!!!


Great movie! Just so happens stumbles upon this on Netflix. .and I loved EVERY min of it! Kept me om the edge of my seat the whole time. To be continued…ugh!!!


Absolutely a winner! LT, missed and glad to see him hold it down…Certainly there should be a sequel and or series!


Great movie! BET please make this a series! Larenz Tate is a great actor and sexy too!


It's winner. I love seeing Larenz back on the screen. Good storyline, actors, and action. How can the network NOT make this into a series!


I love it, please make it a series or at least full fledge movie.


I loved it I want to see more


I thought Gun Hill was great. Very surprising, emotional and excellent acting by Larenz Tate. It would be great to have a sequel but even better to have a serious,I really hope it gets turned into the series.


Just watched on Netflix and loved it, but was disappointed with the 'to be continued' part. While I understand this was a 'test' to see if a series might be possible, I certainly hope that if a series isn't developed that there is at least a Part 2 to finish/complete the story.


Two words
Love Larenz!


I'd like to see the second part air and was very interesting and I can't stand when any good show ends without the full story being told and it would be a shame if it happened in this case


Loved it needs part to if it don't pick up on bet take it to netflicks its a goodstory


Gun Hill Part 1 was excellent would like to see more soon!


I enjoyed the storyline and I think the "to be continued," NEEDS to be continued.


One Word "AMAZING" I would Love a series Part 2 3 4 whatever let's see more


That was suppose said two thumbs up in my first post/ Sorry this modern technology Right!!!!


I am a movie addict and I give this show two👍,so whoever is responsible for giving the green light on a Pt.2 Hurry up and give it. I've spoke to several of my movie consultants & they Loved it to, so we're waiting anxiously.


It's on Netflix in the event BET doesn't show the first episode again. I hope it comes back as a series also .


Was a great movie would definitely continue watching gun hill be it series or movie

Felicia R

Just finished watching it on BET. Awesome!!!! Was sitting in my bed like: WTF?! They just gonna leave us hanging like that? Sequel or serious, BRING IT BACK!!!!

K Bell

I have watched the movie and I truly enjoyed it. Gun Hill rd is a place near and dear to my heart as this is the area I grew up in and Evander Childs HS is my alma mater. I would love to see this movie lead to a regular series and how Mr. Bythewood can keep us engaged and wanting more with a scripted drama series. An African American Police Crime Drama has not existed for a long time on tv since NY Undercover probably, however Gun Hill has taken the genre a step further and I want to see more . Lets hope BET fills the void and turns this into a regular series.


First, let me say I love me some Larenz Tate. The movie was great. Please have BET bring it back as a sequel. Loved it. Can't wait for part 2.

Willie Stevenson

Tonight was my first time watching the movie. It was remarkable and deserves to continue. This could be a power series or a string of movies if played correctly. Great work looking for more to come.


OMG!!!!!! I wasn't able to watch in July:( Just watched it and went looking everywhere for part 2 on Netflix, youtube you name it. To find out that it has not happened yet was so disappointing. Please BRING IT who do I have to write to. I truly was glued and cant wait for a conclusion and the series. I love Lorenz Tate he did a wonderful job. Make it happen!!


I am watching it now, finally. I thought additional shows were already forthcoming. Disappointed that it hasn't been determined. I do hope we get a good series.

A.J. Hargrave

I remember when this first aired on July 2nd and I was really intrigued by the entire show until it reached the climactic end. now I am basically sick to my stomach because I can't believe that Viacom has not agreed to let you do a part 2 to conclude this movie. I believe it should be given its own series and continue the story line. It would be interesting to see Larenz Tate continue in his role with all the surprising characters and great actors and actresses. I will say a prayer that this great work can continue through adoption of the series, or at least the completion of what you have started!


First let me say, after watching the premiere of Gun Hill back in June (?), then seeing part1 in the description and to be continued at the end, I thought ATT screwed up the programming & I was pissed! Now,  after watching Just KeKe and seeing the announcement for tonight's airing of Gun Hill,  I thought, "Finally, Part 2" #NOT  I decided to Google it because I'm thinking to myself, "There is no way that I have missed part 2 this many times…" that's how I came across this site. Now after reading that part 2 is not even made yet, I am so pissed! I really think this is very poor marketing, poor consideration of your audience, a disservice, whatever… I don't even know what words to use to properly articulate how I feel about it. Why wouldn't you just leave it open ended, like a movie that simply leaves suspenseful implications that there may be more to come, rather than say "part 1" in the description and post "to be continued" across the screen, if there is no follow up??? #SLOPPY You made a great film that has the potential for more, but you made a grave error, by doing the most, as the kids say. Those two,  seemingly small errors, actually lessened the quality of the film. And now knowing the truth of no follow-up, it comes off real thirsty. I'm over it!  What separates the big boys from the little ones, knowing that less is more :/ I wish you all the best, but heed the warning…. Sometimes we get in the way of what God has for us because we are too busy trying to control things. When you live by the Spirit, you are not bound to the laws of this world. #TrustYourGifts


I really liked it. Great story line, action, suspense, especially never coming back to what happened to the brother and the to be continued at the end. I hope there is a sequal to this.


There MUST BE a part 2!!! Let's get it moving. Really good! But what a tease to end it in that suspense.


I admit I wasn't feeling it in the beginning. Seemed too farfetched that he could just assume his brothers identity considering how different their lives were. But a good job was done tying up those ends and making it believable. By the end of the movie I was all in. Would definitely watch this as a part two or a running series.




BRING IT BACK!! At least for a part 2 if not a complete series.


I LOVED this movie, and for it to end and say to be continued is wrong, either it should have ended completely or not keep the fans hanging on, and you guys not knowing whether to bring it back or not to me, is a dumb decision….Definitely bring it back.. Reggie Rock Bythewood right now I will say to, "you make me sick" leaving me hanging like that.


that movie was so good i wish it was a TV series like New York Undercover I would have watched it every week it came on please let there be a part 2

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S: "No, that's your lie so I'll let you tell it. I'm just sayin' Gun Hill could have a nice series run"
W: "And you're a brown nose"
S: "and this be the world of S&A"
W: "And this be's a wrap, so go back to sleep"


I really was ready for part 2, so y'all have to do it, this premiered in 2011, I think it's time, ….. NOW

Wanda Charles

I would like to know when will it "air" again?


when is part 2 please tell me

Derick Hightower

larenz tate was very good in this pilot looking forward to part 2 make it a series. Story line was brilliant

Mrs. Dodds

I can't wait for part 2! This pilot was soooo!! good!!. Larez Tate did very well like always. I have recorded and watch it over five times. "BET YOU GUYS HAVE TO MAKE THIS OUT OF A SERIES" you guys have america attention with this one!! MAKE US PROUD. I will be looking forward to the upcoming series. GOD BLESS!


I really enjoyed the movie!!!! I watched on July 12th. What an awesome movie. Very happy to see Lorenz Tate back on television. Please continue and make it a series. Lorenz Tate is starring on a new show on Thursday night. RUSH!!! Perfect timing for airing this film. I have to know how it all will be played out the suspense is killing me.
I normally don't watch movies with commercials but I only watched because I miss seeing Lorenz Tate. Work it out!!!!
So thanks BET!!!


Need part 2


LOVED this movie! I missed the original air date but recorded and watched it on July 12th. Searched all through the cable guide to see when part 2 was coming on, only to find out that part 1 was a cliffhanger. Please continue this movie and make it a series, the suspense is killing me and besides I'd love to see Lorenz Tate back on television.

Awesome Movie!!


Missed the first airing but recorded it to watch later…did not disappoint…LOVED it…loved Larenz Tate…very talented….loved the cliffhanger…can't wait to see what happens next!!!


Finally got to watch it today excellent movie really anxious to see what comes next.


I had been looking forward to the movie for couple of weeks then somehow missed it. It came on again last night and I was so excited. I recorded it and watched without commercial interruption. OMG! I loved it! I knew I would because it starred Larenze Tate! He is absolutely amazing! I can't wait to see what comes next!!! Please keep up the awesome work!!!

Leola Johnson

I really enjoyed the movie.I hope it continues soon.


Recorded it July 2 to watch later. It came back on July 12 and I sat down to watch it. Great movie. Found this website trying to find out when Part II starts. Got to know "which brother was he trying to kill".


Awesome clip really enjoyed it hope series makes it

Author Kennedeee Devoe

I loved the cliffhanger. I was like OMG!!! Then I see to be continued & hurried up to jump online to see when the continuation was coming back on. I don't see anything info about that. However the story has me intrigued to see more. The movie overall was exceptional. I truly enjoyed it. I will be on the look out for the follow up or series (crossing fingers) Good job cast & crew.


I loved this movie can't wait to see what happens next


I absolutely loved the movie. Lorenz Tate and Aisha Hinds and the other actors also. I couldn't walk away from the television until commercials came on because I didn't want to miss any part of the movie.


This was an amazing movie if I do say so myself. I found myself not wanting to move away from the t.v. for nothing just so I would not miss nothing. I loved how it had me guessing as to what was going to happen next too. I can't wait to see what is next because the way it was ended has me on the edge of my seat wanting more. Big ups to the writer, actors, and producer/s I have been looking for a movie like this and you all gave it to me. Hurry with the rest please. Thank you.


I really really absolutely enjoyed this movie. Reggie Rock did a superb job in directing this movie. This is now my new favorite movie with Larenz Tate. Hewas so amazing. Please make this a series. You got surfing the net looking for part 2. Glad I decided to stay in tonight. We'll worth it!


Reggie, truly amazing. I miss New York Under Cover by the way. I'm a 80's baby and loved hearing hip hop and R&B every week on one of my favorite shows, it really set the stage for each episode and made it feel relevant. Keep it up and hope this becomes a series. Well done sir!


I was hooked from the beginning…I need to see the 2nd part. Where is it?????


BRAVO—What an outstanding performance by Larenz Tate and others. I recorded it and will be watching again Saturday if it is showing. The action was incredible and there was never a dull moment. It was not long enough for it is movies like these have you anticipating the next move. It seem so real and did not seem fake at al. Please, please give me more!!!!!


Thought it was good…dunno about making it a series but it definitely needs a conclusion…


Ive been waiting on larenz tate to star in his own movie. can't wait for the series
to begin. You left me hanging please bring on part 2




Awesome movie. I hope a series is coming soon.

sharif lee

Movie was nice need to do a series also need to make new wire movie taking place the day avant gets back out from violation

aj barney

Put that work back in full effect hats off to the writers, and the actors who do a pro level to share the world that its real talent beside the pop stars who het main stream to a audience that are not on the cusp like they think their colleage, Lt did go off,and the storyline pitch is fresh, and drama jaw dropped, when shit was chaotic and simple from time to various spots of me looking but I had a female over and had preocciupied focus. Lol Big Ups mr. Story teller!?*


AWESOME MOVIE? AWESOME STAR! This movie ended to soon..i cannot wait for the 2nd part. Dont tease us if it is not true. AS ALWAYS Larenz Tate is the best! He is underrated seriously and everything he has ever been in has been great whether he is just a guest start and taking the lead..Long standing good! I just watched for the 2nd time/ glad i DVRD..


I thought it was very good & Love it. I hope they do the part 2. I would like it to become a series. Because be Mary Jane is very good.

sam cook

Man that was a great movie we need a sequel or series


I would love to see Gun Hill as a series!


I absolutely love it. Welcome back Lorenz Tate. I can't wait to see more.


I watched the movie and loved it. I can't wait for part 2.


I recorded it on July 2 and I just got a chance to watch it. It was a great movie and it kept me wanting more! Can't wait for part 2!


I enjoyed it. Let the series begin

Isisah Duckworth

I loved it! I want to see more please lol!

Sandra Carroll

Loved it. Would love to have it become a weekly series


EXCELLENT is the best word to describe. I really hope that it is picked up quick as a series cause that cliffhanger at the end is what has us wanting more.


outstanding movie, look forward to the next the series


Excellent, excellent movie! Love me some Larenz!💘 Really hope that the series is picked up quickly! Great Job!

La Chaunia DeBouse

We just watched the movie (recorded it) and enjoyed it. I hope it becomes a mini series. Larentz Tate played both roles well.

L. DeBouse, Dallas, Tx


The movie was awesome. They have my vote for making it a series. Great act I by Lorenz Tate.


I heard a lot of good things about the show. The BET schedule said it was suppose to air tonight at 8:00pm tonight. Another movie is showing. Will Gun Hill show again on BET? If so, when?


Love it!!! I am a huge Larenz Tate fan and he played the heck out of that part. Please make this a series it'll be as big or bigger than Being Mary Jane.


AWESOME! Thankfully I DVR'd it. Just watched and ready to see more!! Lorenz was a perfect fit for this role. Enjoyed all characters. I hope it becomes a series!


Well I guess I am the only negro who forgot to DVR it at least, so I am glad for the re-airing of it tonight. It looks really, really good. Even just the allusion to two of our greatest jazz icons via the names of the twin brothers, has me interested. Congrats to Reggie, Larenz, Emayatzy (whom I adored in Middle of Nowhere) and the entire creative team, for making it this far. With this kind of audience reaction, I am certain that BET will pick it up.

Tonya Birdsong

I recorded the movie. I just watched it…OMG! I only have one word to describe this movie, AWESOME! The story line and dialogue was captivating. I wanted to see more… I look forward to seeing this movie become a series. I have always enjoyed Larenz Tate's work, especially, in "Love Jones". Reggie, I too, concur, Larenz Tate is a class act. This was a great movie! Well done! :)


Seriously this made for cable movie got more positive reviews than Star Wars, Gremlins, Malcolm X, New Jack City, Blade Runner, Scarface, The Godfather 1-3, The Matrix, Titanic, Avatar, Shrek, 48 Hours, and Home Alone combined. Its this type of honest, heartfelt, sincere, feedback that make a nicka wanna use his real name and email address.




Excellent story line-Perfect cast and Lorenz Tate nailed it!!!!!! this was TOPS!! Better than the some of the scripts that was picked up for move theathers. It would be a loss if this is not accepted as a series. Please try and turn this into a series-it will be a success.


My Husband and I loved it, want to see more


OMGosh what a great movie! Love Lorenz Tate. Story line was good. I ended up taping it and watched it tonight. Sort of bummed because we had a storm and my cable cut off some during the movie, but I was able to follow. But the ending – I agree with a few other posts, I thought my timer cut off, had to pan back to make sure. WOW – this has got to be picked up, I need to know "which brother they thought he is?" You got me hooked!

steve wright

reggie….ive been around for awhile and your name hooked up to some good stuff and I was pleased with this show but when it went off I thought my recording time was too short and I was all over the tv menu looking for a replay because I thought I missed the ending…I WILL BE WATCHING….LARENZ IS UNDERRATED….HE CAN PLAY ANYTHING…HE'S THE BEST YOUNG ACTOR OUT…GREAT WORK BRO….


This was the best … I couldn't stop smiling while I was
Watching it. It's was not about house wives . I almost
Lost it with that ending .


need to become series it was GREAT


Awesome movie! Larenz is such a talented actor and it is truly a pleasure watching him and his craft. Very well written. I need part 2 in my life! We want more! We want more!


This movie was outstanding. Larenz Tate was magnificent. The casting was great. No doubt, this has to be a series with Larenz of course. I recorded it and I feel like watching it again.


Loved it! Really hope they continue with it! Can't wait to see what happens next. You did an amazing job LT!

Lydia Green

Hope that Gun Hill will continue as a series, its broad a lot of issues and at the same time bring back an drama series I'm sure would be very interesting.

John Lindsay

I'll be watching tonight for sure cannot wait. :)


This show was great. It was good to see a character that portrayed a black man as strong, smart and loving to his son. I hope they continue this as a series. No coonery no buffoonery just a great actor that is superb at his craft.


I had to GOOGLE "Gunhill" because I could not find the next airing on my guide. I certainly hope that this is continued. The storyline and cast hooked me. I hope this doesn't go as "Ironside" went with Blair Underwood. I loved him in that!

It is great to see young African American actors take charge of their futures.

Sandy Meadoux

Well written and very well cast film. Larenz Tate's portrayal of Bird and Trane was outstanding! This film should definitely be developed into a series starring Larenz Tate.


I'm so happy I recorded the movie!! It was so great that I had to watch it again with my husband. We are both waiting for the next one!!


Gun Hill was great. I would watch it if it was a series. I'm sure Lorenze Tate wouldn't pass this up. Rush won't be a hit.


Awesome pilot/cast! Great plot! I would definitely watch Gun Hill as a series. Love Lorenze Tate, he always does a great job! I was left in suspense.

Cherokee rose

Hate to burst anyone's bubble but if this does become a series it is unlikely that Larenz will be reprising his role since he is costarring in a new show on USA's Rush. Of course if the show is cancelled then we can revisit this conversation but as of now Larenz's commitment to Rush will make it impossible.


Gun Hill was High quality in all areas.


Very nice show. Please make it a series.


Lorenz Tate is an excellent an talented actor. An that is a nice piece of chocolate to look at on a weekly. The movie was outstanding and loved the story line. I was wanting to see more last night. This movie quickly drew me in wanting more an to know more about all of them. Please dont have us waiting long. Lorenz Tate is very talented an not seen enough of.


Soooooooooo Talented. It's about time they found something for you to do [smile]. Lorenz has not aged a bit. Still looking goooooooooooooood. This is going to be a good series. Please do not keep us waiting for the series. The fight scenes were excellent, a first and so cute and well done..I loved it. Lorenz believe it or not you have a fan base. God has really gifted you, make him proud.

Eddie Goines

Good piece!
*Get it Em & Tawfiq!!!!!!!

Tamia Musgrave

Lorenzo Tate it was drew me to record while I had to work then watch. The ending left me hanging. This would be great series. Not much time for TV but Lorenzo Tate is a great actor and I would love to watch him weekly. Great storyline and I want more !

Alexandra Norman

Loved this movie.. Lorenz and cast did an excellent job, can't wait until this become a series.. Awesome! Job


Loved the movie…it really sucked me in.The ending left me hanging& wanting MORE….PLEASE make this a series. I would love to see how Bird can take over Train's life
I've been a LarenzTate fan since South Central & I will definitely
ttune in every week!!!!

Candice Gunn

Waiting for part 2 or the series. Gun Hill played Larenz Tate was to see more please make a part 2 or a series either one I know will great.


This was good need to see more. So many unanswered questions.


I really did like the movie and I didn't like how the ending end,I need more of Lorenzo Tate. We need a series

Chicago Ty

Is there another part coming out to the movie and when does it come out..


When do it come bk on wht date so I can be in front of the TV wit my popcorn…..


Ok so wheres part two just gonna end it like that


I would like this to be a series. Very good movie


Loved it!!!!!


Would love to see this movie "Gun Hill" as a series. Lorenz Tate really played his role in this movie.

Cheryl Thiam

Can’t believe there is no part 2. BET could use another dramatic series. Not sure why it’s called Gun Hill (outside of the subway stop), rename it, keep the same people and let’s go already!


Awesome movie! Part 2 please!!!!

Michele Frazier

Just watched Gun Hill on Netflix. Loved the movie so much I was looking around Netflix for part 2 to find out there isn’t one. Come on BET, let’s have it. What are you waiting for?

Ebony Rogers

Part 2 please!!!

Patricia Granger

Love the movie. Part 2 Please.

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