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Trailer Watch: New Spot for Juliette Binoche/Kristen Stewart Drama Clouds of Sils Maria

Trailer Watch: New Spot for Juliette Binoche/Kristen Stewart Drama Clouds of Sils Maria

A new trailer has been released for the director Olivier Assayas’ Palme d’Or contender Clouds of Sils Maria

The showbiz melodrama centers on an aging actress, Maria (Juliette Binoche), struggling to find her place in a film industry she no longer understands. Her loyal personal assistant Valentine (Kristen Stewart) convinces her to take part in a play about a tragic May-September lesbian romance. Maria rose to fame playing the younger lover in the same play decades ago, so she bristles at being asked to now play the older woman. Cast in the younger role is rising Hollywood starlet Jo-Ann (Chloe Grace Moretz), who immediately entrances Stewart. Already feeling discarded by her profession for her wrinkles, Maria has difficulty accepting Valentine’s wandering eye as well. 

Assayas is already known for “lik[ing] his leading ladies unpredictable and punk, crafting wild pipe-bomb thrillers to suit the feral energy of muses such as Maggie Cheung (Irma Vep), Chloe Sevigny (Demonlover) and Asia Argento (Boarding Gate),” according to Variety’s Peter Debruge. But apparently Clouds of Sils Maria was partly inspired by Binoche’s challenge to the director that he make a film that rings true to the female experience.

The film has yet to receive a US release date. 


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Sounds good. :) Anxious to see it.


I can’t help but feel very suspicious why she did this film considering the content and timing of when she chose to do it with the timing of her “indiscretion” reading reviews between her and others characters it looks like they’ve managed to cover everything anyone disliked about her , explains ,excuses sympathises , very shrewd choice on her part if it then makes the audience sympathise and forgives her,But I couldn’t help read her interviews and the reviews and feel it was very calculated and manipulative, choice
Young actress hijinks to make a persona for herself, putting the finger up at papz, weve seen this afew times from Kristen along with “hope you freeze to death” pic by papz is like being raped” lot of people supported her thinking she was treated badly,which she didn’t apologise for for a long time she was practicaly asked to by an organisation, “I stand by my mistakes”” I don’t give a F what people think” I don’t think she means her apologies, sure it will be excuse as her age or bravado,film an actress has an “English boyfriend” but his wife isn’t ok with that , sounds familiar
I assumed they started a relationship from the trailers but reading the reviews it doesn’t sound like they do, Kristen, also reviews “unhealthy co dependant relationship””sexualy, charged, perverse” don’t get involved,also familiar?
Everyones convinced she didn’t have sex with her director just highly sexualy attracted to each other, caught kissing in the car and then in a garden , explained as a momentry indiscretion ? I would explain getting caught up in the moment , excited the filming was doing well or upset it wasn’t and a hug turned into something else, not choosing to meet up with someone you don’t need to have any contact with , the film had been in cinemas that’s achoice to get involved,
“but that was almost two years ago” ,She either had already signed for the film, or did soon after she was filming this the following year after it happened and it was in festivals ready for cinema less than two years, review “English boyfriend” seemed like a slap, 2011 kristen “I have an English boyfriend” never named, everyone assumed it was Rob ? also filming SWATH with an English director at the time she was then caught out with ?
Its going to be a bit awkward for Rob when he films with Assasys I don’t think he’ll want to chat about the film, Im sure hell be asked, hope the director deals with the situation sensibly and the interviewers and media show him a bit of respect and let him promote the film, doubt it,lot of sites/media are helping her get over her indiscretion, its going to take him a lot longer this film wont help
Reviews her best acting so far, but she has played the role of a lustful sexually charged character a few times now, constant comments “amazing chemistry in twilight” the only chemistry ? from her is when Bella feels lustfull,love and lust are two very different things, she was out of her depth in twi , love story, she said twice begining and after twi shes never been in love and that shows in the film


Stewart, Binoche and Moretz are almost magnetic, absolutely great in Cloud of Sils Maria.


it' not personally taste in film, for me this is trying to hard to be an oscar contender, but really fail in deliver. cause this definily not a movie that would make 100 million dolars at the box office.
Binoche is a good actress, no question, but i'm trying to remember when was the last time i have seen her in something oustanding.
Moretz is still a doubt for me and in the trailer i don't really know what to expect from her performance, maybe she could be a great susprise, but thinking that she could be the best in the movie, they would have probably show her more in the trailer.
and Stewart is not the type of actress that surprise, i have read this is her best performance today, but those she really have a good performance in her career to have the bar so high for this. looking at the trailer, is her, the same the same mannerisms, discomfort and the same lack of range show in every performance. the problem for her is that she is part of a generation that has incredible talents like Jennifer Lawrence, Shailenne Woodley, Anna Kendrick, Sairse Ronnan, etc. so is hard to see her performance without thinking there are other tons of young actress who could have done a better job.


This movie looks incredible! Can't wait to see it! It's also nice to see an intelligent, female oriented film instead of crass drivel geared for 18 year old boys!


Top research as usual! Clouds of Sils Maria has lots of release dates posted on IMDb, December 1st for the US… Looking forward to this, heard such good things about it.

Jenny Gan

It looks and sounds a great movie. Can't wait for the movie to reach the shores of Malaysia. Love Kristen.

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