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Vivica Fox, David Banner Star in Feature on Controversial 1988 Carter High School Football Team

Vivica Fox, David Banner Star in Feature on Controversial 1988 Carter High School Football Team

Principal photography started today in Dallas, for a feature drama titled “Carter High,” which centers on the 1988 Carter High Cowboys, a formidable high school football team in Texas that overcame adversity to win the Texas State Championship. However, it is what happened after their championship season that rocked the world of sport. 9 of the 18 Division 1 scholarship players went on to commit a string of robberies, and all were apprehended before the start of their freshman college seasons, leading to national headlines, courtroom drama and eventual prison sentences. Their state title was stripped in January 1991, the trophy returned, the record book revised, and a best-seller titled “Friday Night Lights” was born.

In his 1990 best-seller, “Friday Night Lights,” author H.G. Bissinger chronicled Odessa Permian’s 1988 season, which culminated in a 14-9 state semifinal loss to Carter High – a book that some Carter players take little issue with, specifically the 2004 movie adaptation, which they say depicts them as dirty-playing thugs.

The 1988 Carter team was stocked with talent, including future 5-time Pro Bowl linebacker Jessie Armstead. Their star player, Gary Edwards, was among those sentenced to prison for 16 years. He was paroled in 1993.

Former Carter High School football player Arthur Muhammad is directing the film from his own script, with Vivica Fox, David Banner and Pooch Hall starring.

Former Dallas Cowboy Greg Ellis is executive producing the film, with Play Now Enterprise and Tycor International Film Company, producing.

The movie is scheduled for a  2015 release.

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Larry Sanchez

The story should include the players and coaches everyday activities at the high school.. Player in the always in the hallways, players being at all lunches… and teachers and coaches never doing anything about it !!!!!!


No,Carter was not the "main idea" of the Friday Night Lights movie, but the parts that showed the Carter Cowboys weren’t all true. I believe the movie needs to be supported, that was a big year for them and the story needs to be told correctly.

Harold :'(

I am looking forward to seeing this movie. This will be a documentary full of excitement and thrills. There will be a lesson learned and a story.of how quickly things can change. All races can learn from this movie.


Joy Simon why don't you kill yourself

joy simon

Ohhhhh wonderful… Another negro movie… SMH I'll be sure to stay home that weekend to avoid the mass jiggs…. Carter of ALLLLL schools!!! LoL


To all of the detractors, nay-sayers, back-biters, haters, or any other negative colloquialism you can think of in your feeble minds: This is not a film about ONE person. This is not a untruthful film. This is not a fake film. this is not a film from a 'wanna-be' director (check his resume on IMDB). This is not a glorifying film of what they did that was wrong. This is not a rushed film. This film has, IN FACT, been YEARS in the making. This is a film from a filmmaker who was there and experienced it with the community. The highs, the lows, the ups, the downs, the gives, the takes, and give backs. Please stop going to any site or blog, downplaying the film due to your ignorance regarding the ins and outs of the process. You obviously are getting second-hand information from a person or persons who are bitter about their non-involvement. I know, for a FACT, they all had an opportunity to be involved from the ground floor and backed out for their own personal reasons. That was their choice. This is his choice. The bus called the Carter High, will continue to move. You can either stay on the back and try to tell the driver to slow down, or how to drive, or you can pull the string to get off or be kicked off. But the bus will keep on moving…FORWARD!!!!! This crabs in a barrel mentality has got to stop.

Tish Jones

I'm interested in seeing this film. I havent read the script nor been present for filming. Some people commenting speak like they have 1st hand knowledge. Like most of us, I'll wait for the release date. Who are you negative commentors? 1 person stated they had a family member involved…And, so? I knew EVERYBODY involved, as did the director. Stop hating!! Varsity cheerleader, Carter High, Class of '89

Joshua Battee

So much hate lol


I think Joy-Lena is upset because someone called her out, its not even about the movie anymore …bahhhhahhhha


@Joy-Lena Waites … u didnt put ur name on here and i have to agree u keep downing this moving like u have something against the creators.

Joy-Lena Waites THE REAL

Its so sad when other people have to hide behind an Alias – you never know who knows who … Your not pulling this moving down, your only making the writer of the other movie look pretty bad.

Keeping It Real

@ The Real aka Gary Edwards. It's really sad bro that you will embarrass yourself like this. The only support we didn't get is from you. Why? Because as you put it, this movie is all about you and this story is your brand. LOL. Really bro? I beg to differ. This story is about the community, the school, and opportunity to show a young teenager that may be faced with the same decisions to make a better choice. So I was scrub? LOL. Why? Because I didn't play that much my junior year? Well, since I played behind 3 Year letter, Marcus Grant, who was ALL State and went on to play professional football, I'm not tripping on that. That again shows the greatness of the Carter High school football program. What about Greg Hill (running back), who transferred his junior year to Bishop Dunn to get more playing time, but came back his senior year? Greg was a great running back, but with the talent we had he felt he could get more playing time somewhere else. Well bro, I didn't make ALL State my senior year, but I did start and make All District, so I think I played a little bit. LOL. Much success on your version of the story…everybody has one. And by the way, I started working on the "Carter High" screenplay long before your so-called book "Carter Boyz". I tried to come together with you, but we so the story different.

I'm not going to hide behind this social network and disrespect you (calling you names) because it's bigger than that. I advise you to do the same.

Just Curious

@THE REAL … I wholeheartedly agree with you … reading is fundamental. Just as I read the articles regarding this situation with this community. Let me attempt to bring something to the readers attention: This community name started as "Danieldale" with the intentions of this being a suburb in the early 70's when Carter predominately White – Late 70's early 80's it was listed as Oak Cliff, carter was about 60% or more Black. When this hit the news, the media blew up and I was confused because they stated that the young men were arrested from the "South Dallas" area … Now with that being said, please lead me in the right direction on this writers, director or actors "point of view". I feel pretty certain that this one side of the story and there will be more to come because it was a real event that hit a community, just like the creators of "Friday Night Lights" (Funny thing about that is … they got together did what they had to do and made their money – now this is starting to seem like black on black hatred).

Please provide any references that I can "fundamentally" read because here your only knocking this movie.


BLACK PEOPLE doing Black movies. Good. I don't care if its ghetto and raggedy. its better than the current crop of destruction/horror/white fake dramedy/and phony people.


To The Real….

WHEN YOU DO YOUR FILM or see this one is when you should talk and while your at it go rent Beast of the Southern Wild… you don'tneed HHollywood to make a good film you ewe'da good story and that is what you wish you had ….


None of the key players involved in the triumphs & scandals of the 1988 Carter Texas champion football team is supporting, or participating in this movie. The director is a scrub who never really played football, nor was he in the inner circle of the star players. Please be careful in who & what you support. Everyone involved in this production is dirty. The real Carter Boyz story will be told, and will be a Hollywood production. Please be patient & wait for that, and not this bootlegged, watered-down version.


I just watched a trailer to a movie that sounds jusssst like this one but written nd directed by another former carter high student

LaMonica Collins

I'm looking forward to seeing this movie.

You guys have the WRONG INFO

Friday Night Lights has NOTHING to do with Carter High School. Friday Night Lights is about Odessa Permian High School in Odessa, TX…get your research correct please!


…the story would be interesting if they did it right… But Pooch, David and Vivica, please tell me they're not playing high school kids? They have GOTS to be the coaches, teachers, parents….


Please don't promote this cheap, rushed mess of a movie.


Straight To DVD

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