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Wait, What? David Lynch Reportedly Not Cooking Up Another Movie After All

Wait, What? David Lynch Reportedly Not Cooking Up Another Movie After All

Laura Dern gave David Lynch fans hope last month. “I will be working with David Lynch when I’m 80. He is cooking up trouble, and I will be part of that trouble,” Dern enthusiastically said in June of the fabled director who had previously claimed to have largely retired from filmmaking. “He’s the consummate renaissance man, he just makes art wherever he can get his hands on it. But film, ultimately, I know is his great love, and I think he will always circle back to it. He’s definitely cooking.”

So what is David Lynch cooking? Could it possibly be one of the many unrealized  projects he never got off the ground (here’s five of them)? As early as summer of last year he said that Ronnie Rocket” could still come to life one day.

But in a long interview with the U.K. newspaper the Guardian, discussing the massive “Twin Peaks” box set due this fall, the director dashed many a dream. While he was not quoted directly, the paper writes, “[Lynch] says there are no plans yet for a new movie, though, and he is focused on a new painting instead.”

Of course that doesn’t mean he’ll never make another film. Lynch made a rare public appearance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music earlier this year to discuss his body of work in film, painting, photography, music and more, but the question of making more films sadly did not come up.

Asked if he would ever make more “Twin Peaks” films or shows, Lynch answered inscrutably, “In another life, yes. Like I say, you never say never.” So perhaps that’s an ounce of hope for Lynch-ites.

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Out this fall? The box set is out on Tuesday.


Inland Empire was a massive turd. It would be a shame if his career ends on that note. Ronnie Rocket is a really good script and reads much like his earlier work. Wish he would end up making it one day, but I'm not holding my breath.


That's okay… more time for TM, making and selling coffee, reading the weather report, making appearances on KCRW, recording offbeat music, designing luxury actionwear, making perfume commercials, and whatever else he does other than filmmaking. Guess he'll never top the one-two punch of Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire. Bummer. Serious, serious bummer.

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