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Was There a Black ‘Star Wars?’ 3-Part *Documentary* Investigates…

Was There a Black 'Star Wars?' 3-Part *Documentary* Investigates...

This is a few years old, but I figured some of you probably haven’t seen it; and also, with what I’m calling the *blackest* “Star Wars” movie ever, currently in production at Pinewood Studios in London (see that post here), it seemed like a worthwhile post/repost – especially on a slow news day.

So, the question is: is any of what is contained within the footage below true? Well, if you’ve watched Cheryl Dunye’s “Watermelon Woman,” for example, you’ll have your answer. And even if you have no idea what I’m hinting at, I’m sure you’re all smart enough to answer that question for yourselves.

The 3-part *documentary* follows below, and then watch the trailer (created by the same guys behind the documentary) for a supposed black “Star Wars” movie titled, “Black Star Warrior.” And finally, I thought the scene from Kevin Smith’s “Chasing Amy” on how racist “Star Wars” is, would make a nice companion piece. That’s embedded at the bottom. It’s all in good fun!

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This is a joke! If he wanted to make a black Star Wars he could have. Not to mention, in todays media landscape African-Americans have the opportunity to make every kind of film they want and distribute it themselves without the help of major studios. If anyone is in the way of black people it is themselves.


Right up my alley. Love this post! Fun!

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