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Watch 8 Clips From James Brown Biopic, ‘Get on Up’ + Check Out the New Poster

Watch 8 Clips From James Brown Biopic, 'Get on Up' + Check Out the New Poster

Universal Pictures’ James Brown biopic, “Get on Up,” begins with a 6-year-old James Brown, as he’s abandoned by his mother (played by Viola Davis) and left to live with his Aunt Honey (played by Octavia Spencer), who runs a brothel. And the film ends in 1993 with a comeback concert, after Brown served prison time for aggravated assault and eluding the police in a wild car chase.

So it’s not quite a birth-to-death biopic. 

Brown would eventually die on Christmas Day in 2006 – 13 years after the movie’s above ending.

Directed by Tate Taylor (“The Help”), and produced by Brian Grazer and Mick Jagger, the film cast includes Lennie James, Nelsan Ellis, Jill Scott, Dan Aykroyd, Keith Robinson, Craig Robinson, Tika Sumpter and Dan Aykroyd.

“Get on Up” was penned by Jez Butterworth & John-Henry Butterworth, who wrote the script for “Fair Game,” which starred Naomi Watts and Sean Penn.

Universal has set the film’s release date for August 1, 2014, which is next week Friday.

Ahead of the film’s theatrical debut, Universal has released 8 clips from it, as well as a new poster, all embedded below (poster above):

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Miles Ellison

I sincerely hope that this film is better than what I've seen in these clips, because it's playing like a mash up of The Help and a bad imitation of Eddie Murphy's James Brown sketches on SNL.

June Astford

I L.O.V.E. James Brown. Please don't let this be a disappointment. It will break my heart.


@BOOMSLANG- Your right 100% it's just sad all the way around


This looks like James Brown light. I would be interested in seeing something more along the lines of "Ray," — a warts and all serious biopic that really shows how one triumphs through tragedy. … This is meh. I pass.


So far nothing's grabbing me about this movie. Not the poster (even if I ignore the reference to The Help), not the trailers I've seen on tv, not the clips above.

I'd rather watch live clips of JB on you tube.

Eddie Goines

Let's go Chadwick!!!!!!


Everyone just needs to calm down! I can't tell whether you guys like the reviews or not? I can speak for myself and I love the reviews and will see the film.


Wait wait wait this movie was written by the guys who wrote Fair Game and Edge of Tomorrow. Great news. I also love Thomas Newman music. His score to The Shawshanke redemption and Finding Nemo are classics. I am sure this will be a hit and from early reviews the film is good with an outstanding performance for Chadwick.


This movie has so much talent. You have an oscar winning producer making the film. YYou have the two guys who just wrote one of the best reviewed films of the summer. You 3 time oscar winner Thomas Newman doing the score and to top that you have a great cast. Thank god Spike Lee did not touch this. Can't wait to see it.

Ol' Skool

OH-HELL-NO!!! Dan "Ghostbusters" Aykrod?! and Craig "Peeples" Robinson, as Maceo Parker!? Come on now, utterly disingenuous (and campy) anyone?

And please, Mr. Chad… if you can't do the James Brown, please sit down.

Anyway, is this what black cinema has been reduced to? Two of our leading black actresses, both Oscar Nominees, one a winner, are now reduced to playing bit parts in a Lifetime-ish movie, huh?


Oh No, they got Viola Davis looking haggard again and now she's going to go off on us Black Screen writers again and saying we are not writing good stuff for her.. Damn! I am not making a joke about this at all cause that stuff goes through out the industry when she comments like that

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