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Watch: Fanboy Kevin Smith Explains Why He Cried On A ‘Star Wars’ Set Visit

Watch: Fanboy Kevin Smith Explains Why He Cried On A 'Star Wars' Set Visit

Last week Kevin Smith was invited to the set of J.J. Abrams’ “Star Wars Episode VII.” While there, the famed director of films such as “Clerks,” “Chasing Amy” and “Dogma” Totally cried. Actual tears.

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At Neuchatel International Film Festival in Switzerland, Smith explained what actually happened. Speaking candidly in a Q&A session, Smith gushed over the Millennium Falcon, the “tactile world” Abrams has created, the characters he loves more than his “fucking relatives” and how “we’re all going to come hard.” It’s an interesting eleven minutes, especially for other fans who eagerly await the next installment. Check it out below (skip to 35.00 mark for the “Star Wars” segment):

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i'm sick and tired of kevin smith promoting films for his friends. it's getting kind of shameless. every week he visits the set of some comic book/big franchise property and gushes about what he saw. i wish he'd stop being the ryan seacrest of the geek world and try to be an artist again.

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