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Watch: First International Trailer For Police Thriller ‘Felony’ Starring Joel Edgerton

Watch: First International Trailer For Police Thriller 'Felony' Starring Joel Edgerton

Unlike his “Warrior” co-star Tom Hardy, Australian actor Joel Edgerton has stuck to being part of smaller films and taking smaller roles like his outing as a member of Seal Team Six in “Zero Dark Thirty, Baz Luhrmann’s gaudy adaptation of “The Great Gatsby” notwithstanding. Edgerton’s latest is the Australian film “Felony” which, in addition to starring in, he both wrote and produced. The film’s first trailer and poster have both arrived online for your keen minds to investigate.

Co-starring Jai Courtney (in his native accent), Tom Wilkinson and Melissa George, the thriller centers on Edgerton as celebrated detective Mal, who sets off a tense struggle between himself and two other detectives (Courtney and Wilkinson) over the truth of the accident that sent a child into a coma. While the trailer seems to spell things out a little too clearly, it does promise that the four leads are on top of their game in the film. However, our review out of TIFF last year called it “cheap and conventional.”

“Felony” opens in Australia next month on August 28th. Watch the trailer below and check out the poster, via Moviehole.

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Let's not forget Edgerton is in the upcoming Exodus, so it can't get much bigger than that. But what I think they really mean here is that he hasn't broken out into stardom yet, but I don't think Hardy has either. Nobody knows him as Bane cause he had a mask on the whole time. Mad Max has yet to come out, and the rest, like u said, have been smaller films or parts. I enjoy both actors but if the likes of Guy Pearce and Sam Rockwell can't even become household names, I'm not holding my berth for these two.


Come on guys you make no sense here. Edgerton was in Gatsby and Zero Dark Thirty. Tom Hardy in Locke, The Drop or Child44. Those are NOT big movies. His role in the bbc series Peaky Blinders or now Legend?? What are you talking about with that lame comparison??

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