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Watch: Peter Capaldi Wants You to See Into His Soul in New ‘Doctor Who’ Teaser

Watch: Peter Capaldi Wants You to See Into His Soul in New 'Doctor Who' Teaser

Since it first started running in the early 1960s, BBC’s “Doctor Who” has been a cult sensation in both the U.K. and abroad. Now, we have a 20 second sneak peak at the upcoming series, starring the Twelfth Doctor, played by Scottish actor Peter Capaldi

The sci-fi series follows a time-traveling, human-looking alien known as “the Doctor” who, along with some friends, faces a series of foes. The Doctor also reincarnates every once in a while, leading to a change in casting. Last August, Peter Capaldi was announced as the latest Doctor, following in the footsteps of fan-favorite Matt Smith. 

In this pretty vague teaser we hear a synth-y, murderous voice tell who we must presume is Capaldi, “I see into your soul.” It doesn’t exactly reveal much, but it should hold fans off until it’s BBC premiere on August 23rd.

Watch the clip below. 

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Kevin T

That "synthy, murderous voice" is that of the Daleks, one of the Doctor's long-time nemeses. I think that's a nod to the fans that we will see the Daleks appear in at least one of the episodes of Series 8.

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