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Watch: Pierce Brosnan Gets Back In The Game In Trailer For ‘The November Man’ Plus New Pics

Watch: Pierce Brosnan Gets Back In The Game In Trailer For 'The November Man' Plus New Pics

For actors of a certain age, gritty action flicks are their new bread and butter, and Hollywood and audiences can’t seem to get enough of dudes who look too old to be kicking ass, actually kicking ass. And so former James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, will bring his special set of skills back to the big screen in “The November Man.” And a new trailer is here for you to see how they’re still holding up.

Co-starring Olga Kurylenko and Luke Bracey, and directed by Roger Donaldson (“No Way Out,” “The Bank Job,”) the story follows a lethal and highly trained ex-CIA agent (duh), who is forced out of retirement (obviously) for one last mission (didn’t see that coming), to protect a valuable witness. And naturally, he becomes a target, can’t trust anybody, etc etc etc. Been there, done that, but the only wildcard here is Donaldson himself, who has shown he make familiar genre elements seem exciting and new.

“The November Man” opens on August 27th. Watch below. [Vlicious]

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It should be called The No-longer-rated-R Man.

manlymovie. net/2014/06/is-november-man-2014-next-on-pg-13.html

Odd Job

Bond is back!

captain obvious

AKA Never say never again

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