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Watch: Remember Your Best Day With New Promo Trailer & Images For ‘If I Stay’ Starring Chloe Moretz

Watch: Remember Your Best Day With New Promo Trailer & Images For 'If I Stay' Starring Chloe Moretz

Are we witnessing the return of the teen weepie? “The Fault In Our Stars” already body-slammed your emotions this year, and now comes “If I Stay,” which is aiming to give your tear ducts a beating. And now a new promo has arrived highlighting the sunnier side of the film.

Starring Chloe Moretz, she plays a seventeen year-old who seems to have finally figured it all out, fallen in love and has everything going for her when she gets into a horrible car accident, leaving her in a coma. And she’ll have to decide whether to go to the beckoning white light, or return to the good thing waiting for her. But can life get better if she already had what she thinks is the best life can offer? Yeah, this is some philosophy level shit.

Anyway, this new promo for the movie puts forth the question and asks you to share you favorite memories through hashtags or something. Check it out below along with new images from the film. “If I Stay” opens on August 22nd.

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what other movies are teen weepies?

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