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Watch: Side-by-Side Comparison of ‘Modern Family’ and Iranian Remake Showcases Some Glaring Differences

Watch: Side-by-Side Comparison of 'Modern Family' and Iranian Remake Showcases Some Glaring Differences

Modern Family,” gearing up to make a run for its fifth straight Best Comedy Emmy, has become an unprecedented success in the United States, tackling the new era of complicated families in a light, almost off-hand way. So really, it is no surprise that a foreign production is trying to work that formula in its own market by recreating the show. The only thing is, Iran’s unsanctioned version of “Modern Family,” entitled “Haft Sang,” is decidedly less modern. 

Iranian sanctions on broadcast television are consistent with the society’s strict social conservatism, which is much of what makes American television so enticingly illegal in Iran. From simple, innocent regulations like no alcohol on screen, to some much more harmful, any Iranian remake is going to lack some elements of its American counterpart. Among those elements is the inflexible attitude towards sexuality in Iran: “Haft Sang” loses much of “Modern Family”‘s appeal after making the shocking decision to change Cam and Mitch — the show’s landmark gay couple — into a heterosexual couple, as well as changing the gender of one of the Dunphy daughters to avoid depicting cross-sex premarital friendships.

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In the eyes of many of “Modern Family”‘s viewers, Cam and Mitch are the highlight of the award-winning show. Eric Stonestreet, who plays Cameron, has been awarded the Best Supporting Actor Emmy twice, and he and Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Mitchell have been nominated for the award a total of seven times. Eliminating the dynamic of these two crucial characters, who adopted a daughter back in the pilot episode, dramatically shifts the show’s charm. 

“Haft Sang” has aired two episodes, which are almost identical recreations of “Modern Family”‘s first two episodes. Below is a side-by-side presentation of the two programs, which are strikingly similar, but clearly very different. 

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You have no idea. Lots of Iranians are up to date with most of our pop culture.
The Internet has changed everything.
BTW, go visit Iran. I did and it's wonderful. People there are the best I've ever met. And I've travelled pretty much everywhere.
I am pretty curious on how the country will turn in the next 30 years. Hopefully with a complete improvement on the respect of human rights.


actually that is not correct, even though more than half of iranian households do have and watch satellite tv, it almost has nothing to do with american programming.
the only gateway for us is P2P and file sharing systems (you'd have to search for weeks to find an officially released DVD, if you were to find any), and a very huge underground (mostly in name) network of selling those downloaded media and making persian subtitles for them.
so you either pirate yourself (i torrented every GOT episode every morning after!) or you see what those aforementioned retailers! sell you.
i.e i'm pretty sure "Prison Break" has more fans in iran than U.S, relatively of course!
as for iranian tv (which is exclusive to the governement) it has been dead for years, and the people who actually watch "haft sang" and such, know nothing about "modern family" so you could say everything is working on its own level.


everyone in iran has a satellite and watches the same shit we all do at the same exact time. i'm pretty confident no one watches haft sang 'cause they've all seen modern family.

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