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Watch: The Earth Is Scorched In First Trailers For ‘Young Ones’ Starring Michael Shannon, Elle Fanning & Nicolas Hoult

Watch: The Earth Is Scorched In First Trailers For 'Young Ones' Starring Michael Shannon, Elle Fanning & Nicolas Hoult

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the dystopian Sundance film Young Ones.Screen Media bought the film in May, but the months between its Utah debut and sale were rather quiet. That’s changing, with the release of two new trailers. Presumably a release date is not far behind.

Written and directed by Jake Paltrow (yep, Gwyneth’s younger brother), “Young Ones” stars Michael Shannon, Nicholas Hoult, Elle Fanning and Kodi Smit-McPhee. Dystopian with sci-fi trappings, but more of a moral drama, “Young Ones” is set in a future where a massive drought has transformed the United States into a giant wasteland, Shannon and Hoult play neighboring ranchers who will do anything to ensure the survival of their respective families, even if it means betraying one another.

Some reviews out of Sundance in January were mixed, but our critic on the ground was definitely in the pro camp. Our review described it asSpielberg-ian” at times, said Hoult puts in his best performance to date and wrote, “it’s a modern-day western disguised within a futuristic milieu… evoking dust-bowl struggles and Americana sensibilities, ‘Young Ones’ creates a unique hybrid of genres.” Two new trailers have been released in addition to a new poster and lots of new photos. No release date yet, at least, none noted in the trailers or on the Screen Media site (though it apparently hits the U.K., Canada and France August 13), but we assume, with all these elements released, one can’t be far behind.

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Funny how all these films come out at the same time, this trailer reminds me a bit of The Rover, the excellent David Michod film. Desert, post apocolyptic, people pushed to the edge, guns… but there's a romance thrown in. I have to say, Elle Fanning is making some smart choices for such a young actress, and she's still going to a normal school full time. Have to admire that.

I've been waiting to be impressed by Nick Hoult since About A Boy, I hope this will be the one that shows he really can act.

Jamie T D

It looks like an interesting film Michael Shannon looks like he will give another intense performance and Elle Fanning is building upon Ginger & Rosa in which she was really good. Also I personally like the French trailer it is more enigmatic.

Emperor Zerg Rush

The poster art definitely fits in with the "modern day western" observation.


Looks awesome

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