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Watch: Trailer For Dinesh D’Souza’s Controversial Doc ‘America’ That Florida Politico Wants Shown In Schools

Watch: Trailer For Dinesh D'Souza's Controversial Doc 'America' That Florida Politico Wants Shown In Schools

Earlier this week, we ran down The Best Documentaries Of 2014 So Far, and though it has been the highest grossing doc of the year, Dinesh D’Souza‘s “America” was not on the list. In fact, our own Gabe Toro so loathed the film, he gave it an F-grade review, which then spurred a comments section furor that is now nearly 500 posts long. So why is this movie so controversial?

Well, D’Souza is the man behind the equally divisive “2016: Obama’s America,” and almost like a bizarro world Michael Moore, the filmmaker approaches American life from the completely opposite spectrum. Essentially in “America,” D’Souza posits that American history has too long been defined by negativity thanks to liberals (or something). Or maybe this opening paragraph of the film’s synopsis will explain it better:

Someone once observed: “America is great because she is good; if she ever ceases to be good she will cease to be great.” Today that notion of the essential goodness of America is under attack, replaced by another story in which theft and plunder are seen as the defining features of American history—from the theft of Native American and Mexican lands and the exploitation of African labor to a contemporary foreign policy said to be based on stealing oil and a capitalist system that robs people of their “fair share”. 

Or perhaps the Facebook summary is perhaps more reflective: America is more important to the world than we could ever imagine.

Either way, the film has been ravaged by critics other than our own (grades on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes say it all), and yet one politician in Florida (obviously) wants to make it required viewing in schools. THR reports that Republican Alan Hays will introduce a bill in November that, if it passes, will have the movie screened for students in the state’s 1700 public schools unless a parent objects.

To be fair, Hays isn’t against showing the movie alongside more “left wing” movies like “An Inconvenient Truth” or anything by Michael Moore, but then goes on to make a rambling argument about his bill. “The most dreaded disease in America today is political correctness. We need to inform our students of our whole history, and teach them how to think, not what to think,” he said. “Let them talk with their teachers, their peers and their parents, then draw their own conclusions. But they need both sides, and this movie shows a side they just aren’t seeing.”

And how does “America” fix that? “I’ve looked at history books and talked to history teachers and the message the students are getting is very different from what is in the movie,” he said. “It’s dishonest and insulting. The students need to see the truth without political favoritism.” 

Thoughts? We’re sure you have them, so take to the comments section. But before that, check out the trailer to the film.

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Jason Clark

Dinesh is an historical moron. What's a diplomatic way to tell a family member ("America") that they're going bat sh*t crazy?


Ah, I guess D'Souza going on Megan Kelly and describing America as a child molester isn't "negative". I'm sure even Saul Alinsky never described America as a child molester. D'Souza is not only crazy, he's "out there" crazy.

Sheryl Arne

Wonderful movie! I am now reading the book because there is so much history in the movie, I wanted to relish and read it and research everything in the movie! Which I am doing! Dinesh is spot on in EVERYTHING in the movie! Honest and it seems, as an immigrant, Dinesh knows more of American history than most natural born Americans! Definite read for all Americans!


I give Gabe Toro an I (for idiot) and a B (for biased) reviewvan d this movie an A.


The younger viewers of this film will think it is fiction and politically motivated by the right. That is understandable. It is not the history that has been taught in our schools since the late 70's or early 80's. That is what they believe to be the truth, and understandably so. If they respected their teachers, like I did in the 60's, they believed what they were taught.
What happened is that the young radicals of the sixties, by design of the left wing of American politicos, are controlling the curriculum. They have been for over a generation. Their opinion of America is much different than earlier generations.
Unfortunately, the right wing of American politicos, weren't paying attention while this was going on, either out of disinterest or because they were too busy making a living.
My advice is to search for the truth. Look at both sides. Don't be afraid to challenge what you were taught, either way. Think for yourself. You are not going to get the truth from Hollywood or the politicians on either side of the aisle. Hollywood is swayed by trends and politicians are only interested in maintaining their power.
Read the old history books. They weren't political. That was before the politicians realized that they could change the future of this country by teaching what they wanted, not necessarily the facts.
I'll give one example. The popular belief today is that the U.S. stole the Texas territory from Mexico. What I have learned in my 60 plus years of study is that in fact Texas was already an independent Republic, created after Texans, both of European and Mexican descent, fought for independence from Mexico. Texas was then annexed as a State. The US/Mexico war was started after American soldiers were killed in Brownsville, TX, along the Texas/Mexico border.
The story is that the soldiers were killed by Mexican soldiers (who knows?).
Regardless, the war was fought. The US captured all the territory from Texas to Mexico City. At that point there was a truce. The US could have kept all the territory that they had captured during the war. Instead, because the Mexican government still did not recognize that Texas was legally a part of the US, they agreed to accept $12 million from the US in exchange for the Texas territory.
Stop fighting each other and sit down and talk. Find out where each of you got your information. If you can't back your argument, then start researching it with an open mind. Let's not tear down our country because we're too stubborn to listen to each other.

Rex Duke

the only reason you thinks its a "bad" documentary is because it dont have a 100 million dollar budget like the fiction "good" movies you think are good . you need to get your head out of your ass before obama chops it off

rex duke

God bless Dinesh for showing the truth when its hard to find nowadays


This isn't a documentary. It's speculative fiction.


No one on earth loves dead Democratic presidents like right wing Republicans. Of course, while Democratic presidents are living and serving, they are all tyrannical usurpers of the Constitution.


I'd call D'Souza the Leni Refinstahl of the American right, if he was a better film maker. But this film is dull as ditchwater.


I have seen the movie. It starts by showing the side of the opposition. It ends by showing the side of believing in the American dream. Knowing the entire truth about American history. And personal right and responsibility to work hard to achieve the American dream and not let anyone or anything take that away from us. I agree with the statement of showing students how to think. Seeing both sides as this movie shows is a good example of that. The overall message is also an awesome point of view.

The Truth

If someone shot Washington, common sense, end of the revolution, and you would be speaking English with a British accent.


They could show little parts of it it to high school kids in a unit that talks about how to detect flawed/biased reasoning and logical fallacies. Dinesh is all about straw man arguments. The kids get to find the lies and distortions in a given segment.


I do agree that students should draw their own conclusions in subjects like this one. I don't get why they should watch bad documentaries like "America" to do so.


"Our cognitive bias is better than yours!"

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