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Watch: Weird Teaser For ‘The Room’ Director Tommy Wiseau’s New Sitcom ‘Neighbors’

Watch: Weird Teaser For 'The Room' Director Tommy Wiseau's New Sitcom 'Neighbors'

Tommy Wiseau has long been in a weird position. He’s the director of one of the worst movies in recent memory, "The Room," which also become one of the most watched worst movies ever too. And over the past decade, the myth around "The Room" has grown through cult screenings around the country, and hell, James Franco is now directing a film about the making of Wiseau’s movie (and he’ll play the lead role too). So, are we know on the precipice of a Wiseau-ssance? Maybe.

The director has revealed that this September he’ll drop "Tommy Wiseau’s Neighbors" just in case you were confused about who is behind it. The project has been one he’s talked about before, and he even apparently shot a full pilot back when he was hoping to find a network (only a 90 second trailer has even been seen publicly), but now his long gestating project coming, for better or worse. So what’s it all about? We could summarize it but that would take away from Wiseau’s own brilliantly convoluted explanation from the newly launched website for the show: 

So yeah, it’s typically Wiseau-esque in that it barely makes sense, and this this new teaser video is even stranger. But it at least does promise that "Tommy Wiseau’s Neighbors" may rival "The Room" for the best worst thing Wiseau has ever done. Check it out below along with the vintage "Neighbors" trailer. [AV Club]

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Derek Diercksmeier


right, so

Wiseau's explanatory note is at least twice as clear as any article or review I've ever read from The Playlist. His sentences are grammatically correct.


And to think Inherent Vice was my most anticipated project of the year.

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