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Why ‘The 10 Year Plan’ Is One Movie You Should NOT See at Outfest

Why 'The 10 Year Plan' Is One Movie You Should NOT See at Outfest

Most filmgoers are looking to know what is a can’t-miss
entry at a film festival. At OutFest this year, there is at least one film that
should be missed: writer/director J.C. Calciano’s “The 10 Year Plan.
This lousy rom-com has the blandly handsome buddies Myles (Jack Turner) and
Brody (Michael Adam Hamilton) agreeing to become boyfriends if they don’t find
partners in ten years. Is there any guess as to what happens? 

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It is fine that Calciano’s film takes a path to the obvious—the
problem is it is never interesting, amusing, or even sexy. Undemanding rom-coms
certainly have their place in gay cinema, but “The 10 Year Plan” lamely strives for
the lowest common denominator every time. His superficial characters represent
qualities—hopeless romantic and horndog—not people. Why the mismatched Myles
and Brody are even friends, much less guys who would make a silly pact to
become lovers, is one concern viewers may have during the film.

Myles turns off guys because he loves too much; Brody turns
guys on perhaps because he loves them and leaves them. While realism is not
necessary in rom-com, gay or straight, Calciano’s lame film mostly uses these odd
couple characters to mines laughs using queer tropes. Brody is a gay cop, which
is somehow meant to be hilarious—because
being a gay cop challenges queer stereotypes, right? Meanwhile Myles cooks and
cares for and overshares with his would-be boyfriends like a perfect wife. Sure
it’s all exaggerated for comic effect, but it has to be funny. Nothing in “The 10 Year Plan” is remotely humorous. 

When Brody
tries to show Myles how to get laid (or at least feel pleasure), he takes him
to sex shops to buy dildos and for drinks at go-go bars (because there aren’t
any other kind, right?) These episodes may perhaps have been included to be
titillating, but they are hardly. Myles naiveté about sex toys is meant to show
him being open to new experiences.  And when
Myles screws up his courage to meet a hookup, Hunter (Adam Bucci), “The 10 Year
Plan” shows some potential. But Calciano takes the easy, obvious way out, creating
an unsurprising subplot about Brody’s jealousy that feels as tedious as the
foregone conclusion. Hint: it involves one character hoping to stop the other
in enough time to tell him how he really feels. It is as artificial as
everything else in this film—from the unfunny comic support from Myles’ chatty
gal pal (Teri Reeves) to the groan-inducing
double entendres
. Moreover, the acting throughout “The 10 Year Plan” is painfully wooden, and the chemistry
between the leads is non-existent.

Calciano’s film isn’t sharp enough to be spoofing the
conventions it employs. And he has now made his third lousy rom-com in a row
(after “Is It Just Me?” and “e-Cupid”). One can only hope that if he ever returns
to the queer fest circuit, he will make a film worthy of inclusion.

And one final sour note: Lynne Truss, author of Eats, Shoots & Leaves would probably
call the grammar police on the unhyphenated title.

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And aisde from anything else, the first gay-themed film with hairy men-i.eREAL MEN! The thing that Hollywood despises the most-and insists stupid straight, gay men and women everywhere also follow (hir) suit! I’m so SICK of seeing fake men EVERYWHERE on screen-men are hairy-GET OVER IT WORLD!This pathetic revulsion tirade has nothing to do with hygiene, feminism, modernity, evolution or anything else, just Hollywood’s and society’s diabolical expectation that everyone look their ridiclous version of "beautiful". Well bog off! Get lost all you hairless, plucking, waxing, sugaring losers! Kepp your clothes ON-and all you REAL MEN (i.e natural = hairy) get your clothes OFF. Just walk around looking and being normal. Enough of perma-tanned, over-pumped steroid-filled ken-dolls with all the appeal of a balloon-inflated pre-pubescent!

Real men all the way-take back Hollyood! Dump the razors, the wax, the lot! Be a man for Chirts’s sake. Do you REALLY THINK this represents real life? Normality? It’s all judgemental, depressing conformity to a gross ideal no one should share.

And anyway isn’t life busy enough without all the bloody time, expense and pain to completely unman yourselves. Pathetic!

And I never listen to film or music ciritcs-they always get it wrong. And any film where the majority of men cast aren’t afraid of looking like, feeling like and fancying other real men (i.e all have more than 0.1% hair on their bodies gets one and a half stars for that alone!

And may this look finally outdo the horrible other-for a bleeding change. Hirsutes it!

H James

Horse manure. Own it. Love it. Watch it when I’m down just to feel better.

JL Iscorpio

I watched this film on Hulu it was predictable sure but it had me entertained and I thought it was really sweet. Having been in a similar situation in my life that turned out the opposite direction this film was a nice diversion.

Jason Mundstuk

Terrible except I cried, get feck sake, at the end. Actor playing Brody’s got something going on.

Dennis Bacchetti

I will totally agree with the audience on this little movie, I watched it last night and though it was pretty cute. Not Oscar material but made me smile at the end. I am currently on a small tirate in my blog about this, in that I am sick and tired of the Brokeback Mountain, Free Fall unrequited love movies for gay men. What is wrong with something nice and romantic, cut funny, even good drama but what the heck is with endless parade of movies where one or both individuals end in lost love or somewhere they really don’t want to be!
So the critic here is DEEP and want to hurt watching it, OH Well to bad!

William de Almeida

I’ve seen ”e-cupid” and ”Is it just me?” and both seen ”watchable”. I mean… they are obviously not a piece of art ful of deep characters, well-constructed plot or amazing technics they are just ”standard quality” films that don’t really inted to be more than that. Obviously the intention of the producers was making some relaxing and easy-going film. It is fact that sometimes in life those kind of films is just what we need…Don’t take the film that serious. It doesn’t need to be dramatic, super funny, sexy or whatsoever…it just meant to be nice. :)


everyone loved the film except the sour critic

P. Stewart

At first when I read the title of this review, I thought it was a bit of witty misdirection, such as, "The ONE film at Outfest you don't want to see…because it'll leave you with a big smile on your face." After reading further, that was sadly not the case.

Fortunately, I did not take the advice of this reviewer and saw the film at Outfest last night…to a packed house. I guess a lot of other people didn't take his advice either. As someone once said, "Everyone hated the film…EXCEPT THE AUDIENCE!"

The film does not break new ground, but it seems obvious that is not what the filmmakers are going for here. It's a light piece of enjoyable candy that is intended to do nothing more than make you smile and forget your troubles for 90 minutes. And what an enjoyable 90 minutes it was!

Then it got me thinking back to this review. After reading it again, it's clear that this reviewer is completely off the mark. Great movie criticism illuminates a film. It deals with the work, puts it in a larger cultural context, and judges the work with compassion, wisdom and insight. The reviewer here takes a different tack. Here we have a series of nasty, ad hominem personal assaults on the filmmaker and actors. He attacks the film with a blunt instrument — his wit.

Luckily, Kramer goes so far over the top his review is likely to incite interest in “The 10 Year Plan.” I hope so. It's a real charmer. We should encourage these types of films that portray gay people as, well, just people…like everyone else.


This was such a sweet fun enjoyable movie. Stfu

Norma Loredo

Omg, you (who ever you are) don’t have NO se se of humor. Yes, mayas it was kind of predictable that he was going to stop him from going, but what? I have seen many gay-themed movies and this one is my favorite. It was so romantic and I found it funny. I bet you can’t make something better than that.

Norma Loredo

Omg, you (who ever you are) have NO sense of humor. Yes, maybe it was kind of predictable that he was going to stop him from moving to NYC, so what? I had seen many gay-themed movies and this one is my favorite. It was so romantic and I found it funny. I bet you can’t make something better than that. Critics like you make me sick.

Raphael Tafuri

That’s the point. Every where I look critics are saying a lot of bad things about the movie. They say it’s shallow, predictable and so on. But that’s what makes it good. Why do gay movies have to be about cheating, drugs or diseases? Why can’t we have just a plain romantic comedy that wants nothing but to tell a cute and predictable story? It entertained be from the first to the last frame. And I have ADHD, so that says something.


10 bucks days this review was written by a homophobe that would’ve had no problem with it had it been a man and woman couple. It’s pretty obvious in how poorly written and needlessly bashing it is.


Loved it. Worth watching just to see jack turner!!!!! Sigh

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