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Woody Allen Says He Won’t Hire a Black Actor Unless the Role Calls for One… Whatever That Means

Woody Allen Says He Won’t Hire a Black Actor Unless the Role Calls for One... Whatever That Means

So, you know
Woody Allen, of course. The filmmaker who’s seemingly been a critics’ darling, since the
early 70’s; Your typical liberal New Yorker, who also loves to play jazz.
But there’s that one thing though. You know what I’m talking about. That one thing
that’s been whispered about, or even loudly discussed, ever since Allen’s started writing
and directing his own films. And that thing is, the fact
that you never see black people in his movies.

And considering that most of his
films have been set in New York, one of
the most racially diverse cities on the entire planet, how is it that black people are
virtually non-existent in his films?

Well that’s not entirely true. There
have been a few exceptions. There was Sonia Rolland playing Josephine Baker in “Midnight in Paris,” although she was basically relegated to the background, as an
extra with no lines. And there was Hazelle Goodman in his 1997 film “Deconstructing Harry,” playing… take a guess, a prostitute but of course. Maybe the most significant presence of a black actor in a Woody Allen film was when Chiwetel Ejiofor appeared in “Melinda and Melinda.”

And that’s about as much as I can come up with.

So what’s the problem? Why hasn’t Allen had black
actors in his films, especially in starring roles?

Well, he was
just recently asked that question in a profile about him, in the New York Observer
(HERE). When asked why black actors haven’t appeared in his films, the writer of
the piece states that Allen was “horrified” when the subject was brought up.

But Allen has his reasons. It’s very simple. According to the filmmaker: “Not unless I write a story that
requires it. You don’t hire people based on race. You hire people based on who
is correct for the part. The implication is that I’m deliberately not hiring
black actors, which is stupid. I cast only what’s right for the part. Race,
friendship means nothing to me except who is right for the part.”

Run that by me again…

Talk about contradictory. He says he doesn’t hire black
actors unless the story requires it, but, at the same time, he says he doesn’t hire based
on race.

HUH? I’ve read his response a few times
already, and it still doesn’t make sense.

But not to
fear, because, as he says in the interview, Allen is friends with both Chris Rock (who he once took out to dinner
in Rome), and Spike Lee: “I’m friendly with Spike Lee. We don’t socialize, but I
don’t socialize with anyone […] I don’t have white friends

Oh that
Woody. Always good for a laugh.

So what do
you think about this? Or maybe you really don’t care? Or maybe you don’t think Woody Allen has to put black actors in his films. Or is Allen really being upfront
and honest about how he and other white filmmakers think? That is, unless the part actually
calls for a black or POC actor, casting an actor of color is not even something that occurs to them. That shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone, should it?

The message
is, basically, if you’re a black actor, don’t bother showing up at any casting calls
for Allen’s movie. But hey, Tyler Perry is still hiring.

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Michael W stewart

I think any business should be able to hire who they want. I would prefer to hire Latinos , Arabs and Asians to work for me as I am more comfortable around them. However if you really want to discriminate legally just require skills that minorities do not have. If I want just Asians I could require applicants to speak chinese, japanese, vietnamese, Laotian, khmer, Indonesian, and Tagalog and require them to have the ability to work in these countries as they would be required to train there. Few African Americans or others would be able to qualify.


    I am black and enjoy most of Woody Allens movies….it doesn’t bother me one bit that he doesn’t have black actors in his films. He writes from experience and his experiences don’t include interacting with black people,plain and simple! I would hate to see a miscast black person in any movie,it would come off as unrealistic!


      Put in whoever you want to put in. I don’t watch movies with a Black theme or characters because I’m not interested in them. I watched Seinfeld but I enjoyed Taxi more. I tried watching Martin during that time slot and I didn’t enjoy it, reason being my life has nothing to do with Blacks. It’s a completely different culture and alien to me and frankly I prefer my own. That being said anyone can make anything they like but I won’t be forced to watch it.

      reg bruce

      First of all any writer/director can do whatever he or she wants to do. The problem is that most of the people who responded to this post didn’t understand it was a simple question asked and the answer was insincere. Woody Allen, like a lot of people are not comfortable around black people. That does not make them racist, that makes their world small. That’s how I look at it. As a writer I see humans differently. I’m pretty bored with writers and directors that play this I only cast people perfect for the role B.S. When was the last time you saw a Woody Allen movie with a unknown cast? NEVER!!!!!

    Thanos Welles

    First off, I love Woody Allen’s films (early), and will never call him a bigot for not casting Black actors. He is the director and writer of his films — he should be entitled to hire actors based on what the story requires; he shouldn’t stop himself and say “wait… this plot needs more color.” HA-HA. but However, if he is indeed writing a story based in New York City, his stories should reflect the depth of the city he is writing about — meaning show it’s diversity. After all, regardless of the neighborhood’s social class, you will almost always see members of society — from all walks of life — regardless of skin color, converge. Heck; I should know, I’m a New Yorker! As for the haters on this thread, I’ve noticed a few unsavory comments towards “minorities aka blacks, etc,” Much of it makes no sense, and it sounds like many of you either get your bogus information off line, and have never interacted with any black people in your damn lives. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Here is one example of a first class bigot showing off his ignorance: ” However if you really want to discriminate legally just require skills that minorities do not have.” – MICHEAL STEWART. 1. learn how to spell your name (Michael), 2. If it were mostly about skills in this industry, than most of these actors would be out of work. 3. Quit trying to justify your outright racist not experienced ass. I could name off a plethora of great writers, directors, and actors from some amazing films — past and present.


    I see people of color in Woody Allen’s movies, so I am at a lost to what this is about. Is it about main characters? If so, do people who agree with the author watch Woody Allen movies?


I think entitlement is stupid. Blacks only account for 16% of the population. I’m Hispanic. I am not bitching and morning because there isn’t a Mexican in every single movie. Get over yourself and just join the human race


    Hmn… did I hear someone say “Blacks should be in every movie..? Don’t think so. I actually googled this topic because Allen has a new film coming out and as I researched the film, I realized there was not one (not even a day player role) person of color at all!! It occurred to me that, aside from Ejiofor, I couldn’t recall EVER seeing a POC in his films. As strange as Woody is, I’ve always appreciated the artistic expression that has bore out mostly good-to-great films. And I do understand the benefits of writing about what one knows and is most comfortable with, however, he has written about (and filmed) a lot of things that he has never, actually, lived through with great success. I would suggest he broaden his horizons a bit. And I’m not just speaking about African Americans. There are other races on this planet too.


Filmmakers will film films as viewed through their personal lives’ lens


what a ridiculous article. the writer of this is obviously panning for a racially sensitivity vote. woody allen is refusing to buy into dehumanizing minority actors by casting them for their skin tone. the fact that the author of this article pretends to not know what he is talking about only detracts from the authors character and paints a sad portrayal of what quality writing is considered as today. i really really hope you never get another writing job again author, this article right here proves that you are nothing more then a spineless pseudo intellectual sell out that will do nothing to make its mark in todays writing scene. i truly look forward to the day you fade into obscurity author… masturbate alone in a corner while screaming death to the patriarchy you pathetic swine

Art j

People need to filter what they put out there. You have got to have better things to do than pull the race card in every situation you can muster . There are clear racists in our world. Use ur words to help the situation not make it worse. Target real racism,not woody Alan for god sakes.

Art j

Why doesn’t Tyler perry hire white actors or spike lee do the same. Woody rights about what he knows. Doesn’t make him a racist Ur setting race relations back not helping it

    Thanos Welles

    You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about: TYLER PERRY: Single woman’s club, Alex Cross, Too Close to Home, Good Deeds, The family that preys — All have have white actors in them. Spike Lee: the 25th Hour, Do the Right Thing, Inside Man, Jungle Fever, Oldboy, Clockers, Summer of Sam – All have white actors. Do your research before shooting yourself in the face.


    Spike Lee has an overwhelming amount of films with white actors and actresses. And some movies that star white actors. Spike deliberately hires blacks and whites. Woody deliberately hires only whites 99.999999% of his Hollywood career. Which is fine and has nothing to do with being racism. But your comment is.


It’s strange to me that you hear racism in Woody’s comments. My translation is that he would hire a black actor if the part called for a black actor. There is no discrimination in that statement, only the direct honesty of a forthright director/businessman. As a director and a writer, there should be no obligation to hire a certain race or a certain anyone…just the person who is best for the part, be he or she black, white, etc.


    I’m only curious to know how all the parts in all those moves call for only white actors. I find most of those parts could have been played by any race of people with NYC culture. So it doesn’t have to be only whites. I don’t think Woody is a racist though. He just uses whites to express his creativity in his art form. That’s okay too.

Andrel Hughes

"Woody Allen" "pure Woody Allen" I enjoy his neurotic point of view.the charm is how "HE" perceives the world…


Oh f# off with the racism issue its bs, if you ask me far to many films star ethnic group’s due to racial diversity rather than based on merit


Excuse me, what’s your point? There’s many-many-many films that fall in that category.

Jerry Bogwan

Quick, name a Hollywood movie made in the last 5 years that doesn’t have a black as a co-star or in a major supporting role!

    D.E. Williams

    As far as black writers and actors and actresses it has become very hard for them to be placed in movies because they aren’t being viewed as ‘right for the part’. With that being said and due to the fact that there are a large number of growing producers and directors a long with popular actors and actresses with the networks already in place that could very well assist in this matter by producing and filming blacks in roles that they ‘fit’ in despite their race. Unfortunately in my opinion Hollywood don’t see ‘blacks’ in universal roles besides ones that they have to be written into. They aren’t writing a role and say this character could be any race of actor its already written in stone. I could be wrong, so this is just my opinion. The bottom line is I don’t think that ‘blacks’ should care if someone should write for them to be placed in movies. They should look to their own networks and grow within.


      D.E. is right on by placing this in an employment light. Asian actors have similar trouble, getting hired to a universal character as opposed to a part that calls for Asianness. Consider the token Asian in “Pitch Perfect,” for which Asianness means pathologically reserved and disturbingly odd. Granted, casting helps the audience get what the direction/writer is trying to convey, but actors get frustrated when they’re typecast from birth. One side effect is that ethnic communities sometimes have community theatre of very high quality, since race doesn’t constrain them there. Now, if you say to them, “Find a different profession,” well, I can’t help thinking the same thing…


Why would any decent human being want to be in a film written and directed by this creep? People are cray cray and I believe all this bullshyt over lack of blacks in his films was started by some white journalist because they always enjoy causing controversy in the black community and love giving other whites something to hate about.

Steve carvajal

Woody Allen and anyone writing, producing, and or directing a film or play have the freedom to create characters or not create characters if they wish. So, in my opinion, Woody Allen makes complete sense. Whether he writes a character who is black depends on what story he is telling. Give the man time on this, he’s got many more directing years.


Who really cares about his movies

Seek first To Understand or hush.

@ElCabaul, in other words, it’s you who will never understand the plight of a black man b/c you’ve never walked in Sergio’s or any black man’s shoes

Flip The Script

@ ElCabaul, noooooooo, if YOU can’t understand what is saying, you’ve never walked in our shoes, therefore you’ll never get it.


If Sergio doesn’t understand what Woody Allen is saying it can only be because he doesn’t want to.

This is very educational content and written well for a change. It’s nice to see that some people still understand how to write a quality post.!

Ms Jones

Who cares who he hires? I like some of his films, some of them I don’t.
If his life and experience are in a white world and that is the story he can best tell, who cares?
It’s not as if he is writing about the civil rights movement and has excluded black people. And even if he did, he is a filmmaker and can tell the story from his own point of view. Isn’t that what writers do?
How come there are are so many dinosaurs in Jurassic Park? How about goldfish and hummingbirds? Oh – right – the story is about dinosaurs.


Black people laugh at the movies about black jesus and a black girl as the character annie…..but this same hollyweird group wouldnt surprise me if the next slave movie they put out,where possibly harriet tubman would be made white…..It just wouldnt be curious george is curious george was an elephant,ya dig?


What he means is he doesn’t choose an actor for the sake of the actor being a specific race. He chooses the actor that matches the part of being a race. So yes, it is race related but for reasons of the part, not the actor.


also…for some of the commentors above confused about why white actors and roles tend to dominate: 70% of america is white…t’s just numbers, demographics, and majority rule logic of democracy (that’s how voting and interests are formed, based on constituents of majority….if 70% were black, or the u.s. as we know it today was founded by Africans and whites were enslaved, then the demogrpahics, and the actors and roles and content, would be vastly different….why can this simple understanding be applied when discussing other countries and cultures’ majority races and democratic outcomes yet here there seems to be some automatic assumption that white agency is privileged and unfair and not based in any majority reality or on the long history of its recent empire being established by powerful white Europeans….until there is an organic shift in demographics, both as society as a whole and the powerful positions, white will be the majority…very basic stuff…..its not like the English in Jamaica still today where the vast majority are black yet many powerful top positions are either white or mixed…time people, in time…


    51% of the country is women, but I don’t see you calling for 51% of speaking and lead roles going to women. Why is that?


He’s an old Jewish white writer…..he writes those type of characters….taking his dialogue and contexts of most of his lead roles and movies and simply putting black actors in the roles would seem actually more of artificially placating to race….the neuroticism, language, body mannerisms, and even the neighbourhoods and types of social class groups and functions he depicts in his movies are actually more a reflection of the reality of white bubble privilege, especially his pre-1990s films….when characters are at fancy rich dinners talking pretensiously WASPY and/or JEWY, that’s something he really knows and by making it white and jewish characters in these mini Allen worlds of mythology he weaves a tapestry more true to differences of culture and class while also maintaining some authenticity creatively as a writer coming from real moments and people he chooses to skewer…..i really don’t care that boys in the hood, menace to society, or tyler perry films have no white ppl….i think spike lee’s depiction of white people, especially italians, is blatant racism and disparaging and hate-filled yet he is praised….if woody allen just "included" blacks BUT they were all depicted as assholes like Spike Lee does in his movies with non-blacks, would black people really be satisfied or even more offended?….the latter….go suck a d ppl…the guy has had over 10 scripts nominated for oscars, and he’s a prolific creator celebrated across the board by most creative intelligent people, from most races….john ridley, spike lee, chris rock, kevin hart, richard pryor, hughes brothers, john singleton: all of these iconic black creators and actors and comedians have praised woody allen for films, writing, acting, and his early stand-up comedy and screwball comedies…..this article is ill-informed and click bait to spark debate just to lure ppl on the site to increase web traffic and make more money selling ad space…or i’m just a racist apologist lol…right

Nate Higgers

Unless he needs an obvious niqqer caricature or a slave, why would he hire a niqqer for a role that a human can play?


    Nate Higgers has the most accurate comment, and that’s a crying shame. HAaa. What roles ‘call’ for a white person? You’re telling me an actress of color couldn’t play one of the leads in Vicky Cristina Barcelona? The issue here is most white people, for some reason, cannot do what people of color have done for centuries – relate to other races/ethnicities in art. It’s not just white people. Most men cannot relate to women in art. It’s not the artist’s fault, but it’s audience’s and society’s. Women grow up wanting to be Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters.

    Damn near every person of color grew wanting to be a white character of some sort, and probably several different characters. Whether these characters were Wonder Woman, Seinfeld, or Cary Grant. PoC have always been able to relate these characters/people. White people have an inability to do this, and it’s summed up in Allen’s comments and most of those above.

    Also present in Allen’s comments is the fallacy that a black character somehow changes the film, when in actuality, it’s the filmmakers inability to acknowledge the diversity among PoC that’s the problem. Time and time again, it has been proven that given opportunities, PoC can do anything. Why can’t we acted in a fictional film written by an old person?

    For the record, both Tyler Perry and Spike Lee have casts a lot white people in their films, but you wouldn’t know because outside of “Do the Right Thing” that you watch in your film class, you haven’t seen any other films by those two filmmakers.

Mr G

This is an old piece, but since i was searching the net about, "why arr there no black leading roles for Black actors!" I came across this one on Woody. I don’t know Mr Allen. However, he writes good stuff and his movies are also pretty good! I see Mr Allen on TV at some of the Nicks basketball games. So im gonna assume he enjoys basketball where most of the members on the team are Black. Here’s what i think.
Mr Allen has a eight to put whoever he wants in his movies. However, i do disagree with he confussing answer on why he doesn’t cast Blacks for leading roles. Im sick of Hollywood claiming that we ( Black people) are not good enough to protray a certain type of role on film. Its not Mr. Allens’s faught, its Hollywood as a whole. Hollywood is suppose to be so liberal, but when tou watch the movies, oscars, emmy or any of the award shows, all you see is a sea of White people waiting on their prize. You really can’t blame Mr Allen unless you blame the system. Hollywood is like the Black guy/girl who got the promotion because although they were Black, they were not too Black. They don’t seem threatning to their cohorts.

My son Kyle loves acting, writing and directing. He is on his way to The New School in New York. The New School drama department is rarely new (the old parsons school) who’s director will be Pippin Parker. I know Kyle will do a good job and i believe Mr Parker and his staff will do everything they can to prepare him for what he wants to do and that is acting, writing and directing. Kyle, like many gifted actors White/Black will be cast any many roles. Like many actors they will get some parts but will not get a lot of parts. However, one edge that his White counter cast members will have that he doesn’t have will always be based off the color of his skin. Is that fair? Well, life isn’t fair. Lets face it. Most Hollywood execs are White and since Hollywood is a biz they will make decisions based off of what they think will sale. I’m hopeful for my young actor and I believe he will do well. Saying this about Kyle conclude me to say that Mr. Allen is being true to his idea. The fortunate thing about him is the other White execs who make the money decisions for his project will get his vision. Case in point! Tyler Perry recently pitched his vision to the execs, but they didn’t get it. Tyler Perry has shown that he can sell. However, the execs don’t care about that. There reason is to make sure the idea of America which is protrayed on film will be very White with a little of what they call safe color (blacks/Hispanics).
So I don’t blame Mr. Allen. I Blame the system. Do this test: the next time you watch the academy awards, count how many Black faces you see in the audience and how many you see when awards. Doing this you will really see how diverse the place we claim is so liberal really is (please excuse grammar and spelling typing this on iPhone)

naomi davillier

As a black woman I now understand why I never liked W. Allen ‘ s

Jonas Chandler

I am a black writer and really enjoy his films. Most black American writer’s use black people for leads. Most Japanese Americans writers have Japanese for leads. Jewish Americans use more Jews for leads. It’s what we identify with. And the dude is 79 years old and his wife in Fading Gigolo was Tonya Pinkins. Come on America you do the math.


He’s racist. Simple and plain. I love handsome White actors, but I prefer to see them playing opposite gorgeous Black or Mulatto actresses like Halle Berry, Paula Patton, Stacey Dash, Vanessa Lynn Williams, Lynn Whitfield, etc. Directors need to stop favoring White actresses over stunning Black actresses. And their need to be way more Black/Mulatto WOMAN-White MAN relationships in love stories! That’s why I hate most love stories and refuse to watch them. Same color love stories are so boring, just like in real life. Black/Mulatto women with White men rock!!!!

    Ivor Biggun

    He is not racist. It would be more insensitive for him to include a black person just for the sake of having a black person in it which even blacks would agree with. You need to get a life and find something important to complain about!

Verna burton

Isn’t it is amazing that the first thing out of the mouths of white people: "but I have black friends"! Well, weather people want to admit it or not, racism is still alive in 2015? I recently finished a class with one particular white woman. Here’s the conundrum: while we were in class we were friends. The moment the semester ended she disappeared! It’s called: TWB- Typical white behavior!


I think the Author of this article, Sergio, doesn’t get it simply because he chooses not to get it. It’s really not all that complicated, to be honest. Woody states that he doesn’t hire based on race, which means he is not going to hire a particular ethnic minority simply out of being pressured by political correctness to do so, which I agree with. The very fact that Sergio and the people who have commented here have a problem with that is a good example of what Woody is getting at. Long story short, he can hire whoever the f**k he feels like hiring as he sees fit. Get over it.


He is entitled to what he thinks or feels – black audiences should not patronize him in any way. Additionally- the Black market should unite and create our own industries and cast ourselves as we are opposed to the way society wants to portray us. Woody Allen is a pedophile – he likes to sleep with the daughters of the women he is married to. Who wants to be associated with that…thing or its world?


He is a writer actor and director.
Why should he care about race.
You guys seriously dont get what he said?
You must be retarded.
He doesnt hire based on race, unless the role requires it.

What is not to understand?

Fukcing retards.

Joseph Marcel duvernay


Still own advice following.

There has been a strain in men that has consistently with separation from we handed
to their eager once and future anxieties,
paving difference’s it’s-just-business’s
shame-fragile hand cupping late out of
Northern climes, once via Sudan, then Egypt, Phoenicia to have dispensation special prior from, in the laughs of men
walked on with.

But these have found comforts lying down on the rights of men, general, (just-us!
patients these); and never from there have truths useable tried
lots on the useable air that was of old
hosptitality’s special place, civility provided.

Some wisdoms are beyond Sophia,
and mid the ancients is child and senior.
But these know not that for ’twas only the
really fast fix asked for back when and the feel full part never given. Ziltch, filtch, hid intelligence, and pose these-against-those for upper to lower’s dualist maintenance – such prejudices need only the nod, whisper and back-stab angle of we-against-them, head-patted, to rise, for a sorry time, ahead. So first or second or third as a dead party anode,
because modeling special interest over overall kind. A snake described Elephant
written down twice.

Here, far from shore, a-tow out, ‘(ex)plore a saying said not till perhaps now.
Of one against another type – view present day America, everywhere, and would The-true-message-learned TO us all of non-violence; but not! of an Israel and a lot of joy-cashed ground on mound, mold mother earth, that noticing itself might have a bit of ease fostered.

Life is not cheat, it is we, I without soft touch initiate, again, on the help-if-might touchstone day and night when we are so special interest as to dangerous the whole BE.

Many! the re-think now – quickly! – unstable verities|


So he’s a pedophile and a racist, but Hollywood still adores him and thinks he’s a "genius".


White is default because of history. I swear some people on this earth act as if it’s a privilege to be white. I love being different. I love when white men and women stare at me because they see a beauriful tropical looking black girl. They don’t know whether I’m mixed or not. The women stare hard cause they only wish to have a permanent tan like mines and maybe a lttle more ass like mines Too. Trust me, black actors and actresses don’t care to be in his films. All the negative comments are motivation for black people to start their own enterprises. Thanks


Ugh. I used to really like his (early) films, but now I just find him gross.


Well, I’m a bit late in the conversation, but, since I was looking for something and came up on this blog, here’s a thought from a non-US guy who’s watched quite a few of Allen’s movies: To begin with, I get quite annoyed by what comes out as a mandatory presence of a black and an asian guy/girl in all movies (including quite a few where the historical etc. setting would not support that). Mind you, I am not against the presence of actors of any race in a movie, simply against inclusions of such actors in parts which seem phony and set-up to enforce political correctness.
On to Allen now: A scriptwriter, or any writer for that matter, writes and/or handles material he is familiar with and is within his comfort zone. I honestly cannot understand why he should explicitly seek out black people to play the same roles.

As for the "contradiction", the translation could be: "I will explicitly hire a black actor when the role requires it, otherwise the audition is not race – restricted, but the actor is selected based on his suitability for the part".

So, what is the actual question? Is it "why doesn’t he write ‘black’ parts", or is it "why doesn’t he include at least a black actor, to show a little ‘political correctness’?

Note: I am not claiming that this is indeed his reasoning and he’s not prejudiced. He might well be. However, I find it ridiculous to force into a man’s artistic vision something he doesn’t see as fitting. In that case, let’s shove some white folks in a Spike Lee movie and continue from there…Oh, by the way, in most of his movies (at least the older ones) he played a neurotic Jewish dude (perhaps with a tendency towards agnosticism)…Should Christians/Muslims/Buddhists feel left out?

I agree that racism should be smashed once and for all, but I hardly think that the way to do that is trying to force artists to include all races in their scripts


I’ve seen many Woody Allen films, and I think Mr. Allen is a master of irony and intellectual drama. I really don’t care whether GE hires people of color for his films. I also don’t think that people view Tyler Perry films to watch Whites, Latinos or Jewish people.

Tuff Tiddy but...

NOT at work or at church, nor in your neighborhood nor home, different races do not mingle if they aren’t required to do so. TRUTH!!!


REALITY has visited S&A! "In real life there’s very little mingling among different races". 5 STAR comment of the month.


so what if black people are not part of his world. in reality there’s very little mingling among different races so why expect it in movies. why don’t black artists so enough to take care of black actors. why be a slave to white movie executives.


this is a dumb self-pitying blog. get over it.


Woody Allen movies are not something I like. Some people do but not me. And personally based on some of his history I think he is a pedophile. Having said that I can see some racist comments on here and it pisses me off cause anyone, especially blacks, can get away with calling whites racist and today’s media lets the get away with it without asking for proof… It’s bs. From everything I have seen and read about Woody Allen he writes his own stuff. So as a writer he is picturing what he thinks his character would look like. So what that is his right and that doesn’t make him racist. I mean there are more and more movies with all black casts, so should I call Mr. Tyler Perry a racist? Get a life and a grip people and so what they are his stories and movies!


Woody Allen is a cradle robbing suedo pedophile enough said.

James M

Why don’t you go hound Tyler Perry to hire more white actors? He can cast whoever the he wants. Why aren’t you asking him to cast more Indian actors or Asian? Blacks are 12% of the population & he doesn’t have to give in to "Hollywood Black Craze", where every prominent position in a movie HAS to be Black to appease these racially obsessed assclowns. Why must everyone "count the black people" in every damn show & movie in existence, and pressure people to get more Blacks in their movie? They are well represented in Hollywood, and really don’t need your help to "break into Hollywood". If your so concerned about races getting thier shot on the big screen, go advocate for Asians in the movies… or better yet, make your own movies so you can put who you want in them rather than force others to.


What a stupid article this is. He clearly means he doesn’t hire based on race, as in he doesn’t pick people because they are black or white, but simply based on the role and look he is trying to achieve.

Albert R

Mister Allen’s is a Jewish world. He doesn’t consider Christians either. The man hasn’t a clue to what people outside his congregation are. Therefore, whatever role he was to invent would surely lead to embarrassment. Hmmm… or maybe a good laugh. Woody is good at that!

Bootney Farnsworth

Who is Woody Allen


Woody Allen’s pedophilia ass can go to hell.


Come on…when was the last time he hired an Asian?, a Latino??, a Middle Easterner??? HE is not a particularly diverse person when it comes to looking at relationships as racially diverse but having nothing to do with the racial dynamics of the relaionship. He wants to write stories primarily about Wasps and Jews…but he comes from that era and makes no apologies and rightfully so. Artists focus on the subjects that move them and racial minorities don’t interest him enough to right it into his work.


Wah wah wah


The way I see it…
Films are a form of art, and Woody Allen, being a film director, is an artist. Art is a major form of self-expression, and I think that, for self-expression to be truly pure, it has to be unaffected by all sorts of outside influences.
I’m sorry if this comes off as rude or anything of the sort, but the point is that in my opinion, if the picture Allen has in mind for his film depicts only white people, he should stick to that picture, because this is the picture he has in mind, so this is the direct piece of self-expression he has to share. Likewise, had some director pictured every single one of his films with only black people in them, there would be absolutely nothing wrong with it, the way I see it. That’s what he had in mind, and letting this be affected by anything that isn’t his own mind and self, would be wrong, as it would be a compromise on his ability to express himself through his films.
Whatever he may have in his head that causes him to only picture white people in his films is another matter, and may be stemming from something bad; maybe he is a racist, bad person. I honestly don’t know, I don’t know the guy. But if that is the picture he has in mind, I think he should go for it just as it is. Make no compromises in these areas unless completely necessary, and do not be affected by outside influences.
That’s just my take on this…


I think it’s fair to say Woody might be hiring actors based on the white characters he creates in his head as Amari suggests. But I don’t think you can fault him or anyone for that. Hiring a non-white actor just so he’s hiring non-white actors is much more racially-minded. Also, there was nothing that suggested any kind of prejudice againts African Americans in hiring a black actor to portray the prostitute in Deconstructing Harry. She didn’t fit a single black stereotype, and she was gave a wonderful performance. I can’t imagine anyone else playing the part. Perhaps that’s all Woody was aiming for when he hired her.

Blank Blank

Mo literally just came across this thought I would give it a look, and I must admit that seems like everyone is trying to take a coincidental fact and make it something bigger! granted his statement seems contradictory but it seems pretty obvious what he was trying to say is that he basically just never thought about it! Must he will probably gain the label as up and coming racist now however the fact that everyone’s first thought is this is a deliberate attempt but it would seem to me people who think that way are possibly racist themselves he has never expressed dislike for people of different ethnic origins and as someone stated a Latino actress was in one of his films so I think the writer of this article and the people who have made comments should really re evaluate what you have written as it’s condradictory to the argument how can someone be racist unless they have clearly gone out of there way to make sure they have picked someone of pure ethnic origin to thereself?


Artists are free to fulfill their own vision. It is moronic to suggest otherwise. if you wish to fulfill an artistic vision with more black actors, then I suggest you take up screenwriting and let each artist work as he sees fit.


Makes perfect sense to me. You don’t put some one in a role simply to fill a quota. I don’t like his films anyway, they are not funny and seem really stupid


Who cares? I tell ya what – when all you Super Tolerant & Evolved Not-At-All-Racist People start insisting that there’s ALWAYS a Native American in EVERYTHING, then I’ll start worrying about Woody Allen not casting black people. When I see popular white characters in comic book adaptations recast as Sioux or Inuit then I’ll yell at Woody Allen too. When EVERY print ad has a Token Navajo, and you can’t go more than an hour listening to NPR without a story revolving around Native American Issues, then I’m with ya. Until then though…good for you Woody Allen.

Named Person

Forgot to mention this earlier (don’t know why I’m coming back know). Aside from the question of whether Allen doesn’t hire black actors because he is racist or because it does not fit the setting he has chosen for his movies (etc.?), there is a second question associated with the latter option. Why would Allen’s movies not have settings that involve AAs (African Americans)? There are five-ish reasons I can think of off the top of my head: 1) He doesn’t like AAs, and therefore doesn’t want them in his movies —> racist 2) He doesn’t feel he understands AAs enough to put them in his movies effectively 3) He doesn’t care about AAs (and yes some directors don’t care about Russian monks either, which doesn’t mean that they illogically discriminate against them… so this isn’t a necessarily condemning option) 4) The most likely viewers of a movie centered around a AA hero are AA’s that in general like a different type of movie than his usual audience, which prevents him from both being successful and directing in his personal style of choice (he doesn’t want to make a Tyler Perry type movie for example) 4.5) Assuming the viewers would be AAs, then it could be argued that AAs don’t have as much money as the White/Asian populations and therefore may be less likely to buy tickets to a movie (not sure if this is true) —> less profits. I’m not being precise with my language but I think that’s the general idea.

Solid E

Woody Allen is an artist and he can paint his canvas anyway he sees fit. I’m not defending him but I do believe artistic expression is one of the joys of living in America.

Named Person

So you can’t just check the city, but also the setting within the city to see whether black actors are appropriate for what the director wants to portray. Just a reminder, it is totally possible to discriminate based on race without being racist (you’re not going to have an asian in a movie about Nordics). Also, the quotation including "requires it" is a little bit shaky; there are many different interpretation of "requires it." He could mean that in a reluctant tone (God dammit, I have to hire a black actor), or in a matter-of-fact tone (he fits the role; he’s what we need, check). I’m not saying he’s not racist, but I’m a little reluctant to jump the gun.

Belinda Bates

I like a lot of Woody Allen movies. I think they’re funny and frenetic. This stance about hiring black actors disturbs me, but this doesn’t detract from how much I enjoyed "Midnight in Paris."

The thing that disturbs me the most is the author’s dismissive line about how "…Tyler Perry is still hiring…" as if that were a bad thing.

I don’t care for Tyler Perry movies generally, but I have seen several that I have enjoyed. And, yes–critically Wood Allen movies get better reviews than Tyler Perry movies, but that doesn’t signal success.

Consider this: In 2010, Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too grossed $60 million at the box office; meanwhile in 2011, Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris–one of his best reviewed films in years–grossed $56.8 million. Also, in 2013, Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor grossed $51.9 million; while Allen’s movie Blue Jasmine–which garnered Oscar nominations and win–only grossed $33 million.

In order for Hollywood to start taking black success seriously, we have to stop denigrating it in deference to critical acclaim. Since art is subjective, holding the opinions of mostly white critics over the enjoyment of mostly black community seems to be just a pervasive and detrimental as Woody Allen’s casting choices.

Rick Fox

Maybe, his agenda is personal. Maybe somebody should force him, by law, perhaps to write stories outside his comfort zone. Maybe actors should be selected from a random lottery with no consideration for race, culture, gender, age, etc. Even if it doesn’t make any damn sense. Let’s have Denzel play Julia child . He r husband can be played by Selam Hayak.

jane smythe

Woody Allen is not a racist against Black people. His biggest movie Match Point was shot by a Black cinematographer. The director-cinematographer relationship is one of trust and respect. And he’s worked with him on more than one movie.


Black people don’t hire blacks. Why should whites have to hire blacks? Whites stick together. Mexicans stick together. Blacks kill each other because that’s what the rap song told them to do. Blacks are a bad investment.


Who cares if he hires black or white actors. He is a child molester and it sickens me that people keep supporting him and giving him publicity. Put him in jail.


Well that’s really mean because like I’m black and I thought people were over racism but I guess not there are things I wanna say too u but I am a nice person but I also share myopinion

Friday Jones

What he said was “Not unless I write a story that requires it." We are also talking about a 1970’s writer/ director – you do realize this is but one decade after the 60’s. Not putting much stock in his commentary, he is the same man that married his adoptive daughter which reeks of pedophile. That would be like me buying R Kelley’s Chocolate Factory with my hard earned money 40 years after the fact – I don’t think so. Moving on. Not interested.

Vegas vic

They’re his movies, he can hire whoever he wants, just like the sports teams.


I guess it means exactly what he says. If he needs a black actor he will hire one, if he doesn’t he won’t


Or the jew capital of america NEW YORK CITY


Besides if i wanna see a bunch of jews i can always go see them at the jewelry
store or the bank


What black person really cares about a woody allen movie anyway i have never seen one and don’t plan on ever seeing one


And how many white actors has Tyler Perry had play the starring role in his movies? Does that make him racist as well? Are you going to write an article about that?


your all wrong. why can’t he employ who he wants to with out people saying negative shit about it. if he was black and the actors were all black this wouldn’t even be a discussion

Doctor G

Is there any special reason Allen is not allowed his own opinion?
While I understand that Group Think is the norm now days I still seems stupid, bigoted and racist to expect all people to tow the liberal line and hire, fire, or otherwise ignore only people that people like you expect us to.
For over 50 years minorities have been given everything they want (under the perpetual threat of violence, so-called race riots and high-handed decision making by a completely out of control government).
The only reason you can talk about Allen here is that the vast majority of Americans have had enough of your constant whining and greed. Look at the Bozo in the whitehouse he gets all the money, fame and power he wants (even when it’s illegal as it usually is with him) and he still is not satisfied.
And your BS about race issues… I don’t suppose you’ve given any thought to the legitimate objections non-blacks have about blacks, they are so numerous and REAL I don’t even need to mention them here. Bottom line, we’ve all had enough and you and your friends are about to see the end of the free ride. Too, if you want to get violent (like that wouldn’t be the first place you go) we are more than ready… just say when.


Sergio, when Woody says he doesn’t hire black people unless the story requires it, he means he doesn’t hire SPECIFICALLY black people for a role unless that role is meant to be black in the story. That’s not to say he wouldn’t hire a black person for a general role, but they still have to fit the part. If "black" isn’t a good look for that part, then they won’t get hired. It’s really that simple. Maybe it’d be easier for you to read that in the interview if you hadn’t been so biased.


this guy gives me the creeps…….where is that little you married?….he is soooooo not one of my favorite people…pedophile…….


Another typical question to a celebrity or, anyone for that matter, from a person whose mind can’t sieze an opportunity to get that black rock off his shoulder. This statement is so "normal" that I can’t believe it emanated from the head of Woody Allen. Yup, this is probably the most inciteful thing I have ever heard the man say! The bigger poblem here is NOT Allen’s answer, by any means. No, the problem is, and unfortunately, will always be, the thoughts and mindset of the moron who asked him this question


Well… When you’ve had silk milk, who wants burnt chocolate???


He’s a creep anyways. His films tend to be the same ideas of neurotic jewish guy wants cute goya girl over and over again regardless of weird obstacles to overcome or throw in a tete a tete in paris somewhere or something random…blah. Perv really. We know that…it’s the folks in Hwhorywood that don’t. :P
Bleh…love to see him and Roman Polanski put into a hemp bag and duke or @#$ it out…see who comes out whinnying ;)


The drill-serjeant in "Love and Death", the witch-doctor and the humorously out-of-place microscopic cell in "Everything you always wanted to know…", the incidental character in "Radio Days"…


i think ppl really like this racist angle. i understand exactly what woody is saying! blk ppl are NOT the majority, nor does he owe anyone a place in his movie! Yesterday in my entire day, i do not think i encountered a SPANISH or ASIAN person! am i now racist if i write a story about yesterday and dont make up a special part for an asian lady that didn’t really exist? U GUYS kill me with this racist bull! I’m an american who is dark skin, i guess I’m BLACK but who cares! i dont get why race is a big issue! its a movie, written by one person so who is to say that in his very small world, maybe blacks aren’t the leading role! How is this bad? Stop fishing for things that aren’t there




I would speculate that what’s disappointing from an actor of color’s standpoint is that his work is kind of an institution of it’s own. I would think for any actor that knows anything about modern cinema it would be a bucket list type of aspiration to be apart of that institution. Sadly, like many other genre’s and archetypes of cinema at least in America, POC are relegated to the background as if our story and presence don’t also make up the rich tapestry of American life.

heime schwarzbaum

A NY Jew that hates blacks… oy vey- this is news?


What do you expect from a racist Jew?

Mike Williams

I’m no fan of his work but Melinda and Melinda isn’t bad and it stars Chiwetel Ejiofor and Will Ferrell.

David King



Why are people so impressed with him anyway? His work is way overrated. And why would any actor want to be work for a guy whoo married his adopted daughter. The dude is a creep.


Who cares. The man can hire who he likes & it didn’t make him a racist. I hate the way that accusation is thrown around these days. This is a non-issue. the accusations of pedophilia are far more relevant.

Mark Wayne Manning

Simply put,Allen has a massive superiority complex.How a complete dork and worthless race of rats view themselves this way is a true mystery.Though many jews know their place.Still there exists a large number of these uppity kikes that hate everyone except themselves.Oh,they’ll put on a show and act as if they actually like other parts of humanity.But get these straight gentile.You are goyim,cattle,to them.Every now and then the jew and his Zionist wackos must be dealt with harshly.Whipped like a step child.Unfortunately for them its.getting to the point where it may require more.Praise Jesus Christ.

Tammy Wolf

When I write stories, I don’t think about what color of people I write in either. I write what I know and while I do know some POC, 90% of the time my experiences are different. So I don’t write about those.
Or care about them.
I know many and I do.
I just don’t have much experience with them and coming off ignorant in my portrayal when I write would be far worse than if I had written in the first place. It would be like an insult.

Larry Edberg

Why does he need to give a reason? Do we live in a free country or not? So what if he never has any minority? If it’s his movie he has every right to cast whomever he chooses. But of course there will always be the leftist journalists who care nothing for freedom or rights but only about divisiveness and stirring the racial pot!

jason s

What about the remake of Steel Magnolias, which featured an all black cast? Was THAT "racist" as well?

assume nothing



Oh, you don´t have black actors in your movies just for the sake of having black actors? You need it to be relevant to the plot and not to racial quotas systems? Raaaacysssss!


Pepdophiler!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn’t work for his nasty ass!!!!


Will am so sorry you fill like that God don’t have no color we all made in his image you need a deliverance


You forgot about the maid in "The Purple Rose of Cairo", there was a biracial girlfriend in "Cassandra’s Dream" (who btw was unceremoniously dumped when the pretty, blond actress came along), there was the model chic extra Woody humped in "Sleeper", and there have been a number of background blacks in his other films like "Annie Hall", where he mocks a groups of Nigerian men in traditional clothes, and in several of his more recent films. I understand what he means by if the script calls for it–their storyline would have the focus on a racial element–the symbolism of being black overriders all other considerations. Otherwise, he Black people have no central place in any of his films, as his stories are very class and race specific.


What about the black maid in Bulletts over Broadway she had just a few scenes but was extremely funny reminded me a little of butterfly McQueen in Alice Adams

buck wade

complete bull. What the hell does anyone mean by, "if the script or role requieres it huh?! Your making a movie with REAL LIVE PEOPLE ACTING in it, not a cartoon where you can make anyone look like anyone, so unless the movie is some sort of commentary on race, like 12 years of slave that requires for africans to act in it, then screw race, just let the best people act unless the movie actually mentions stuff to do with race.

Clarissa Evans

Would you expect anything less from a known child molester. -_-


I wont be a goog actor


And shame on you for a headline claiming he "won’t" hire a black actor, when all he said is that he hasn’t done so and given a reason. For all you know, he might go out of his way to do so since someone brought it to his attention and he was clearly disturbed by it. It’s not cool to be inflammatory just to draw attention to your article. In doing so, you contribute to the type of dialogue that’s separating people rather than causing them to come together.


I don’t really have a problem with that perspective, considering the type of scripts he writes. You write about what you know, and you have an image in your mind when you write. If you also cast, produce, and direct your own film, it’s only natural to go with what you’ve already imagined. Honestly, I think people look too hard for something to be offended by these days, and this is one of those mole hill things.


Hmmm… If the character isn’t imagined as black, why would he hire someone that is to play the role?


So that means "never"? I don’t watch his movies.

Your mamma

Why is everything always so, controlled?? Why can’t he simply make his movies the way he needs in order to complete his movie… Everyone is always putting unnecessary red tape around everything.. We live in an annoying society full of complainers.


That’s because "white Hollywood" can accept a man that divorces his wife for his step daughter..of course he’s their "golden Boy"..and being a diverse BLACK Man, it’s insulting that U cant step outside of Ur "comfort zone"..shows that diversity (especially in NYC) does not exist in "his" "talented world"…and associating with a couple of famous Black actors or producers DOES NOT MAKE HIM DIVERSE… A P.O.S. is WHAT he is…and to those who see him doing NO wrong…get a life.


And if Spike Lee makes films in which all the main characters are black, do we complain? Woody Allen makes personal films featuring people from his milieu. It’s not a big deal. The characters all signify people similar to him or women he’d go for. His films are unusual and there’s room in the movie industry for his films too.

d sanchez

If he does not want to work with black people, that’s fine. This Mexican American also like woody does not have black friend. I do not socialize either.


Hi Amari Sali ,you know I hate white people too. They are on my hitler list. Black women looks much better than white.

My Americanmovie

Leave Woody Allen alone–and read myamericanmovie dot us


This is actually an interesting observation to digest. But just pointing out… I don’t believe an Asian person has ever been in his movies either — yet he’s obviously married to a Korean and they have adopted a Chinese child and he is appreciative of racial diversity in his personal life. I don’t believe Allen is racist and he’s obviously quite the liberal in his political views. He may be neurotic, claustrophobic, agoraphobic, socially inept and so on, but I don’t think he excludes black actors from his movies because he doesn’t like black people. Would love to see some of the great black actors of today appear in an Allen film. Forest Whitaker would be wonderful.

Andrea Hjerpe

This doesn’t surprise me at all. What part don’y you understand folks. Woody Allen is an old school unapologetic dirt bag racist, as a filmmaker and off the screen. The best thing for any person of brown or darker ethnicity who happens to be a filmmaker make your own exsiquite imaginative creative films and cast the most intriguing talented minorities in your film and damn Woody Allen and all the other close minded caucasian old fart directors. They’ll be gone in a few years anyway as recluses. We have the higher ground let’s take advantage of it.

get over it

Who cares. I'm guessing a black person wrote because they thought it mattered


It proved that he's not racist to black people in Fading Gigolo

d Mac

This is a total nothing story. Turd writer.


I have never gone to see a Woody Allen movie. Did I miss something?


Come'on, Woody Allen just tried to say to you reporter, that he doesn't cast by race unless the part needs this kind of selection. So, basically when he writes, I suppose he don't create based on
Race, but the development of the story can itself goes to one or another side…

Also, people who talk about his criminal process needs to understand that this process has no way to put down his brilliant talent as a filmmaker. Opposite is also true, his talent can not give him freedom if hi is blamed for it.

Rick Sylvester

What do I think of this? I think Woody Allen is absolutely correct, that what he says makes such perfect sense that anyone who has a brain and vital signs can easily understand it. I also think your comments are, aside from their obvious snarkiness, totally uncalled for and that you owe him a huge apology. What I really think of you based upon what you wrote, the way you wrote it, is unprintable.


who cares? does affirmative action apply here? why are you trying to make a big thing out of it? i dont think ive seen a woody allen film and to be honest how many non-whites actually watch his movies? black ppl are on the tv screen almost as much as whites? if you want more go watch BeT


I see nothing to be confused over. Woody Allen writes about what he knows which is mostly white people. He is not politically correct. There is no reason for him to feel as if he is forced to write a black character in unless he wants to and if he does, he would hire a black actor or actress for that role. Why would he hire a black person for a white role?

awakened mind

nobody wants to watch an ape!

Heather Ferreira

I'm a black feature film director working in Hollywood, and I agree with him. And while we're on the subject: When's the last time a black woman was senior editor at Indiewire? ;)

Seek elsewhere for your outrage. No – forever – to gratuitous off-race casting. Itself, it's racism. Full stop, folks. Period. The end.


why this even should be a subject for an article? and with such mean overtones…
the writer incites racism and antisemitism without any foundations




I think his movies are boring anyway. And all his characters are the same.


I consider the article racist, immature, and illogical. So what if Allen said he wouldn't intentionally hire a black unless a part called for it. He would likely say the same about a Mexican, an Asian, or an Eskimo. He doesn't know in advance who is best for a part. So unless it calls specifically for a non-black, it logically doesn't preclude blacks from auditioning. As he said, he doesn't hire based on race, so why infer he auditions based on race? Yet that's how Sergio needs to interpret it. Or is he just stirring the pot? I wonder how liberal Hollywood would take to the idea of affirmative action being imposed on casting choices.



Wake-up "Can't we all just get along?"

Please don't mistake Jews for white! Jews pass for white, but as you well understand, race and skin color are not the same thing. Are Pakistanis and a Hispanics the same race? No! Hollywood is full of crypto Jews like Doris Day and James Garner or Jenifer Garner. I doubt that there are any non Jews in Hollywood. They're amazing at hiding it. They are able to turn peoples against one another with their media control and propaganda lies. They do control all media, eg. all news outlets, advertising, movies, television, the entire music industry, even Hip Hop/Rap and book publishing. Moreover, they control most governments. So many in Rap have sold out to the Jews for the almighty dollar. Who could blame anyone for succumbing to the need for money. This is called social engineering. If you read anything that states that an actor is not Jews, consider it another propaganda lie. Read up on what the Jews thinks of any non "by blood" Jew, in their Talmud.


BTW pedophilia is supposedly rampant in Hollywood–Woody Allen, Bryan Singer, Roman Polansky are the tip of the iceberg. Corey Feldman (2 Coreys) wrote about it and now many young men are coming out to discuss this in the light of the allegations against Singer. Hollywood is a toxic. All people regardless of their color should be suspicious the products they sell.


Sorry to write so much. But it's my belief that so much of what is presented to us through media is deleterious to individuals, families and society. I'd like to see all people stop the clock and stop mindlessly consuming the crap–that they know is crap– that they serve up. Movies just aren't that important. We have other things that we could be doing. Especially lets keep kids from watching tv and movies etc. some of their so called entertainment is the worst stuff around!


I agree with Lisa B.. Why is anyone looking for Woody Allen to do any thing for black actors? He does what he does. I'd don't think we'd be happy with the results. Anyone recall what he was like during the Dinkins campaign for mayor? Woody supposedly tried to campaign for Dinkins and wound up saying and doing things that black people viewed as racist. Why are we engaged in such silly discussion? Artists are not the federal government they are not beholden to anyone to be inclusive –they are telling their stories. We are free to watch them or not.I'm more concerned about how more capable and talented Black directors can get the support they need to make good films. Lots of filmmakers are trying to work outside of that toxic Hollyweird culture. The only black filmmakers they seem to like are Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry. Neither are my cup of tea.

Lisa B

I think Woody made an accurate statement — "unless the part calls for it". That's because clearly the only stories he considers worth writing about are those with just one type of folks in 'em. Which has been fine with me because I (Black person here) have never been interested in watching his narrow, neurotic white guy story over and over again (yawn). And there's too many other writers, etc. out there that have realized the happily diverse world we live in, to give Woody any of my cash… [thank you David Simon, Vince Gilligan, and many others]. Woody can go eat worms.


He's interested in white middle class life. So he writes about that. Yes there might be a racist aspect to it. But racism is natural and unavoidable. Ugly or nasty racism is avoidable and the kind one should condemn…


that's not a contradictory he's saying he's not hiring someone specifically for their race (black) unless their race is necessary to the storyline. dumb shit. there are plenty of negative things you could call woody Allen, but a racist is not one of them.


"Talk about contradictory. He says he doesn’t hire black actors unless the story requires it, but, at the same time, he says he doesn’t hire based on race."

That's not contradictory. You are dumb as dog shit.


WTF? Woody Allen is a white jew from new york who writes about what he knows. He is a pedophile and a complete narcissistic psychopath and your only beef is that he does not write black for blacks? That's like saying you can't believe Michelle Obama doesn't do more for the kids of…Sweden. Can't wait to read that piece. Hilarious!


Woody Allen's creepy kiddy-diddling ass can stay not putting Black people in his movies. I'm more than happy to leave him for White folks to handle.


Just posted this so i could get it to 200 comments

Thank you


It makes perfect sense… he only writes white people stories. White people's stories are vastly different to black people's stories. Black people require special black people stories, all about being black people, because… you know… its a different set of stories. Come on, this is perfectly sensible, everyone… get back in your pigeon holes and resume your behavioural profiles immediately.

John asks… 'When exactly has Africa or ASIA shown whites in their movies?'. The answer to this John is that the continent of Africa and the continent of Asia consist of many countries, most of which are not multicultural to anything like the same extent as the country of America is. We could talk about how in spite of that there are in fact very many films that feature non-native actors, but there'd be no point, because I'd have to list them, and you wouldn't have heard of them, because they aren't pertinent to your cultural field of interest.


I won't support the movie of a old, creepy, bug-eyed, pedophile. Shame on you Woody "I like to marry children" Allen


I love the forward moving discussion this has created (aside from the name calling which is not productive) because it is about having that conversation and opening ourselves in an empathic direction . I couldn't write a story with any cultural sensitivity about a person of color because I am not a person of color. I can only write from my perspective, a Greek American chick who grew up in Chicago in a large family on welfare, etc,etc,etc. That perspective is my honesty but I can write any characters into my story that I wish and their personalities and behaviors can be completely irrespective of race and even gender, if I chose. That, is what some of us are looking for. Its done on stage , in theatre , all the time. And it's beautiful. Hollywood needs to get with the
I thought about an assignment a college prof gave to us in a freshman sociology class back in 1972 when sexism was a huge part of the national discussion. We were to spend the week substituting the word 'he' for 'she' in any and all reading we did. It was incredibly powerful. Try it. Tho I don't think it will be so powerful today because we have come a 'long way, baby'. Remember, back then almost everything was written using the masculine as a matter of course . I wonder if we all could spend a week substituting in our minds eye a person of another race or color into everything we see on TV and then start talking from that point. Could be interesting.


I have a question for all the blacks and liberals here. When exactly has Africa or ASIA shown whites in their movies? Yes, they do make their own movies there.


I just wish people would stop going to see his films. I do believe he is a pedophile and Hollywood has protected him for too long. When you have an affair with your wife's daughter then something is wrong with you. We need to stop rewarding this pig and punish him by not paying to see his films. I don't care how talented other people think he is I always found his films extremely boring. The public needs to stop making him richer than he already is.

Stephen Platt

This is corporate America at it's core….This IS how Affluent whites see black Americans….as an after thought…so this is no surprise…It's been this way since our "induction" into America…..Stay in the background of life…..unless you are needed to serve …..ME…..
Woody's not the only one, there are several major motion pictures that have excluded blacks …..We should not have to depend upon Tyler, Oprah, or Spike….for a chance to show that WE are the the most important factor ….that is woven into the FABRIC of America


That's interesting considering he doesn't need a reason to use jazz music in his films. Regardless of the subject, regardless of the location, each film of his I've seen has relied heavily on jazz music. Luvkily, the older he gets, the less relevant he becomes.


To me it makes sense.. He is not trying to be politically correct he is an artist he is painting the picture as he sees it. Sometimes it's very hard for people to envision something they're not used to. To them it takes away from the truthfulness of their piece. After all he is his number one critic, if he doesn't believe it he's not gonna do it. If there is a roll for a police officer dealing with racial problems at the job. I might envision a black man at the point. I think what woody is saying is he sees a canvas as white people and adding any other race has to have some sort of significance to him because he doesn't want people to question why the character is this race. The problem with that is woody has not advanced with the times because that is the thinking from 30+ years ago. Now us black folks are seen in every aspect of society, even in the Oval Office.


I think it makes perfect sense. He writes the roles and since he doesn't include black people in his life, he doesn't think of them when he's envisioning his characters. If you're imagining all your characters as busty blondes and the insipid white men bewitched by them, obviously black people won't fit your idea of what's "right for the role."


Why should anyone b surprised…this fool is lost in incest.

Carol Dale

I haven't watch anything by him since college in the 70's. Just because I couldn't stand to look at him. He was in all,of his own films. Plus when he married his daughter, that finished me off! Nasty Nasty!!!

Carol Dale

Oh he had one back in the 90's and she was a prostitute! With that nappy hair he has! It look like he has some Black in him!


I stopped watching anything Woody Allen years ago…when I noticed the exclusion of all non white actors….plus I didn't like what he did to Mia….

Tara Walker-Peterson

Tina, You are he can cast anyone he wants. But Tyler Perry does have white actors all up in his movies, do your research first thank you. Peace & blessings.


Oh my god no one says anything about Tyler Perry's movie. Last I checked every single one of them including his show has all BLACK actors. So what who cares. I'm so tired of this bullshit race card being played. Don't like woody Allen's films don't watch them and go see a Tyler perry movie instead. I watch whatever movie I think I'll like. I could care less if it's an all white cast or black. Stop calling the kettle black and being a hypocrite. This kind of nonsense is why this country will never be strong and united.


I can't believe anyone of any race would give a flying crap about any being in a Woody Allen film. Im 100% black and im offended by everybody who is in a Woody Allen film. I think he's doing blacks a favor. Whites need to do themselves a favor and not ruin there careers by being in any of his films. IMO.

cheryl davis

who cares. pedaphile pervert is what i think of when i think of this one not racism. i can deal with racial ignorance more so than a man who would molest/marry his children (adopted or not)

Rob Grant

Woody can cast whomever he likes in the stories he tells, if he is writing them from his imagination and experience he's casting them as he imagined them. Blazing Saddles would not have worked unless Sheriff Bart was a Black man, that was a great story. That is what Allen means, if the role calls for it. He casts schlubby little Jewish guys in the lead roles because the roles call for it, it is his fantasy and he wanted the work!


Who in their right mind wants to be in a movie directed by the Worlds Famous pedaphile .

jon newsome


Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.


Must be a lot more black actors on welfare and food stamps. No one wants to hire the majority of them because they don't fit into any human roles.


Then Spike Lee must be racist using mostly black charackters and not white?


never heard of a blk person begging to be in a woody allen film but this seems to be the case with a LOT OF white people when blks ignore them- they get upset and lash out! like blk people give a hoot about his dry movies its been decades since hes done a decent movie and even those ones were pretty self indulgent studenty dross!

Lucia Honeychurch

Woody Allen is one of the most overrated 'talents' of a generation; he reminds me of 'The Emperor's New Clothes.'

Personally, I'd never choose to spend one moment with Woody Allen, but I take your point.


What's wrong, not underage and Asian enough for you?


Leave Woody Alone…


Allan Konigsberg (his real name) is a JOKE. Yet, his behavior is in line with his Lineage. Pedophilia and aberrant behavior is a part of his Ashkenazi heritage. Which is why the king of the Ashkenazis converted his people to judaism. As we can see, the behavior is ingrained.

Allan Konisberg is so UGLY, nobody cares about him but his people. He is a simpleton. WE don't get it. Never got it. And still don't understand it.


Agostinho Pinnock

well, i think Allen is trying to avoid the issue by how he responds. the issue is not whether we give black people roles because they are black. rather it is that we write to reflect the sensitivities of the culture and times in which we live. most of Hollywood seems under the impression that 'normal' means white which basically means that for them to hire a black character and to write their characters as complex and dynamic is 'not normal'. how crazy is this! it is not even about the racial diversity of NYC. but simply the full range of human emotions that all people can inhabit and often embody. we are so accustomed to viewing whiteness as normative standard that we overlook to see how we silence and render invisible everyone else on account of it. the rest of the people claiming we are reading race into places it does not belong better wake up as well! cause that attitude normalises the invisibility, which affects all people – not just so-called 'people of colour'.


Yes he is an idiot in this regard. I think Woody's explanation is fine by me. The writer of this article is just trying to sling crap and start something to gain notoriety. Pathetic.


It is not that improbable that Woody Allen is biased in his casting, considering also that he grew up to a time when it was social norm to be racist. But this guy must be about 80 years old now. Whats really important is whether younger directors who are creating mainstream work are casting more diversely. Why, for example, does Chris Nolan not cast more non-white actors in his blockbuster films? Or


I would have a strong reaction to Allen's views if he were not a CHILD MOLESTER? I am happy to not see a single brown face in his work. Keep it moving.


You're reading way too far into it. Is a director not a serious director unless they have each ethnicity *star* in their films? Really tired of people painting racial issues into places there should be.


In New York, one of the most racially diverse cities on the entire planet, how is it that black people are virtually non-existent in his films?

Beside blacks, New York City has other racial and ethnical group of people does not
appear in Woody Allen's movie. So what?

So selfishness.


Please don't forget that he is also a pedophile and a molester.


Who needs Woody, make our own movies. Got to stop asking to be accepted. Get our own stuff.


I feel like he's saying that he doesn't specifically cast actors by race, but by who overall meets the part, which could included a whole list of other things, and that the fact he hasn't hired basically any black actors is not intentional, just a coincidence. I suppose that's theoretically possible, just not incredibly likely.

Willie Hill

I wonder how this would be perceived if the shoe was on the other foot? You know; Black Director using all Black Actors, relegating any White actors to background and non-speaking stereotypical roles for decades….


Don't see what the bug deal is. Tyler Perry does movies about black families and thus casts black people. Likewise woody Allen I guess. Isn't that all woody us saying? That if there was a role that called for a black person or a Chinese etc then he'd cast one but if not then he won't. Sorry writer, There's no story here.

Lins Mason

Who wants to be in a film directed by this child molester anyway


The comments and Allen are a great example of "White people continuing to not get it." and also "Having trouble accepting that non-white people are just as human as they are."

Woody Allen painted himself into a corner and thought he got out of it. He contradicted himself so badly that I actually feel embarrassed for him. He is blatantly stating that he 'won't hire someone based on race, but will hire someone based on race'. How are you fans not seeing this?!

Say a character is a doctor, has two kids, a wife but a troubled marriage. This role would not require an actor to be any specific race, yet such a role would go instantly to a white person for no other reason that they are seen as the default race for media. It is ridiculous and if you're getting angry at people trying to explain this to you then you really need to listen. It isn't about white people feeling 'guilt', it is about white people having some sense of empathy. Make some kind of attempt to understand others who don't carry your social status.

And for those using Jewish as en excuse. Jewish is a sense of religion, not a race. Anyone of any ethnicity can be Jewish. This is apparently something Allen doesn't understand, if he is indeed writing from such a perspective.


Woody Allen is a product of his generation and a time when people of color were virtually absent from mainstream cinema except in the most stereotypical roles.


He's saying he doesn't go out of his way to hire a black actor unless the role calls for it, as written. Otherwise, he doesn't consider race and just hires the right talent for the part.

You're being deliberately obtuse.


I can imagine a film by Woody Allen created specifically for an all-black cast would be hilarious for all the wrong reasons. He hasn't actually captured that wide a range of white characters either, has he?


This is a really irresponsible article from what is generally an excellent media source. The tabloid style implication is just fishing for negativity and is asking people to run wild with a silly accusation. There is no requirement to cast people of a certain race that don't fit the narrative just so that race is more equitably represented. When you think about it that behavior is more racist than anything else and patronizing to the cause against racism.


This article's writer is an idiot, he should write for TMZ or some tabloid crap, not Indiewire.


Only if the role requires it! Now think about what that means. Are the roles given to white people require white people?


"… Horrified when the subject was brought up."??? Give me a break! Woody Allen is just like Earnest Hemmingway. He (or they) use black people as things on the landscape without any grounding. In Allen's case, when he does give a black person a speaking part, it is a prostitute. That is hiring, "…as needed…"?

His movies, whether they make money or not, serves a certain purpose in the supremacist empire.

A few years ago, Woody stated emphatically, "If black people want to be in movies, they should make them themselves." This is on the public record. So, there. Generally speaking, that is not a bad idea.

None of my friends can understand why I like Woody's work and only my artists friends find him funny.

D. W. Griffith was a brilliant filmmaker and so is Woody. Malcolm said, "You will be surprised from where good ideas may come." The foul has proven to be entertaining quite often in film and they have gotten a pass for it.

The irony in all this is that he made a film about the Hollywood Ten. Was he really conscious of their spiritual and progressive goal?

That guy who approved the "Poor Door" for the city he often goes to a black country where he purports to have black friends.

Perhaps, it is that Woody grew up in a time when only whites were on film and that image has never left his head. That is his vision of the movies. Let him be. He can do worse than shutting us out of his movies.


Remember when some white actors had to changed their names before they could get hired for certain roles. Seems like things have never changed, it's just that black actors can't hide the color of their skin.


If Woody Allen writes a script and thinks, Cate Blanchett fits for the main part, then it's his right to ask Cate Blanchett. If he thinks Dianne Wiest fits for the role, then he'll ask Dianne Wiest. And if he wishes to work with Penelope Cruz, then he'll call her.
What do you want him to do? Shall he say "Oh, Marion Cotillard fits for that part but I'll give the role to Kerry Washington because that's the political correct choice."?


OMG obvi racist!!

Ronny Jenkins

This is a pointless article. Any smart person can see that he writes about a very specific culture, upper east side yuppies. Do you really trust Woody to write in black culture and get it right? My goodness!!!!


Always thought he was a bit of dick….a little dick at that. Never ever will watch another one of his movies. To coin his phrase, I don't watch films based on race, I watch films made by humans. This guy is a bigot and a child molester.


One day Allen will write a movie and there will be a scene where someone gets robbed. He can hire a black guy for that part.


It's a free world, he hires whoever he wants for his movies. There's no racism in it, he writes stories about the Upper white/jewish class, that's his thing.

Did you complain about the lack of white main characters in Menace II society?

Patricia Green

That's because he writes about life in Manhattan. As everyone knows there are no blacks in Manhattan. NYC is an upper middle class utopia where even the maids and nannies are white. For Woody Allen to insert a black person into the cast of one of his movies would be disingenuous. <—- (Insert ANGRY eye roll here.)


I've never seen a Woody Allen film. The reason is because he writes and directs films that are about self centered, neurotic, privilege white people like him…that's all he knows. Why would I ever expect him to write and direct a film that calls for the main character to be a black actor? There are other Black writers and directors other than Tyler Perry doing great work, Lee Daniel, Issa Rae, Shonda Rhimes, Spike Lee, Dee Rees…let's give them a shot at telling our story. I am sure they can do a better job.


The only Woody Allen movie I saw was MELINDA MELINDA, and that was only because Chiwetel Ejiofor was in it.
Rich whites can go thru most of life and deal only with other whites. A lot of rich and famous blacks marry white because once you reach a certain economic level thats all they see. There isn't a lot of us up there.
Since he writes about whats in his heart and mind, judge him by his personal life. He had an affair with his underage adopted daughter and married her, his ex wife hates him, his son hates him.

Dave's Deluxe

You'd be waiting a long time to get John Hughes in the Reagan-80's to admit his "teen angst" comedies needed more black people in them. "Where are the black people in 'Ferris Bueller' and 'The Breakfast Club'?" would have had you committed. Yet by all accounts, Mr. Hughes was a perfect gentlemen without an angry bone in his body. How could this be?

Woody's viewpoint is actually quite standard for many "liberal whites", who would rather believe in Bigfoot than admit inherent, institutionalized racism, built by years of majority privilege, exists within their own hearts. They have the woeful belief that because they've never "outwardly oppressed another" (never even used the N-word!), they could never be "racist".

I'm not mad at Woody. He is expressing his truth, an antiquated belief that works for him. His body of work will be judged by future generations more enlightened and evolved in matters of race relations, just as we look upon movies from the 1920's clearer eyes. His was a voice of the 1970's, and his creativity and politics shall remain so mired, even today, even tomorrow. Just as John Hughes beloved movies, and indeed, the legacy of his voice, shall remain a symbol of the '80's, and rightfully, respectfully should. (Full disclosure: I did indeed enjoy "Ferris Bueller" very much.)

But there are smarter voices on the horizon, and 25 years from now Woody's films will sit comfortably on the shelf next to the films of D.W. Griffith while new voices introduce us to new ways of creating and casting. It's already happening, slowly but surely, thank goodness. There is a new way coming, and he will not be a part of it, not even a contributor. Like D.W, Woody films will eventually become awkward victims of their own generational ignorance.

If Woody does not see the necessity to "update" his philosophy, so be it. While Scorsese and Spielberg (and even JJ Abrams) all grow as responsible filmmakers to create an accurate reality of global citizenship, if Woody chooses to remain telling his same old, golden-hewed stories of unquestioned white privilege, I say let him make his movies in peace. Let him enjoy his sunset years. He can rest. We have work to do.

Guy Ripley

This is badly written, badly argued and, most of all, completely uninteresting. Make your own film and choose who you want to be in it.


I think he has explaind enough, dunno what part you did not understand?

Monea McClain

My response, so what and who cares! You can't expect a lemon to give you milk. If Directors are limited to their limited schemes others are waiting in the wings to branch out. Spike Lee gave many a Caucasian actor their debut which has paid off well for many of them. But as well Spike Lee has given many an Actor of color their debuts. Those have paid off well. So, to negate the political correctness I want good Actors that represent the world I live in, a diverse world with many beautiful stories. Those who wish to limit their palette, fall on your own sword please. The world of film is an evoker of change. As far as the comment on darker skin tones and lighting, come out of the stone age please. Again carrying on! ACTION!


1) it's the cinematographer's task to design a color palate that will accomodate black actors…a good deal of thought has to go into it. wesley is darker than denzel, so the palate changes. Artistically, it yeilds intetesting results, using light differently.

2) some states offer tax rebates for hiring black actors in lead/main roles.


I think its funny he's a pedophile that married his daughter and this is what you think is disturbing.

troll #2

my question is, why does not tyler perry ever cast a black woman to play madea? could tyler perry donning a wig and skirt be to sexism in film, what blackfacing is to racism in film? that a strong black woman is not worthy enough in tyler perry's eyes to play the lead female character of a black female movie franchise? by the way, i have never seen a tyler perry movie.


This is hilarious. ANY role can be written black…a doctor, lawyer, actor, librarian. Allen seems to be under the mistaken impression that black characters must ACT black (whatever that even means), and cannot be interchanged with white characters. Not all black people talk jive, listen to hip hop and play basketball. Just about any one of Woody's past characters could've been played by a black actor without changing a single line of dialogue.


People say being PC limits creativity? They're saying this as it pertains to Woody Allen, who stubbornly stands in a comfort zone of "neurotic-jewish-guy-does-something-in-NYC" narratives? They think asking something different of him would *limit* his creativity? Weirdness.


I'm proud to say I've NEVER seen a Woody Allen film, although I like Cate Blanchett and was kind of interested in "Blue Jasmine." But Allen also, to the best of my knowledge, doesn't have Asians in his film, and he's married to one!! But as one poster stated, and I agree, I think he makes his films for himself. And casts men that he'd like to be and women that he'd like to be with.

That being said he did contradict himself, and I will tag on to what @JENB says. If casting for Allen or any film made by a white filmmaker were based on talent alone, and not race, then people like Andie MacDowell, Allison Williams, Katie Holmes, Vince Vaughn, Christian Slater, and countless other "fill-in-the-blank" white actors wouldn't have careers. Because those, and others, my friends, are some of THE least talented people afforded countless opportunities in the industry. … There is an assumption that EVERY black person in America comes from the same socioeconomic background and experience. That we're all a monolith, devoid of unique qualities, characteristics, interests and experiences. … If Allen, and others like him, would take a moment to get their heads out of their asses and engage in the world they might realize that.

Additionally, he's certainly never cared about garnering a mass audience and, apparently, neither do his investors. I've always wondered how he's able to continually get his films financed since his more recent work — with the exception of "Blue Jasmine" — in the last 15, 20 years has not been considered critical faves.

And while I don't think Allen should succumb to the PC police, I think the main reason people question the lack of ethnicity in his films is the same reason people questioned a TV show like "Friends." … I don't care how much money one has, you cannot be white in New York City and avoid having any kind of interaction with people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. …

If he lived in Utah or North Dakota and his films took place there, then, OK. It's far, far more plausible. But New York! Really? … Additionally, he's got a hard-on for jazz, so it's not as if he's not in touch or knowledgeable about the black aesthetic. … I would think that a filmmaker who is such an aficionado of the genre would have attempted to write at least one screenplay about
a jazz musician who is black.

Jon Thompson

He never said he won't hire a black actor, he just said he specifically won't look for one unless the role calls for it. That means any actor can get almost any role in his movie. Considering that WOODY ALLEN and his long time producer sister still has to make the rounds to investors for money, I'm not surprised that he jumps on the first white name he can find. Plus he's white, he writes for white roles just as I, a black man, wrote for black roles. Could you really see a black man in the lead role for "Magic in the Moonlight" or even "Midnight in Paris?" Stop looking to white people for your liberation, it's not going to happen. That's not a white thing, it's a human thing.

Melisse Barrett

Oh, c'mon. Woody Allen has been around forever, and I don't think he was ever going to succumb to political correctness. He has his genre, and so do a lot of filmmakers. Do you really expect him to deviate from what he knows (white, Jewish, etc). And is that so horrible? I really don't get the relevancy of this. Would you expect Spike Lee to do a film related to a white, middle class person? Of course not. Woody's films deal with his realm, as do others. We shouldn't dictate vision, just appreciate it.

    paul s uriaz

    if you have to accept anyone on the basis of the color of their skin and not talent or adaptability to the artistic subject matter, then your are lying to yourself creating a facade of exceptence

kenny ray

you know, i knew there was a reason i never watched any of his shit…


…and you can BELIEVE that NO ROLES in Woody "I Married My Stepdaughter" Allen's movies call for people of color unless they happen to be prostitutes or other unsavory characters. Especially if the film takes place in NYC because as we ALL KNOW the center of the known universe is absolutely DEVOID of ANY and ALL ethnicity…yeah, keep paying $16 a pop for a monochromatic view of the world…

Steve M. Goldstein

Political correctness is the death of creativity, comedy and moving about freely without a stick up one's ass.


I say who cares! I don't think it has anything to do with a "not wanted black people in his film", I think it's just his vision. And if he sees white people in his vision, then he does. I don't think he guilty or should feel guilty about it.


Total effing hatchet job. Hey Sergio – whoever you are – when did you stop beating your wife? If you're lucky enough to have one.

Cherokee rose

Where the hell did all these people in the comments section come from, they're clearly not frequent visitors of this blog if you catch my drift. Heaven forbid a writer from a site that clearly states they examine "cinema of the African diaspora" raise a legitimate question regarding the lack of diversity in Woody Allen's films.

It's funny how most of these self professed white commenters take no issue whatsoever in Woody Allen's alternate New York City where black people only exist on the periphery. And drawing a Boyz N The Hood parallel is ridiculous since #1 the article was referencing Allen's 40 plus filmmaking career and not just one movie and John Singleton has directed enough movies white characters to make that point moot and #2 Boyz took place in a particular place in which most white people would not dare venture so it would be inauthentic to stick white people in that film, the same does not apply to the uber culturally diverse NYC.

All I see here is just a bunch of Allen apologist who simply jizzed all over themselves when they saw his name and clicked the article not knowing what it is we do here. Oh well, they'll all be gone by tomorrow and the rest of us will go back to business as usual. Besides Woody is a freaking pervert who married his wife's daughter and had at best a questionable relationship with his own daughter so have fun white people. Continue to laud him and grossly overrated movies. I couldn't care less if he puts black people in them. I still won't watch either way.

Miles Ellison

He only hires black actors if a role calls for one, but none of the roles he writes ever does. Funny how that works. On the other hand, do you really want him writing roles for black people? If he did, how many black people would actually watch that movie, particularly if there was a Medea/Think Like a Man/Best Man film opening on the same weekend?


It probably means he won't hire a black actor unless a role calls for one, you unfit dullard.

Coon Coons

I'm a successful white indie filmmaker and I hire black actors all the time. I hired one to play a tough, uneducated street thug, another as a drug dealer, yet another as a prostitute, and in my new film I hired one to be the maid. I pay them in watermeleon and Newports.

Hugh McD

Oh just go and die, Sergio. I'm tired of witch hunt journalism.


Listen, I want to support my brothers and sisters of color as much as any of us, what people like this author fail to address is that Woody Allen is as far removed from the black community, if not the film community, if not the human race, as much as the majority of most white people in rural communities, and ironically, in high society settings. You wanna understand Woody Allen's statement. Get invited to a party on the Upper East Side's 5th Avenue. Then ask yourself how many people of color you experience around you.

I don't need Woody Allen to write for black people. Do you? Do you honestly believe he CAN write for a person of (any) color? Yes, I'm with everyone here that it's pathetic he can't, or more simply cannot see that a person of color COULD play some of the roles in his films if he was presented actors of color by his casting director, Juliet Taylor. Maybe she's not convincing him hard enough, maybe she knows he'll never do it. Who cares? Even if he cast Chiwetel Ejiofor in Colin Firth's role in MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT (or an actual Asian actor), wouldn't some of y'all just say he's playing a token white person role AGAIN?

If I want to see more cultural representation, I can do so. Were that many of you really that excited when BULWORTH came out? Maybe because Halle Berry looked fine as hell, but Warren Beatty making a film about the black community did not excite the vast majority of you. Y'all aren't passing around VHS copies of 6 DEGREES OF SEPARATION if you want to watch Will Smith. Complain all you want, but you are not convincing this sister that Woody Allen's opus of racial inclusion would make you any more a fan of his, even if it was in his wheelhouse to try it on.


What really upsets me is that fact that everyone in the comments is defending him and others alike (basically most most directors/writers). Why can't people understand that PoC, or more specifically black people in this case, are individuals and have different personalities, likes, dislikes and so forth. We are not all the same. Why is it that you see many different characters being played by a white person? They can be anything in films, they can play any kind of role. But a black person can only play a role if the role CALLS for it. Meaning that "black people are all the same and in my movies they can only play a stereotype because black people can never be anything other than a stereotype." They can never be living a life similar to that of a white person? This small minded thinking is sickening. People really believe that there aren't black people out there with the personalities of Woody Allen's characters.


I think you should propably find another job other then writing. Or at least come up with something better.
Really tired of this type of cheap and silly journalism.

Taryn Nicole

I read his comments a few times, then read the comments here. On one hand, he's right. You should hire a person based on their character, unless the role specifically calls for a black person. On the other hand, you mean to tell me of every movie over 40yrs, not one person was ever deemed qualified? I find that hard to believe. Then he feels the need to prove his acceptance of my people by dropping names of people he knows or are friendly with. That is the easiest way to show that your ignorant omg I your own small-mindedness.
To the people commenting in here, why is it that whenever someone said he doesn't write for black people, they automatically associated it with a struggle or our history? You're so brainwashed you don't even see the issue. That's the roles we are praised for: we either have to be struggling or slaves. You've come to accept that those are the roles that should be written for black people. That's what defines us. Do you not see the implications? We are MORE THAN THAT. So those persons are just as clueless as Woody and anyone else who doesn't see the issue.
I also want to comment to the people that brought up Spike Lee films and Bollywood films. Look at why they were created. We were being misrepresented by Hollywood. We didn't have a voice. So we created our own. Spike Lee actually has all races and uses the same people because he's independent. Bollywood films relate to the Indian culture. Neither of those types of films are seen as the international standard. Hollywood determines that. And Hollywood says that a white person is the superior being. Deny it as much as you want. You wouldn't understand unless you had to walk a day in my shoes. Oh but wait, apparently that means my life is a struggle.


Last night I watched two films which were absent of black actors — The Grand Budapest Hotel and "Noah" (yeah… we've been there and done that (ad nauseum, anyone?). However, as with the Grand Hotel and Noah (crappy movie btw) and Woody Allen's films, the misrepresented or absent black actor didn't spring to life the emotions I felt upon reading this post –BAMBOOZLED, TRICKED and F'KD once again.

See, after pondering the "whatevers" I decided to rest my mind at one of S&A's lower back rooms. I opened the door and there sat a little old man counting a bounty of gold bullion. I asked his name, he replied, "my name — Jose Jemenez". I was hesitant to call him a liar but I'd swear I've heard that voice before and his name was not Jose. Then, unexpectedly, without prodding, the man surrendered "My name is Sergio Mims". OMG! The look on my face must have preceded the impeding doom I was about to cast upon his bald head. So, in a soft voice he spoke again… "Please Mr. CareyCarey, don't expose me. A brotha gotta eat and Tambay pays me by the "clicks" so I'm just doing what a man gotta do". Now, okay, I understand the motivation of those street corner guys who bug the sh*t of passing motorist with all sorts of pandering techniques, but Sergio had a king's ransom. So when I asked him about that small technicality he smiled and said "I've been doing this a long time".

CURSES! I soon realized I'd been hoodwinked, bamboozled F'KD once again… drawn into another frivolous debate on the never ending saga of the man with no face, no home and no color, all because of one man's greed.

Well Sergio, as Tupac said "I ain't mad atcha… got nothin' but love for ya. Do your thang boy.


wow the comments really show how ignorant some people really are. I think it's so weird how white people assume that their world is unique and that a black, asian, latino person could never have the same job,family, or experience. 99% of Hollywood films do not require a white person, but they consider on white actors. If it was truly about talent and not race, casting calls would be open to all races, and the best actor would be chosen. I really think that white people assume that if a black person is the star of the film they character must live in the ghetto, use ebonics, and the whole plot centers around racism. The excuse "i'm white so I can only create white characters" is pathetic. How about creating a human character, and then cast whoever plays the role the best? It's sickening how some people devote their time to making sure they never come into contact with anyone with melanin in their skin. I just don't understand the thought process of some of you people. Was this ignorance taught or is it genetic? A white person shouldn't worry about "black experience." Just create a character, if a black actor give the best audition, hire him!


Come on Indiewire – are you going to start publishing this kind of click-bait drivel?

Despite what the author of the article ("Sergio") states, there is nothing contradictory about Allen's statement regarding hiring or not hiring people of color in his films. One would expect that someone who purportedly writes for a living would be able to comprehend Allen's words.

And in any case, what is so deplorable about Allen's films being so white? The bulk of Allen's films deal with the trials and tribulations of characters whose socio-economic status places them in the upper class. That's Allen's milieu. Without meaning to be controversial (because there is nothing controversial about the following), the upper classes tend to be pretty white.

It seems that demanding that Allen bring more people of color into his films is simply advocating tokenism for the sake of meeting some arbitrary PC quota. It's ridiculous.


Good clickbait, Sergio.


He is right, and vice versa.

Kenneth Stevenson

This article is nonsensical and looks to create divisive conversation about film rather than inspire stronger collaborations. The viewpoints held by the author are popping up all across the country in all aspects of life and vocations. Racism exists; there is no denying that. But the man is pretty direct in saying that he casts based off of who he deems is right for the part.

There is an incredible amount of pressure to do right by the world through Bechdel Tests and these other arbitrary methods of representing truth, but let's not start demanding it as an end-all-be-all way to create art. Seems pretty tacky and is being exploited right now.


It's called poetic license. He should not explain to anyone about your writing, and I think his arguments are really valid.

Scott Rose

Why are there no Jewish characters portrayed in a good light in any of Spike Lee's major movies?


The basic point that the article makes is that this is historically typical in most major films. Films with white leading roles are generally considered "for everyone", whereas ones with black and brown leading roles are often "for black people", or are intended to address "urban" or "minority" issues pretty specifically. If you deny that that trend exists, well, then most Hollywood movies are probably made with people just like you in mind. Here's a challenge: Try to come up with say, 10 major films from the past 5 years where that's NOT the case. Good luck.


You ask what we think about it? Here's what I think:
I think you are spinning intrigue out of thin air. He said if the role requires black actors he will hire a black actor. He just means he won't go out of his way to hire a black actor because he is black. The real question is: are you spinning trouble because Woody Allen is Jewish?
By the way it's interesting that you mentioned he is the "typical liberal New Yorker, who also loves to play jazz" Odd…Allen has not lived in New York in many years… Why would you describe him as a typical New Yorker? Odd that you don't mention he is Jewish…


A vast amount of these comments suggest that the idea of Allen writing about black people's stories would be absurd. I'm not going to disagree with that, if we're talking about Allen making a film about slavery, oppression or any other struggle that exclusively effects black people/POC.

But let's just note that you could easily place a black actor or a non-white actor in a race-neutral role, as one would argue that many of Allen's characters could be race-neutral. Swap Zoe Saldana for Scarlett Johansson in Vicky Christina Barcelona, Rosario Dawson for Rachel McAdams in Midnight in Paris, Idris Elba for Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Match Point. Do you see my point? This isn't even to excuse Allen (or any other filmmaker) for not writing roles specifically for POC, as this whole idea that filmmakers can be blind to race when casting their films whilst maintaining near all-white casts is frankly ridiculous, and the underrepresentation of POC in mainstream cinema is something that needs to purposely be addressed, but the fact remains that Allen doesn't /need/ to be some kind of expert on 'black stories' or 'black history' in order to put Black people in his films.


"Not unless I write a story that requires it. You don’t hire people based on race. You hire people based on who is correct for the part." That's 'what it means' indieWIRE, and it's completely reasonable. Get your shit together, the more clickbait you post the closer I get to unfollowing.


im a white fimmaker and ive done only a couple of shorts, both of them have black actors in it (one of them the main two actors are black), but i hired them just because they acted well. they were films not based on anything but a situation so when i called for actors, it didnt really matter, i called for all types of people. chinese, indian, black, white, everyone showed for the audition. (i was in London)

but i have to agree with Woody Allen in this one. i dont think he is even thinking about race, he is just thinking: this is what i know, this is my story, these are the actors Im drawn to, if they are black or not, it doesnt matter.

you dont go to a Bollywood film and ask that, do you? and that is because… its totally irrelevant. you might argue: there are not many black people in India. ok. but there are not many black people in the Upper East Side of New York either…


Woody Allen hasn't made or set a film in New York in years. Clickbait.


As a filmmaker, I can understand his point. I don't really have any black friends, I don't know much about the black experience… Why would I force myself to write about something I know nothing about? There are great black filmmakers who focus on black issues, and I am interested in their work. I have never written about Armenians, Mongolians or Inuits either.


I think you could conclude that he's saying he'll never hire a black actor, because it will never call for it.

I guess he'll never hire a black actor for his films unless the person is so undeniably right for his script.

Keil S.

Woody's no more racist than this "black issues only" column. Yawn. You should be more upset about the stereotyping of black people by black filmmakers than whether or not a 70+ year old white Jewish New Yorker is putting black people in his films, but I suppose you have to have something to bitch about to keep this column alive. I'm sure if Woody inserted a black actor in his next film, as just one of the myriad white intellectuals conversing around a table at an upscale Manhattan restaurant, you'd probably say he was shamefully manipulating us to believe he's not racist, or that he was putting politics above proper casting, or that he had finally cast a black actor but didn't know how to truly write for one, etc.


Woody's movies are all about white people because the comedy comes form subtely mocking RICH WHITE PEOPLE. I'm sure Woody would like ot take on a story that is about the experience of being an african american or even go as far as to satirize that experience but I dont think it makes sense to expect that he would be comfortable doing that. If anyone knows much about Woody Allen, it's that he sticks to the body of work that he knows. He's interested in improvising and cashing in and delivering on the thing that he knows best. White, Trivial Plights. Yes it is valid to say that if he thought about it, he could make a charming truly woody style story about a rich african american group of characters and it would perhaps be an attainable success for him to do so because it would be a nod to the fact that black and white people can no longer walk around pretending that their lives are so very different. Even though privilaged parties of both race tend to do it… But dont attack Woody and assume he has disregard or low expectations for working with Black actors or telling tose stories. It's probably the opposite. Knowing Woody, he's probably not too thrilled about doing things that are outside of his coveted comfort zone.

Mignon Moore

The man married his daughter so he clearly does not make good decisions.

David Foster

I'm a white filmmaker… and my films have a lot of white people in them. I find it offensive that people think I should cast an African American woman in a role I wrote based on my culture experiences in a "white world." To me that completely invalidates the complex and beautiful life experiences of that African American woman. I don't know if I'm capable of writing rolls for most African Americans. I'm not opposed to it, but I'm pretty sure if I attempted to do so I'd be unintentionally insensitive and mess the whole thing up.

Have you ever noticed that almost any time a filmmaker tells a story about a people group other than their own, said people group nearly always bashes the film and accuses the filmmaker of being racial incentive and misrepresenting their people. But, if the same filmmaker simply makes films about the things and the cultures they know and understand, people who aren't included in that world cry out "discrimination?"

On another note, I'm also gay… and I find it very frustrating when straight folks think they understand what it's like to be gay and attempt to tell "my" stories. As much as I don't WANT to be defined by my sexuality, in our (still somewhat) homophobic world, my sexuality HAS resulted in a lot of VERY SPECIFIC life experiences that only other gay people can fully relate to and articulate. Like wise, in our (still very) racist world, the color of a person's skin STILL affects their life experiences… I wouldn't dare assume to understand those experiences.

So, my question is… African American community… do you REALLY want this honky, Mid-west farm boy from Missouri trying to tell your unique, complex beautiful stories? Asian Americans, do you really want me to cast you in any ol' roll… just to be fair? Aren't our unique life experiences worth more than that?

I get it that LA and NYC are diverse, but even living here in LA, my stories still tend to be pretty "white," because that still tends to be my sub-culture and my experience… even in LA. The city IS diverse, but many of our subcultures are not – and that's not necessarily bad. I venture to guess that Woody Allen's sub-culture is not NEARLY as diverse as the whole of NYC.

Now, if we want to have a discussion about the lack of opportunities afforded to minorities to make films and to tell their stories, THEN we can have a discussion!

There are FAR TOO MANY of us white guys out there telling our stories… I agree we need more diversity in films… BUT don't put it on Woody Allen to do so. I sure as hell don't want Woody Allen weighing in on my "gay" stories; why would the African American community or ANY other community (besides the caucasian, ex-hippy, nihilistic Nietzschean old New Yorker community) want him to weigh in on the complexities of theirs?


His statement makes logical sense – but even so, it's still racist: He hires white actors even when the story "doesn't require it" almost exclusively.

Sam E.

How ridiculous, that Jewish guy in his eighties is writing movies about white people Woody Allen should start trying to make the next Do the Right Thing.


I'm African American and it makes perfect sense to me. If the role doesn't call for it, it doesn't make sense to change it just so you can have a black, hispanic, asian or white actor or actress included in the film. Simple enough.


Yeah, I used to love me some Woody back in the Annie Hall, Manhattan days but that soon cooled off with subsequent movies that were all white. Woody only cares about the world of WASPs. The only Jews in his world are stereotypes. I always wondered why Jewish people don't complain about that. Maybe that's why he's been in Europe so much, I know he couldn't get funding in the states anymore, maybe that's why, a Jewish backlash. Anyway, it's interesting that he would like BLACK PEOPLE MUSIC, just not BLACK PEOPLE. Typically American I guess, like the WASPs he likes so much.


Why not put your last name in your byline "Sergio?" Oh yeah, because you're a troll and a hack…and a moron…and…

Joseph Powell

The same could be said about Scorsese and a host of other filmmakers who film in racially diverse cities. All the more reason that filmmakers, black and POC, should make their own films, that are more inclusive of various races, etc.


How does this not make sense? He doesn't hire based on race, which means he's not going to hire a black actor just because he's black. If he wore a part that required it be played by a black actor, he'd cast a black actor. Seems pretty simple and logical to me, and since Woody writes movies set in a world where there are very few, if any, black people, I don't see the problem.


Since he writes his own films, and since he sets his films in NYC, the most racially diverse city on the planet, yeah, it's an issue. The problem isn't so much (to me) that he's not casting blacks in race-neutral roles; the problem is that he's not writing black roles. He's not making the most of the palette (NYC) from which he works.

Stefan Alexander

Interesting how defensive of Allen and his "artistic license" most of these comments are. Your raising of this issue is totally appropriate, and just because it is controversial does not automatically make it clickbait either.

Allen is a major artist who we are free to question and query; great artist or not, he is not above reproach. Of course he is free in return to ignore the criticism (or be defensive as he was) and continue to make his art unchanged.

He says he does not discriminate in casting, yet there are virtually no POCs in his films. These are undisputable facts, and a very questionable disconnect.

The main trend I have witnessed in his casting is to rope in the latest "hot" Hollywood actors into his films, with a smattering of veteran character players. At all times he has a good (albeit more limited) selection of POC actors to call upon. Surely some of these are equally good for the roles he creates.

If he were truly colour blind than statistically speaking his casts would naturally tend to include at least some these nonwhite actors.

Whether this indicates racism, drawing exclusively from his insular bourgeois worldview, or some combination, remains open for debate.

It is a very legitimate trend to observe and comment upon. Thank you for discussing it.


I don't think Woody Allen knows much at all about black culture in NY, just like Spike Lee probably doesn't know much about NY Jewish intellectual culture. Make films about what you know, otherwise it just feels forced.


The writer is clearly trying to incite an issue that does not exist. Woody Allen has a vision in his head when he writes and he clearly sees a 'white' person. So what? Is the writer demanding that writers interchange actors based on the colour? What an ass!


Of course, he's right: that one shouldn't hire black actors unless it's organic to the film. The issue would be what kind of rarefied world does Allen live in that there are no black people around?

Up In The Balcony

Music to my ears! RACE BAIT… I'm black so I'll bite.

"I can't make you love me if you don't cause you can't make a heart feel something that it won't"

"Please, not today… try reading to yourself but please stop singing"

** Black Statler and his buddy, the singing black cowboy, Mr. Black Waldorf, heard the crowd mention the alleged child molester's (Woody Allen) name. Black Waldorf expresses his feelings via a few song lyrics**

"Love the one your with"


"I can't make you love me if you don't"

"What… what are you babbling about now?"

"Ain't no fun when the rabbit's got the gun [ … ] I guess change is good for any of us. Whatever it take for any of y'all ni**az to get up out of the hood. Sh*t, I'm wit cha, I ain't mad at cha, got nuttin' but love for ya, do your thing boy"

"Please tell me what's going on?"

"Damn Stat, don't you get… FU*K WOODY ALLEN! Why should I give a fk about what he says or does. It's his freakin' movies so I'll let him tell his lies and I ain't made at him?"

"Don't you watch his films?"

"Yeah… and I thoroughly enjoyed Blue Jasmine but I don't need to know his position on any worldly affair"

"But he said he wouldn't hire black actors unless…"

"Hold it… unless what? Unless he needs a vehicle to pimp and pander to the black audience… like that horrendous "Get On Up"?


"But my ass. And quiet be kept, this issue is a two-headed monster. Listen, last night I watched Lullaby starring (among others) Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard. Hell, a movie with TWO black actors… so I was all over it. UGH… need I say more. Jennifer and Terrence were merely black bait. Don't get me wrong, the movie has strong performances by a few seasoned actors but Hudson's and Howard's… ugh"


Certain film roles are colorless but not in the case of Allen. Woody makes Jewish new yorker films for Jewish new yorkers.

R. Martin

There's an old proverb I live by…. "People are unable to discern your level of intelligence on a topic if you remain silent".

Sergio… Unfortunately this is an article which will define your level of intelligence for years to come.

Do Better!

Mark and Darla

Love and still love Woody Allen movies from the 70's and will continue to view them, don't care for his work today. Never asked myself 'where the black people at' to mesmerize by Woody Allen neurotic nerdy body functions, hair style and speaking voice.


What he means by his response, that has seemed to allude you, is that he will hire someone of color if the part calls for it. He does not discriminate against hiring people of color he just does not write about them often. Probably because he writes what he knows. People do not go to see the next Allen film to watch his take on 'The Color Purple', they predominantly go to see a film about neurotic New Yorkers with great wit. Just like if I wanted to read something irrelevant and dull I would look and see what else YOU have written.

Steve Holmes

So glad to see these responses. But let me add one other thing: NYC is not the big melting pot we make it out to be. Every group in New York creates its own enclave and the inhabitants rarely stay to other groups


Who cares!


I love his work. Who cares if he doesn't have any Black people in his films? Not everything has to be inviting or open to Black people (or White people when it comes to Black films) and it's okay for non-Black people to have things that have nothing to do with Black people.

Mekeva McNeil

This was a waste of time and energy. It is not up to Woody Allen to cast black people or write parts for us. Why do we keep expecting white writers and directors to do for us? We have to create the work for ourselves. Woody Allen's work don't include people of color. Never has. We are not his subjects and that is ok.


I think some of it is generational. It seems to me that he has always walked in the wealthy, neurotic liberal circles of New York intellectuals – the type who support Civil Rights, but don't mix well with others.

If you look at the work of younger people he has influenced, you'll begin to see more diverse portraits of the city and those circles. SUPPORTING CHARACTERS (Daniel Schechter's movie co-written with Tarik Lowe and starring Tarik and Alex Karpovsky and Melanie Diaz) immediately comes to mind.

That's not to excuse him. I would like to see him challenge himself with a more diverse films and work with younger people of color in creating his work. Indeed, the best of his more recent work sees him leaving his cherished Manhattan. Now, if he would leave it for a place that isn't also lily white. I'm afraid that you may not be able to teach this old dog new tricks, though.


Woody Allen has never had diversity in his films. He doesn't have African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, Indians (India), or Native Americans in his films. His films reflect the world that he comes from. The same as "Seinfeld" reflected the world Jerry Seinfeld came from.


Way to try and drum up hits for your blog. Readers see through this and it reflects poorly on your site.

Harrison Bergeron

Woody's movies could use more people of color. But he tells the stories he wants to tell, and he makes good movies. That in itself is largely enough.

Harrison Bergeron

Woody's movies could use more people of color. But he tells the stories he wants to tell, and he makes good movies. That in itself is largely enough.


Allen should hire who he likes.
We don't have to support it.
I never have.

Harrison Bergeron

Woody's movies could use more people of color. But he tells the stories he wants to tell, and he makes good movies. That in itself is largely enough.

Harrison Bergeron

Woody's movies could use more people of color. But he tells the stories he wants to tell, and he makes good movies. That in itself is largely enough.

Harrison Bergeron

Woody's movies could use more people of color. But he tells the stories he wants to tell, and he makes good movies. That in itself is largely enough.


So, I'm a fan of Allen's work. Albeit he has a dubious public persona, his movies are witty, interesting and creative. Would Boyz N the Hood been the same if one of the main characters was white? I'm all for incorporating diverse casts when it calls for it. If I want to make an all black movie, I'm not going to feel bad about not incorporating Asians or Caucasians. But, if I write a thriller set in San Francisco I will have a diverse cast. Doesn't make the movie less valid or unworthy of patronage.

Walter Harris Gavin

I once read an interview with a well-known "white" producer who was asked why there was a dearth of "black" screen writers and his answer was something to the effect that "black" writers needed to learn how to write "white" and then they would get hired.
That's sort of a metaphor for the entire Hollywood system, which is based upon "white-ness." It's not an "open" system where writers create characters that are "race" neutral and the call goes out for actors to show up and "the best" actors gets the role.
Allen like most folks in Hollywood think "white." The stories they tell, the characters they create are based upon how they perceive the world. And that perception is "lily white." As far as they're concerned, it's their world, the rest of us are just living in it.
Despite it's diversity, New York City, is a very segregated place, full of haves and have nots. Woody Allen's creative turf is that white cultural enclave, and POV that only has POC on its periphery, not as central characters.
Black creators just need to have both an inside and an outside game. Push for inclusion, but at the same time create our own projects that are better than anything Allen or any other "white" artist can fashion.


The fact that actors and actresses still want to star in this pedophile's movies though….

Amari Sali

Being someone who has seen more so his recent work than his "classics" from what I can tell, Woody Allen likes his actors to fit his ideal. The ideal men he would like to be, or the ideal women he would like to be with. And, as noted, when it comes to Black people, he doesn't see a place for them in his films for he doesn't care about Black actors. They aren't of his world, they are an other which are not taking into consideration. He wants the cute actress he wishes he could bone to be the star of his film, he wants the man who doesn't come off as a creep, or has dashing good looks to be his lead. As for Black people, no. Latin people, if it fits like with Vicky Cristina Barcelona then ok, but no darkies. They are to be used sparing, if at all.


Well, that's because, the default is always white my dears. Everything else is truly just "extra." Side eye…. And I hated Blue Jasmin.


"some of my best acquaintances…" #ffs

whatev. he can hire who he wants. they're his
movies. but that doesn't mean we have to support


Oh well, what one expect from a closet xenophobe?…What's New Pussycat? or should that be What's up Tiger Lillie-White?

D.E. Williams

As far as black writers and actors and actresses it has become very hard for them to be placed in movies because they aren’t being viewed as ‘right for the part’. With that being said and due to the fact that there are a large number of growing producers and directors a long with popular actors and actresses with the networks already in place that could very well assist in this matter by producing and filming blacks in roles that they ‘fit’ in despite their race. Unfortunately in my opinion Hollywood don’t see ‘blacks’ in universal roles besides ones that they have to be written into. They aren’t writing a role and say this character could be any race of actor its already written in stone. I could be wrong, so this is just my opinion. The bottom line is I don’t think that ‘blacks’ should care if someone should write for them to be placed in movies. They should look to their own networks and grow within.

Steven Burstein

One did see the occasional Black actor in Allen’s “Early, Funny Movies”, before he went almost exclusively to the rareified realms of his post-ANNIE HALL work.

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The author is being transparently disingenuous when trying to pretend not to understand Woody Allen’s comments that he doesn’t hire based on race and he’d hire a black person if the role calls for it. Obvioiusly he meant he doesn’t hire somebody whose black for a role that doesn’t call for a black person, just because they’re black, in spite of the fact that the role is a white role. For example, casting a black person to play his Jewish grandmother would be an example of hiring based on race and not on the part. Obviously it’s clear what he meant, the author has to go out of his/her way to misunderstand him in order to create a straw man to knock down. Very dishonest journalism – but in contrast to most dihonest journalism at least this case is so transparent that I doubt anybody would fall for it. I recently saw a rendition of Hamlet where the lead role was given to – get this – a black woman. And it was terrible, the mis-casting was such an extreme distraction that the whole play was ruined, in my opinion. They clearly cast her because they thought it would be cool to cast a black woman and not because she could act the part better than others who might have been more appropriate for such a part.


this is probably why his films never interested me. they seem kind of bland.

paul s uriaz

If I create films or any art that are based on the history and folklore of spain and mexico, should I be alerted to the fact that I must include a black or white person because if I do not, I may be accused of being a racist, what about creating a continuity and being realistic about ” casting for a part?”if you need to see blacks in all avenues of art, then you have a fetish in this regard, or have a blind spot , and are in need of a history lesson


The fact someone got paid for writing this stupid article and that it actually got published are a shame to the whole country. This Politically Correct trend has gone insane.


In short, there will NEVER be black people in Woody Allens films because black people don’t exist in Allen’s world even though his films tend to take place in some of the most metropolitan cities in the world.

Basically his films are urban fantasy films for the mainstream, which is how many of them will be viewed in the future. Political Correctness as some people like to spout has nothing to do with it. Tastes change and people “want” to see films that realistically represent the world that they know and see.

Robert Hefner

That is perhaps one of the stupidest commentaries I have ever seen. And it goes onto the pile with the rest of them. Might as well ask Channing Dungey why she doesn’t hire white people? After all… there are more of them than anyone else on the planet… but her TV shows are about 50 percent cast with minorities. Reverse discrimination.

All right… for those of you who can’t connect the dots… Woody Allen grew up in New York City in a small world with a personal culture of rich Jewish experiences. That THAT is what he writes about. Might as well ask why black people are not cast to play Richard Nixon, or Donald Trump. Might as well ask why white men could not play Oprah Winfrey in a movie written about her. Why not cast a white man to play the lead role of Oprah Winfrey? It really is discouraging to think of an educational system where extremely basic logic must be spelled out for people who cannot do the most basic level of reasoning. Really.

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