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Woody Allen Wants To Work With Kevin Spacey, Says Jack Nicholson Almost Starred In ‘Hannah & Her Sisters’

Woody Allen Wants To Work With Kevin Spacey, Says Jack Nicholson Almost Starred In 'Hannah & Her Sisters'

Earlier this week, we ran down The 10 Best Male Characters In Woody Allen’s Films, and one of them was Michael Caine‘s terrific turn in one of the director’s best films, “Hannah And Her Sisters.” But as always, history could’ve played out differently as Allen revealed on a recent podcast with Sad Happy Confused, in a discussion about the great actors he’s never had a chance to work with.

“I have called [Robert] De Niro, I’ve spoken on the phone to Dustin Hoffman and Jack Nicholson. Nicholson was going to do ‘Hannah and Her Sisters’ — I wasn’t thinking of Michael Caine at the time as I wasn’t thinking of an English guy. It would never have occurred to me,” he said. “”Now I am working with Joaquin Phoenix, who is a great actor, and Sean Penn [but] I just haven’t had the opportunity to work with some of our greatest — Pacino, De Niro, Nicholson — they’re as great as it gets.”

But hey, what about Kevin Spacey? You might recall that last year, the actor revealed he went out of his way to put himself on Allen’s radar. “I wrote him a letter and introduced myself as an actor he may or may not know. And I sent him a Netflix subscription, because I want him to watch my work,” he told GQ. And Spacey said Allen responded with “an absolutely wonderful letter” letting him know that he is “in contention for things in the future.” And it’s sentiment the director still has.

“I would love to work with him [Kevin Spacey] if I had anything for him I would do it in a minute.” And actually, we’d love to see that collaboration too. Who would you like to see Allen work with down the line?

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To those who suggested Jackson or Rock, Woody Allen would never cast an African-American as a lead role in one of his films… It's just not the way he does things.

David D.

Marshall Brickman?


Spacey? Something light and comical for god's sake!


I think a totally out of left field choice like Sam Jackson would be great. He could bring some crazy energy to a Woody Allen film.


Bill Murray. He might finally win that Oscar he's been after.


Chris Rock has expressed his outright passion to be in a Woody film many times. He's a huge fan and his work in Julie Delpy's "2 Days in New York" proves he's got the stuff.

Otherwise, I'd love to see what he could do with an actor like Kurt Russell. Russell has proven to be one of our most versatile actors, as well as one of the most underrated. I think a meaty Allen character role would be brilliant in his hands.


Always wanted him to work with Dustin Hoffman. Its pretty unlikely at this point, considering he won't work for scale. Gary Oldman comes to mind too if Allen ever feels like rehashing his Martin Landau character from Crimes and Misdemeanors.

As for the ladies I would kill for a Tilda Swinton-Allen collaboration. She could easily do broad comedy or intense drama in a second.

But above all I want a Diane Keaton-Allen reunion before its too late.

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