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Would It Have Been Better? Dropped Plot Details And Characters For ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Emerge

Would It Have Been Better? Dropped Plot Details And Characters For 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Emerge

Earlier this year we broke down The Best & The Worst Of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” and needless to say, there was a lot more of the latter than the former. And as with any big budget tentpole, particularly one racing to get into theaters two years after the first entry, a lot of decisions had to be made about which new characters to introduce, and which others were worth saving for down the road. One of the decisions that grabbed the most headlines was dropping Shailene Woodley‘s brief appearance as Mary Jane Watson altogether. But as it turns out, there were lots more little things that got shaved away as the movie was written and shot.

Badass Digest breaks down some of the big and small changes made in the script along the way. Among the most interesting nuggets is that J. Jonah Jameson was in early drafts (and it should be remembered that as far back as “The Amazing Spider-Man,” the character was being considered, with John Slattery and Sam Elliot among contenders for the part). There also would’ve been a bigger space of time between graduation and Gwen Stacy’s decision to go to Oxford. And perhaps most of all, the line—”With great power, comes great responsibility”—would’ve been uttered by Spidey’s Dad, Richard Parker.

There’s lots more little morsels over at Badass Digest (Electro’s Mom, whoa!), but would any of it had made the movie better if they were included? If anything Marc Webb and co. only helped the film by cutting away characters from a movie that is already stuffed with far, far too much stuff, with a needless array of villains who don’t get enough time to get fleshed out in any meaningful way. Arguably, tossing in Mary Jane would’ve only diminished the crushing emotional weight of Gwen’s death on Peter (no worries, he’s got another beautiful girl waiting for him!). And frankly, I would’ve gladly cut the ultimately useless Rhino for Jonah Jameson.

But mostly, it seems Sony didn’t learn the lessons of Sam Raimi‘s “Spider-Man 3” (by far the weakest of that series) which was so stuffed with plot and characters, at one time there was talk of splitting it into two movies. In their rush to “The Avengers“-size the franchise (with “Sinister Six” in the pipeline) they are forgetting that Peter Parker is a rich character on his own, with no need to cram as many elements as possible from the comics into the movies. With “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” rumored to be delayed until 2017, they now have time to strip things down a bit and the series in a new and better direction.

But what do you think? Would any of these things have made a difference?

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Another pile on author claiming the series needs to be fixed. The story was good the effects were fantastic and Garfield is an excellent actor. The only thing that needs fixing is Jon comic fans critiquing these epic movies. Spider man three was excellent for the first 40 mins and then fell apart from there on out. Both of these Webb sequels have been excellent. Media poking where it need not at it's finest!


Every time people write these kind of articles, they never mention about how miscasted each actors were.

Emperor Zerg Rush

Marvel keeps toying with the idea of recasting the role of Jameson but failing to acknowledge that if anything was absolutely perfect from Raimi's films it was the casting of J.K. Simmons for it.


No. These movies are trash. Comic book movies are trash. Everything about this content is trash. Here is the deal this is how every god damn comic book movie goes. Guy meets Girl. Guy gets super powers. Guy is reluctant to tell anyone. Guy after some tragedy becomes super hero. Guy gets girl. Lots of CGI violence with no blood or gore then the kiss then the end. The only thing we know is that Gwen died. Thank the lord, but then again, pretty much the same but he couldn't save her and get that kiss. Screw these bland PG-13 crapfests. They ALL SUCK. Waste of money and time. Why even see a movie when you already know the ending and all the drama. Screw this. Either start making some rated R comic book movies or freaking stop. Comic book moves are the freaking worse. I rather watch my sister tear peoples faces off. At least then I will get to see some good old fashioned violence and gore with no censored for babies crap. Eat crap and die Marvel, Webb, and anyone else who worked on wants to see or has seen any of these redundant crappy movies.

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