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A $100 Million Atlanta Studio Expansion Is in Tyler Perry’s Future

A $100 Million Atlanta Studio Expansion Is in Tyler Perry's Future

Tyler Perry wants to expand his already impressive (from what I hear; I’ve never been there) studio lot, by taking over three quarters of what was a U.S. Army military base, in East Point, Georgia. The Ft. McPherson property was once the headquarters for the U.S. Army Forces Command, the U.S. Army Reserve Command and the U.S. Army Central. It was closed three years ago.

“We needed a place where people could come by the thousands,” Perry told the board that oversees the property, describing what will be a whopping $100 million studio project.

Mayor Kasim Reed (of Atlanta) touted the project as a job creator, as well as a productive use of property no one else apparently wanted to buy.

Some nearby residents wanted the city to hold out for a buyer who would build housing and a more conventional business center. Perry vowed to be community friendly. Skeptics remained.

“I have mixed feelings,” said Juanita Crater, an East Point resident. “Because talk is cheap.”

Perry said after the meeting he wasn’t surprised that some residents would be skeptical. “Because what I find is that there is always fear when something new is coming,” Perry said. “Studios are low key and quiet.”

“But once people see me move in or get a better understanding of what’s going on, there will be a clearer understanding and all the fears will be calmed,” Perry said.

The deal is supposed to close October 15.

Atlanta is the new (Black) Hollywood… or so I hear.

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AB. Wuatson

Do ur thang Perry.

Eric Smith

We are vacationing in Atlanta next week and would like to bring my family to tour TP studios. Do we need to register somewhere online?

Myron Davis

I believe this great news for future employment of people to get hired and become successful while advancing that surrounding community. Hopefully I’ll be able to to acquire a career there in the near future."


This sounds exciting for the entire state.
Wow! I pray it does exceptionally well.
This is great news!!

Lamont Chatman

I saw the story on the news aboht the fire that brought down your old studio; congratulations to you for endeavoring in such a project. Good luck, I just know you'll do fine and prove your capabilities.


"This is GREAT news!! GO TP!" (said no one EVER!)


I really wish that Tyler Perry would have invested the 100 million in making better quality films. I have no problem with him making gospel play movies but I wish he would invest in making his characters and story more interesting. I would love if TP is not involve with the writing or directing of these movies and just produced them. Unfortunately Tyler's ego is too huge for him not to be involved with the writing, directing and acting.


I don't see this as good news. Another Tyler Perry Studios for his TV shows and Feature Films. The majority of the jobs will be temporary employment on his TV and Film projects. Why not create something like a Universal Theme Park or Disneyland type theme park where there will be permanent employment with benefits for the surrounding community.

I don't buy there were no other interested buyers in the property. There are always interested buyers, but the Mayor of Atlanta just chose Tyler Perry because he was willing to fork the bill for the property.

May I just add. The Wayans Brothers had a similar deal in California (don't know which park of California) to build a theme park, but the deal ended up falling through.


Being the new black HollyWood isn't a good thing, thats a bad thing, the amount of corruption, all those pedophiles, Atlanta already has so many gay people there, the stage is being set.

D.C. Kirkwood

Kudos to Tyler. I don't see why the Denzel Washington's, Morgan Freemans, Angela Bassett, Martin Lawrence and especially the Wayans haven't come together and created some type of studio a long, long , time ago. They were here long before Tyler. If you notice each black actor has their own individual production company but they have a problem working together as a collective black people. You trying to tell me that the Wayans and Martin Lawrence can't do what Oprah and Tyler are doing? What's their excuse? JMO


Just to give you more background, the fort is located in a low income/poor area of Atlanta just like where his current studios are now (Southwest Atlanta). Although the area is gentrifying, it's not so much an extreme gentrification (i.e. Big condos, fancy restaurants), as it is more a rebuild, reuse type deal where a lot of what is already there is being reused for locally (black)-owned shops and eateries (that are very affordable). In another article there is actual mention of space set aside for housing (I believe it did say 'affordable' in that statement).


Hope he does some serious environmental testing before signing the dotted line. Many former military installations are showing major soil and water contamination levels.


His first studio created a shot load of job so this is great news. The studio he has now is pretty amazing. We got to tour it last summer. Very professional.


Okay TP made it happen on the prod-co front. Now its time to finance outside the Hollywood pipeline.

I hope this isn't a Universal Studios tourist attraction. I hope this is a mid-sized prod-co ready to output indies and features.


It'll be good for the economy there I hope, create some new jobs for people… but there is only one Hollywood :)

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