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A First Look at Emayatzy Corinealdi on the Set of Don Cheadle’s ‘Miles Ahead’

A First Look at Emayatzy Corinealdi on the Set of Don Cheadle's 'Miles Ahead'

About a month after surpassing the $325,000 goal he set for his now-ended Miles Davis project Indiegogo campaign, raising over $343,000 in the end, principal photography has been underway on “Miles Ahead” in Cincinnati, OH. And I must say, being able to write those words puts a smile on my face, because this is a project we’ve been tracking for many years now, and I’m just glad that it’s finally getting made, after a lengthy financing struggle.

The words in the above embedded tweet tell you all you need to know about its contents.

Cheadle makes his directorial debut with “Miles Ahead,” which is set in 1979 New York, when Davis was ending his 5-year “quiet period” out of the public eye. In the script, co-written by Cheadle, Davis recruits reporter Dave Brill (McGregor) to retrieve a recording stolen from the musician’s home.

Emayatzy Corinealdi plays as Davis’ former wife Frances Taylor.

Keith Lee Stanfield, Austin Lyon and Morgan Wolk round out the starring cast.

Most of the movie is set in 1979, when Davis and journalist Brill track down the stolen recording, with flashbacks to Davis’s affair with Corinealdi’s Frances from 1956 to 1966.

“Miles Ahead” will be filmed in about 25 Cincinnati locations through August for at least 6 weeks.

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Eddie Goines

Love how ya moving Em!!!! Fantastic.

*Big shout to Don Cheadle bringing my man Miles Davis- a true artistic bad ass- to life.

Is It Just Me?

…Or was anyone else too distracted by the white male makeup artist to truly appreciate how amazing Emayatzy looks in this picture?

I hope when S&A next talks to Mr. Cheadle about this movie they push him to discuss what appears to be a lack of below the line talent. …His costume designer is a black female (kudos).
And I know there are a lot of talented makeup artists who happen to be black in Hollywood, so
why isn't one of them working on this film? … If, as black artists who have clout and credibility, at the level of Mr. Cheadle, don't hire blacks behind the scenes what message does that send to white directors and producers?

And we all know Mr. Cheadle is one of the most racially conscientious, thoughtful, and dignified black male actors working in Hollywood.

Dave's Deluxe

Miles wasn't that swole. Look at them guns, man: that dude looks like Apollo Creed. Damn, Cheadle!

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