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Actress/Writer/TV Host/Producer Tracee Loran Tells Her Story; What’s Yours?

Actress/Writer/TV Host/Producer Tracee Loran Tells Her Story; What's Yours?

Recapping the series, if you’re just joining us…

This is a feature I first ran in 2012, and it proved to be quite successful, because I received a healthy number of responses, most of which I shared right here on S&A, and all of which were well-received by readers. So I thought I’d reboot the series, and continue it, 2 years later.

In short, I know that a significant chunk of S&A’s audience comprises of actors, actresses, directors, DPs, editors, composers, etc, etc, etc. Some are able to earn a paycheck utilizing their artistic and/or technical skills; others – and I’d say the majority – are what we’ve labeled the proverbial *starving artists*, working diligently, relentlessly, struggling to climb this incredibly steep hill, trying to reach some self-defined pinnacle of success – whether personal or professional. And still others exist somewhere between the former and the latter.

Where do you fall? And, as the title of this post states, what’s YOUR story, and would you like to share it with the rest of the world?

I’m looking for your individual stories of struggle and/or success, regardless of what rung on the ladder you are currently on.

It takes a certain amount of courage to be able to be vulnerable and share one’s plight, but I suppose that’s exactly what I’m asking for; After all, not only is S&A just a source for news, its goal is also to become a community of cinema lovers where we can all share/debate/discuss/learn/teach/commiserate/etc.

Here’s your chance. You might learn something; you might teach someone something.

So what’s YOUR story? You can email me at, with “What’s your story?” in the subject line. You can submit your story in any format – written, or even documented on video. It could be a story about a current situation you find yourself in; or it could cover several days, weeks, months, or years. It could be that you just want to vent your frustrations; aspects of, or people in this business that enrage you; aspects of, or people in the industry that encourage you. It doesn’t have to be all negative, nor all positive. We’re complex people, and so I assume our stories are as well.

If you’re uncertain of how to present your story, check out past submissions here

In the second of many to come, actress/writer/TV host/producer Tracee Loran tells her story:

Did you hear the story about the former ESPN reporter who walked into the “aid” office to apply for an emergency grant and ended up on The WELFARE?As a kid growing up in the great City of Chicago, I was a HUGE sports fan and I loved to perform. So at the ripe age of ten I knew I wanted to be an actress and the best female sportscaster ever. 

Fast Forward…. Los Angeles, California, Circa 2006

I’m at the ESPY Awards standing in front of the Kodak Center on the Red Carpet (in a baaad dress) interviewing sports luminaries and celebrities…

Four years prior to King James taking his talents to South Beach, Dwayne Wade dons a cape and leads the Heat to their first NBA title.  Now he’s gliding down the Red Carpet making his way toward me. And I already know what I’m gon’ say, because my main sports partner Austin and I have been planning it since the Finals.

Tracee Loran: D-Wade, my friend and I have a new nickname for you.

Dwayne Wade: Oh yeah, what’s that?

TL: “AT WILL.”  Cuz you be droppin’ dimes on kids whenever you want.

DW: (flashing those pearly whites) That’s hot!

Yep, that was hot. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t on my way to the Sportscasters Hall of Fame.  A week prior to the ESPYs I was in England covering Wimbledon and a few months before that I was at Super Bowl XL living a dream. I counted Stewart Scott, Dan Patrick, and Chris Berman as colleagues! I was making plenty of money, covering premier sporting events, and picking up hotties because of it. (Who doesn’t love a cool sports chick?) I had a perfect credit score and I was debt free for the first time in my showbiz life.

Cue melancholy music.

You know what comes next. The Ikea rug was abruptly snatched from under me. My hiring producer left and the new dude wanted his people. And I was not one of his people.   Yeah, somebody forgot to give homeboy the right script.

“I shall not be moved!”

Determined not to be defeated I said what every reality show loser says when voted off the island, “You haven’t seen the last of me!”   I took an aggressive stance and came out swingin’ like Mike Tyson. 

I created a non-fiction sports show and liberated my entire savings to produce it.  I used my ESPN clout to gain access to my hometown Chicago Bears (and saw a lot of fat booties in the locker room. Ick!) With the help of my BFF’s dad I landed an interview with Super Bowl XX MVP Richard Dent (funny man!). The show was hot and once again I thought I was on my way to the HoF. I think you know how how this movie ends. Meeting after meeting. Rejection after rejection. Proverbial tail between my legs.  Now I’m flat broke living off of credit cards and the benevolence of my mother & grandmother to survive.

Turn that dayum music off!

Since my ESPN days I’ve had some incredibly interesting, humbling, funny, sad, crazy, and enriching experiences. And the jobs? Oh the jobs! I once stood in front of Grand Central Terminal hocking products in a wedding dress, I’ve shucked corn in the middle of Brooklyn, I’ve written a book about shucking corn in the middle of Brooklyn; I’ve been a scavenger hunt host, real estate agent, a restaurant manager, a waitress (of course!), youth mentor (still am), a Recycling Engineer (fancy title for separating the reusable junk from the junk junk), and so much more! (Ask me about the time I was hired to be a witness at a strange couple’s City Hall nuptials.)

Forget about the struggle, the journey is real.

I did fulfill the dream of that 10-year-old girl. I became an actress and a sportscaster and a pretty snazzy writer. I’ve had national television commercials, amazing reporting/hosting gigs, and I’ve had the pleasure of writing some pretty dope promos for HBO starring True Blood’s Rutina Wesley and Nelsan Ellis.

Not-so-shameless plug—take a look at the HBO spots.

I recently came up for air. Not because the windstorm is totally over, but because it was time to breathe. As painful as it’s been at times, I wouldn’t change One. Part. Of. My. Story.  Period.

“Keep on pushing…”

One thing I love about me is I don’t believe in the word “quit.” If it’s broke, fix it. I’m always changing up the game. My latest caper involves starting an online petition to be the new co-host of The View, because why in the LL Cool J not?  (Gotta be a fan of ThePJs to catch that reference.)

Another not-so-shameless plug—take a look at the petition.

Laugh until it hurts and then laugh some more.

“God has a sense of humor,” as my homie Stacey likes to say.  Yep, and He’s “always on time,” as everybody’s Grandmama likes to say.  Well, I’m certainly biding my time in Brooklyn and anxiously anticipating my next adventure. 

Oh yeah about “The Welfare.” That’s a whole ‘nother story for a whole ‘nother day. You’ll have to wait for the book…or my appearance on The View. Whichever comes first. ;-) 

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Tracee Loran

You two mangy old muppets have me in TEARS right now. That was brilliant!!!! You just made my month and it just started. HILARIOUS. Perhaps w/your muppet comedic skills + my human comedic skills we can storm the castle together. Now as my Grandmama would say, "Tracee make sure you go to church today." And I will go…online. And she'll say, "You think the Lord will be pleased?" And I'll say "Yep, G'Ma. He invented technology for special rainy days like this." ;-)

Up In The Balcony

[The disagreeable old men finally find themselves in agreement. They gingerly rise, using each other for support as they give Tracee Loran a standing ovation]

Statler: Now that's the best S&A "What's Your Story" that I've read in a long time.

Waldorf: Yep, "that was dope" as the youngins would say.

Statler: Yes sir, although I haven't seen her act, her writing was smart, funny, witty, crisp and as she said, "pretty snazzy".

Statler: That reminds me, what do think about her tooting her own horn?

Waldorf: What do I think… shiiiiiit, it's a po' frog who doesn't brag on it's own lily pad… and Tracee doesn't appear to be nobodies fool. And, she's quite attractive.

Statler: Pssst… ditto, I wouldn't kick her out of my bed.

Waldorf: And I'd love to have seen her on that red carpet in that baaaad dress… make an old muppet smile.

Statler: Now I'm sad.

Waldorf: Sad? Don't be sad, be happy… but whatsup?

Statler: Well, why should an attractive actress-writer-TV host-producer pay any attention to two mangy muppets?

Waldorf: That's simple. As a creative writer, Ms. Tracee surly knows muppets have feelings and needs love too, so it's all good.

Statler: Oh, okay, so she's feeling our compliments?

Waldorf: Forget about it… struggling writers on the rebound needs love too.

Statler: Touche my brotha.

Waldorf: Yep. So, if Tracee is listening what words of encouragement would you give her?

Statler: Well, if she is listening… "Hey Tracee, you have mad skills… and, to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose… as MY grandmama likes to say, there's a time to be born and a time to die. There's a time to get and a time to lose (yeah, my grandmama was a church lady :-). So my friend, in the words of my grandmother, the race is not given to the swift nor the strong but unto them that endure to the end… so keep on keepin' on"

Waldorf: Maan Stat, I didn't know you had that in you?

Statler: *lol*… neither did I but Tracee's inspirational and courageous story took me there.

Waldorf: I agree… I loved that in her too. And, I'd bet we haven't seen the last of her.

Statler: Hope not. Now turn off the lights so I can get some sleep.

[Fade to black]


Tracee I loved reading your story and peaking into the glamorous and unglamorous side of the entertainment industry. You have a heartfelt and humorous voice, I look forward to following your journey!


Awesome your energy and dedication jump off the page don't change…we are sisters in the struggle know you are not alone. Protect your spirit, you have too much to offer you will get to the top, everything you have been through is just great talking points for when you are doing future media rounds. Can't wait to see you on The View, you got my vote!


Thanks Traci. Can't quit, won't quit. I feel ya.

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