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Adult Swim’s ‘Black Jesus’ Blows Away The Cable Competition

Adult Swim’s 'Black Jesus' Blows Away The Cable Competition

The premiere episode of Aaron McGruder’s controversial comedy show “Black Jesus” was a big hit for Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network.

Among total viewers, the show, which premiered Thursday
night, pulled in just over 2 million viewers and topped all other cable programming competition
on that same day.

It took the adult male demo and adult demo overall on its timeslot, and it also captured most of Thursday’s entire 18 to 49 male demo, across basic cable.

This, of course, will be a huge blow to organizations such
as American Family Association, and One
Million Moms, which had started campaigns to get Adult Swim to pull the show.

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This tv is the BOMB i want more!!!! 21 mins is not long enough!


Why does anyone care how a fictional character is depicted?


Everything on Adult Swim is made for males 18-49 who get stoned and laugh at politically incorrect, sexist, crude and bizarre humor. Supply and demand, is all.


Your all are mad that hes black? That's not what you should be mad about. What you should be mad about is why black Jesus has to be a stereotype? Why is it that hes a black man that smoking weed and gets drunk? To me that is the most racist thing iv seen in a long time. I do think Jesus was a dark skin man that just common since. This show is trouble it wasn't funny and hell i liked the movie's Friday and this was just stupid. just to let you know it doesn't matter is he black Jesus or white Jesus he still the son of god.


Thank the Lord for Aaron McGruder.


For all those that don't think this is offensive or think that people should get over themselves and stop complaining, should stop and think about if there were shows called "White Mohammad," or "White Martim Luther King Jr," and see if they themselves would be offended.


Shows hilarious. Shouldn't offend anyone.


Shit was funny. Get over yourselves. Damn.


If Daniel tosh was black….


I didn't watch it. As for the organizations that are against show. There are so many shows on television right now that need to be taken off the air. What I don't understand about these organizations like One Million Moms; is that seem to pick and choose which shows to attack. If you are going to attack a show attack the rest of them as well.




I for one gonna watch the dam show.. all these group need to stop taking our liberties away.. if you don't want to watch…well it its your right as an american… if I do.. its my freedom to do so.


I'm not Christian or black, so I can't speak for those who were offended by it for those reasons. Honestly, I was just hoping for a smart, funny show, which this was not. It was hard to get through the first episode. Plus, the way the characters talk (saying "man" after every word) got on my nerves.


Honestly, it's one thing for people (myself not included) to enjoy the notion of a show that pokes fun at the concept of Jesus and Christianity (As offensive as it can be, satire can also be somewhat entertaining), but it's another thing entirely for them to accept or settle for one that dishes out more stereotypical and negative "hood black" cliches with an overabundance of the N-word. It's not even intelligent or ground-breaking enough to be as controversial as it is. Ugh.


The word "n/gga" needs to stop being used… Seriously? What did civil rights movement fight for? We fought for respect from whites just to belittle ourselves? It's not a word of empowerment or endearing. The words meaning doesn't change cause we put an A on it. Black people adopted it because the white man called them the "N" word so much that it just stuck in the community. But Just cause someone belittles you so much you accept it. WTH

Grant Hughes

Uh, I was watching old Dave Chappelle skits on Comedy Central and watched Black Jesus on Adult Swim and I am just wondering when the word 'n/gga' stop being bleeped?

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