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An Open Letter to Sony Chief Amy Pascal: Here’s Your Opportunity to Be a Leader for Women

An Open Letter to Sony Chief Amy Pascal: Here's Your Opportunity to Be a Leader for Women

Dear Amy Pascal,

I read the exciting news yesterday that your studio, Sony, will be making a female superhero movie set in the Spider-Man universe. This is great news for those of us who have been clamoring for a movie with a superheroine at the center for years, knowing in our hearts that it’d kill at the box office. (If you have any doubts, check the grosses for Lucy, Divergent, Maleficent, The Hunger Games, etc.)

While Marvel head Kevin Feige kicked the can down the road once more on a superheroine movie — he really wants to do one, he says, just not right now — you and your team are already there. With the announcement of a female superhero movie, you’ve declared that a woman can lead a tentpole. (Which, again, we already knew).

And we’re all behind you. 

There’s just one thing. You have to hire a woman to direct it. It’s great that Lisa Joy will write the screenplay, but the time has come for a woman to helm a tentpole superhero movie. Last year in an interview with Forbes, you discussed how “the whole [studio] system is geared for [women directors] to fail” and how you begged Kathryn Bigelow to direct a superhero movie.

Well, as talented and amazing is Ms. Bigelow is, she’s not the only woman director able to helm an action tentpole. 

So here’s your opportunity to be a voice for change: HIRE A WOMAN. There are already dozens of mid-career female filmmakers out there ready to take that next step — and earn a lot money for you. If necessary, I will even make you a list. 

In the meantime, please consider being the superheroine we all want to see in real life. 


Melissa Silverstein

[via Deadline]

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Great letter Melissa. I wish we could hand deliver it on parchment paper – and wait in person for her response.


Hire the best person for the job.male or female.period.


I would like to see that list?


Amy, please do us all a favor and resign. You have managed to take Sony pictures on a downhill slide with box office bomb after box office bomb. Instead of focusing and trying to determine the problem (you!!!!) instead you fire everyone around you. So you think way forward after the failure of the Spiderman reboots (why exactly did they need rebooting in the first place? And why does Sony feel the need to ruin these movies instead of embracing their comic book heritage?) is to produce movies based around the Spiderman villains and introduce a female Superheroine. Well, i hope you like continued failure as thats what you are destined for. Which demographic are you going for with this? Fox already tried a female comic book flick with Elektra, check out the box office on that dud. WB have been trying for years to get a Wonder Woman movie going with no success (and judging by Gal Gadot its gonna continue that way).

So please Amy, resign and get someone in charge of Sony who actually has an idea of producing content that audiences will love an embrace.


You can do it, Amy– there's so much talent to choose from!


My first instinct was to add additional "analysis" and all the right reasons why , but my gut response to this article is yes, yes and DUH

Bonnie Weiss

Good for you Melissa! Amy Pascal, how about reading Val Weiss' resume and give her a chance to direct your superheroine film.

Why do women have to struggle in Hollywood to get noticed. Are we still living in the "Dark Ages"?
Women know how to "feel what's right". Enough of the "overtesteroned" male directors.

Heidi Honeycutt

Melissa, great letter! Amy, I'd like to suggest that you contact Jairo Alvarado at Circle of Confusion; he has recently taken on a number of new women directors with extensive genre film experience in an effort to balance out the number of women directing genre films and TV. Among others, I suggest Vicky Jewson ("Born of War"), Deanne Foley ("Beat Down"), and Leigh Janiak ("Honeymoon") as new women directors with some serious skillsets as evidenced by their latest features. There are at least 20 established women directors that could pull this off in an amazing fashion, but what about searching for a new face? AFI's Directing Workshop for Women graduates so many new genre directors with amazing shorts. I'd be happy to point out a few to Amy.

Rachel Feldman

Here, here, Melissa!! I'd like to suggest you hire Lexi Alexander for the job. She's a terrific director with kick-ass credits. She would do you proud, Amy! At least take a meeting. She's repped by a great team at Mosiac.

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