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Black Screenwriters To Discuss “Writing for the Industry” Saturday in L.A.

Black Screenwriters To Discuss "Writing for the Industry" Saturday in L.A.

Whether you’re an emerging screenwriter, have already completed a couple
of screenplays, or if you just want to know where to start
writing your first one, and you live in the Los Angeles area, you’re in real luck.

This Saturday, August 9th, stating at 3PM, the 8th
annual Leimert Park Village Book Fair in Los Angeles will host a “Writing for
the Industry” panel, which will aid “beginning, advanced and aspiring screenwriters
through the steps of writing their first feature length script, getting representation, being staffed on a TV
show, pitching to studio executives and more.”

The panel, which will be moderated by writer/filmmaker
Erica Watson (“Roubado,” here), will include Gina Prince-Bythewood (“Love &
Basketball,” “The Secret Life of Bees,” “Beyond the Lights”), Rob Edwards (“The
Princess and the Frog”) Lena Waithe (“Bones,” “Dear White People”), Abdul Williams
(“Lottery Ticket”), Aaron Rahsaan Thomas (Co-executive producer “Southland” and “Sleepy Hollow”) and Tyger Williams (“Menace II Society”).

The panel will take place in the Community Room at the
Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw Plaza, located at 3650 Martin Luther King Blvd in L.A.

To RSVP go to

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Solid E

The Ten Commandments of Black Screenwriting

No voices of reason
No chatterboxes or talking heads
No dialogue that says exactly what is meant
No stereotypes
No good versus evil
No didacticism
No jive
No biographies
No remakes
No white people

Up In The Balcony

HERMAPHRODITE!!?? Yep, Sergio done it… that's what he called Mark and Darla, so I'm warning you, don't do it.

[Black Statler and his disagreeable old friend up in the balcony, Black Waldorf, are discussing the possible dangers of treading on Sergio's turf]

Waldorf: Yeah man, Mark & Darla said something inappropriate about Sergio's home-boy and he went off on 'em.

Statler: Inappropriate?

Waldorf: Don't make me say it.

Statler: Nawl man, there's no (in)appropriate in Shadow and Act. Oh wait, did they say something about Harry Lennix and his partner, Steve Harris?

[Waldorf doesn't say a word. He has a look of "WTF"]

Statler: I'm just sayin', when I hear the word "partners" in this new PC world, I immediately envision…

Waldorf: Stop.

Statler: Stop what… I'm just sayin'

Waldorf Stop it!

Statler: No, you stop stopping me.

Waldorf: I'm warning you. If you're about to say some inappropriate homophobic sh*t… don't.

Statler: Maan, I ain't studdin' you… didn't I tell you there's no (in)appropriate in Shadow and Act… so let me do my thang. Listen, as I was saying… before I was interrupted by the cowardly muppet… when I hear the word "partners" in this new age, I see 10 toes up and 10 toes down, two naked booties going round n round, skin touching skin going in…

Waldorf: STOOOOOOP!!! TMI… and you're nasty.

Statler: Okay, I'll stop, but I just wanted let let you know I ain't scarred of Mr. Sergio.

Waldorf: So let's discuss this screenwriting thang.

Statler: I'd rather talk about Don Cheadle's "Miles Ahead", Emayatzy Corinealdi and Ava DuVernay's "Selma".

Waldorf: Are you lost? This post is about big time black writers passing down wisdom, in L.A.

Statler: Well, can they make David Oyelowo disappear from every film he's been in?

[Again, Waldorf doesn't respond. He merely gives Statler the "WTF" look]

Statler: I don't know why your face is all scrunched up… you know little David was the worst actor in The Butler, Lincoln and Middle Of Nowhere, but the boy keeps getting lead roles… and for the life of me, I-don't-know-why?

Waldorf: They say British actors are better trained than their American counterparts.

Statler: Who in the fu*k is "they"? Listen, Don Cheadle did the right thang by snagging Emayatzy Corinealdi (with her tantalizing lookin' a$$) and throwing Little David back into the sea.

Waldorf: And Ava DuVernay pulled him back out.

Statler: OMG! Don't remind me. She not only saved him from falling to the bottom of the muddy Mississippi River, she christened him Martin Luther King.

[Statler drops his hands to his side and lowers his head. His look is "devastated despair"]

Waldorf: Damn man, you're a muppet… you shouldn't be taking this so hard. Here, give me a hug.

[ Tears fall from both muppet's eye's as they stand in a warm embrace]

[ The door to the entrance of the balcony swings open. It's Sergio wielding his father's billy-club. (Sergio's father was a Chicago Police Officer… for real)]

Statler & Waldorf: "OH SH*T… RAID!!!"

[Statler & Waldorf (forgetting they were fictitious muppets) leap from the balcony in an attempt to elude Sergio's crunching blows]

Sergio: I told you musty motherfuc*ers to stay away from my front door. So now look at you… all broke-up… can't tell your ass from your nose or your funky toes.

[The two disagreeable ol' muppet are crushed. They appear to have lost their will to live. However, through the sawdust, dirt and mangy hair, a faint voice is heard saying " We will be back"]

Fade to Black…

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