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‘Bridesmaids’ Director Paul Feig Eyes ‘Ghostbusters 3’ Which Is Now A Female Led Reboot

'Bridesmaids' Director Paul Feig Eyes 'Ghostbusters 3' Which Is Now A Female Led Reboot

Ghostbusters 3” has gone through so many permutations that it can be hard to keep track of, so we’ll try to make this brief. Basically, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis had first envisaged the movie as reteam of all the classic characters, until Bill Murray made it clear he had no interest in coming back. Then long developing sequel then pivoted to be a story about the original Ghostbusters passing the torch to a new generation. Now the story has been tweaked once again, as yet another director — following Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and Ruben Fleischer, who entered the pool after the originally slated Ivan Reitman exited — is eyeing the project.

THR reports that “Bridesmaids” and “The Heat” helmer Paul Feig is the frontrunner for the job, even though talks at this point are “casual.” But perhaps the more interesting nugget of info is that “Ghostbusters 3” is now being described as a reboot, that will center on a female group of supernatural Slimer hunters. That concept certainly plays into Feig’s strengths, as he tends to focus on female driven comedies (there’s the aforementioned movies, plus his next effort is the Melissa McCarthy led “Spy“). And if we have to go down this path of redoing the franchise, at least it’s with a fresh twist, and it’s perhaps an acknowledgement by a major studio that female led blockbusters can be viable.

So, does this mean none of the original Ghostbusters will be back? The word “reboot” certainly indicates taking things in a new direction, but given the nostalgia factor, we’d wager Aykroyd and co. will pop up in some fashion. Whether or not this one one makes a spring shoot in 2015 we’ll have to wait and see, but with the hunt for a director now on, it looks like Sony is trying to make that happen. 

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enough with the reboot and continue! You should only reboot if the first film is really bad. Yes a female cast sounds great but continue the legacy of the origins of the ghost-busters and don't just use females use great actors not just females.


I'm in the minority on this–I was never a fan of the Ghostbuster film—a lot of pseudo cool grandstanding one liners that I failed to hear the funny in, but many others inexplicably did, and actually cheered:/–"We saw, we came, we kicked ass". Okaaay. The Rick Moranis character was actually the only funny character in the film IMO.

That being said, I wouldn't mind a reboot with different blood and a different gender tact, provided the actresses have got some personality and some funny.


I always hoped for something that borrowed a lot from the cartoon, it had some great villians. Janine would often suit up in the cartoon, cant they just do that? I'm not going to moan about an all female team but I would like to see Ray, Egon, Winston, and Peter in there somewhere!


It is because of this garbage that I stopped going to mainstream movies. There are way too many sequels being made these days, sadly not good ones. I will not be going to this movie since I choose quality over quantity.

"Leave a classic alone", so they say. The second sequel is already sub-par to the first movie. Sequel #3 could only be worse, especially since you are not using the original cast. (A walk-on cameo won't suffice, either.)

Other than that, I have no opinion.


Oooh cool! I've loved Ghostbusters my whole life, but unfortunately almost all my favourite films growing up were male-led. Female-led films were the exception and tended to be "chick flicks" with little adventure or spark for my imagination. I don't think most men realise just how huge an impact this has on our growing minds. It's really limiting. Unless you're a raging misogynist you really can't argue, based on the snippet of info above, that it won't be great. Like, it could actually be really bloody great. You might love it. And if you don't? I'm sure you'll survive. Somehow. Please don't deny the rest of us something that has great potential with all your bad vibes.

Jerry Holmes

Absolutely no roboot. It has to be a sequel with a supurb plot. Make Murray and Ramis as ghosts. And do it fast we been waiting to long!!!!!


this guy is the world's biggest white knight.


Let's get a guy who made a not-funny movie, and have him reboot a genuinely funny movie… without any funny actors.
Without the original writer, Its pointless.

Leave it alone!!!!

david hoiles

First off without the original cast this will go nowhere. 75% of those waiting for this movie are the ones who saw the first. It will not hurt to introduce new characters but you need the icons to launch them. Look at the buzz behind the new star wars!!!


Don't do it, Paul. Don't do it.


A female lead, I don't think. Give it to Seth Rogen and his crew from This is the End. That'll be something I'll go see.

That Kid

That Max Landis pitch is looking pretty good right about now.


this is quite literally the worst idea i've ever heard in my life. i always write female-driven material and this is seriously the most upsetting news i've ever heard in my life. go to hell paul fieg. seriously.

Claudius Valentine

dont listen to any Sources because its up to the director to pick the cast if its gonna be with females or with classic nerdy males, thats what the director is there for even ivan wouldnt know what cast to use and thats why he is in producers chair instead of directing,

i think this GB3 is a great idea and people really need to stop putting it down just because your precious originals aint gonna be in this time around, you'll need to get over it, GhostBusters are more then 1 character and more then just all male cast there can be female busters just not an all female cast no way,

we all know a female will be in the team, so i think the Sources
got it mixed up thinking its an all female cast, having a few females
are great and knowing its gonna be a bit more then 4 maybe an even 6
but we all know the smartest people are men (no just no) so we all know
the leader will be a smart nerdy male like Egon.

lets just hope the new director is a fan of the originals and tosses the hole female idea out the window cause even i realize it isnt the same with females that will more likely be ditzy blondes walking in heels holding the blasters with the safety on like an idiot, 2 nerdy females yes thats it!


Ghostbusters was always about the characters, not the ghostbustin' gimmick.
This just feels like typical Hollywood but with a PC twist.


Dan Aykroyd has said from past reports that the Original GB's needs a new team with a few women and men. Sigourney has confirmed that her Son Oscar will be a GB in GB3. Sigourney will also return as well because of her Son Oscar and Ernie will return with Dan and Rick and I'm hoping that Annie will be back as well. Maybe they can have Melisa play Venkman's Daughter like his Step-Son Oscar. That will be interesting to see. I'm glad that Sony wants to make a GB3 because the Fans wants it and I'm glad that there doing it and Harold would want Sony to make a GB3 after his death.


Stop with the f***ing reboot!!! Everything in Hollywood is reboot!!!


Great a film filled with obnoxious women acting like stereotypical men and yelling dick jokes. Just give it a rest Sony.

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