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Charles S. Dutton Joins Vivica A. Fox, David Banner in Drama Based on Controversial 1988 Carter High School Football Team

Charles S. Dutton Joins Vivica A. Fox, David Banner in Drama Based on Controversial 1988 Carter High School Football Team

Charles S. Dutton has joined Vivica A. Fox, David Banner and Pooch Hall in the feature drama “Carter High,” which centers on the 1988 Carter High Cowboys, a formidable high school football team in Texas that overcame adversity to win the Texas State Championship. However, it is what happened after their championship season that rocked the world of sport. 9 of the 18 Division 1 scholarship players went on to commit a string of robberies, and all were apprehended before the start of their freshman college seasons, leading to national headlines, courtroom drama and eventual prison sentences. Their state title was stripped in January 1991, the trophy returned, the record book revised, and a best-seller titled “Friday Night Lights” was born.

Dutton will play the coach of the 1988 Carter High Cowboys. Vivica Fox plays his wife.

Reginald C Hayes also has joined the cast.

In his 1990 best-seller, “Friday Night Lights,” author H.G. Bissinger chronicled Odessa Permian’s 1988 season, which culminated in a 14-9 state semifinal loss to Carter High – a book that some Carter players take little issue with, specifically the 2004 movie adaptation, which they say depicts them as dirty-playing thugs.

The 1988 Carter team was stocked with talent, including future 5-time Pro Bowl linebacker Jessie Armstead. Their star player, Gary Edwards, was among those sentenced to prison for 16 years. He was paroled in 1993.

Former Carter High School football player Arthur Muhammad is directing the film from his own script, with principal photography already underway in Dallas.

Former Dallas Cowboy Greg Ellis is executive producing the film, with Play Now Enterprise and Tycor International Film Company, producing.

The movie is scheduled for a  2015 release.

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I was one of the guys that was robbed at gunpoint by this kids. I remember the night like it was yesterday as they were waiting for me to close up the store and then came in and held me up and robbed the store. The next day we discovered the company let me know that several of our stores were being robbed. I remember having to go to court to tell my story of what happened that night when this kid kept shoving his gun into my temple while I was on the phone with the alarm company and trying to open the safe all at the same time.


I must be missing something because I don't find this story in any way compelling. Some high school football players win a title then go on a crime spree then to jail? Why would I want to spend $12 and two hours of my life seeing a movie about that? Who's the audience for this story?

Adam Scott Thompson

My good friend and collaborator, Lynn Andrews III, is a part of the cast and they're currently filming in Dallas — and having a blast. Pooch Hall is also in the film, and some of the real players are making cameos. Represent!


You mention Friday Night Lights. I there was a movie of the same name, but I never saw it. I only know the TV show of the same name. Could Carter High Cowboys influenced the TV show "Friday Night .Lights?"

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